Mouth stretcher gag

gagged cocksucker Hot rock star Wayne drifts into Adrian’s bar at BreederFuckers. The cocky party boy is such a tempting sight the pervy men strong-arm Wayne to the floor, where they pin him down and rip his clothes off. Before Wayne can comprehend what’s happening a throbbing erection is shoved into his hole, making him howl and squirm. Dave pounds him into being an obedient cocksucker with the help of a mouth stretcher. He’s rammed from both ends. His hard rock body is put to proper use as a receptacle for horny men’s sperm.

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RC Ryan is a spanked athlete at Reluctant Young Men

RC Ryan is a spanked athlete at Reluctant Young MenRC Ryan is a quiet, shy young track star in danger of being dropped from the team because his grades are failing. His coach decides that the young man isn’t too old for an old fashioned, bare bottom spanking. RC stares in disbelief as he’s informed that his coach intends to spank him. But realizing he has no choice, he reluctantly goes over the old mans knee and is spanked by hand over his track shorts.

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To make sure the point isn’t missed, the coach strings him up from the rafters and delivers a long, stinging punishment with the cane as he dances about, promising to improve his grades.


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