Update from Metalbond

Hey there prisoners,

As many of you guys noticed, I’ve been having some technical difficulties with the Metalbond site for a few days now. The problem has to do with too much use of bandwidth, causing the servers in California to crash.

As a result, this site has been offline at times, and many of the features — including the Prison Library drop-down menu, the tag cloud, and the video previews in individual blog posts — had to be disabled temporarily.

All the content is still here, but only three postings per page can be shown.

I’m working on getting these things fixed with my web developers, but it might take several more days.

So please hang in there with me.




After three days in the Punisher cock cage, a Metalbond reader sent this

A friend who was locked in The Punisher cock cage from Mr S sent me this:


After three days of my wearing The Punisher, my boyfriend says he wants me to fuck him.  He had me down on my knees sucking his cock, and my cock is straining against the spikes.  He gives me the key, and I unlock The Punisher.

My cock is throbbing and I pull it out of the sheath, though there’s no way slip the cock ring part off while I’m hard.  The feeling of the spikes rubbing against my cock as I pulled it out of the sheath was intense.  My cock was engorged and as I spit on my hand and started to jerk it, the feeling was INCREDIBLE.

All the spikes had made my cock head super sensitive and the feeling of jerking off was like nothing I had ever experienced!  Since I couldn’t get The Punisher off, I just held the sheath part out of the way as I fucked my boyfriend.  Again, the feeling was fantastic!  He shot his load, and I pulled out still rock hard.  He let me jerk off some more, but he forbade me to shoot.  A quick shower cleaned me up, and after I relaxed I was able to lock my cock back into the sheath.

So I got a brief reprieve and an intense sexual experience, and I still haven’t cum — and my cock is still locked up!!



Metalbond would like to thank his friend for sending in the account above!

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Brenden Cage gets tied up at Bound Jocks


Bound Jock Brenden Cage has been left tied up and gagged on the mat after his big match. The outline of his bulging crotch can be seen through his singlet as he struggles to get free. Rolling around, Brenden finally is able to work his hands free, and when he does he goes straight for his rock-hard and pulsating cock. He strokes out his remaining frustration with a big, hot juicy load!

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