Self-bondage on steroids

Blog reader Louis made a self-bondage contraption — complete with magnetic locks and a timer mechanism. Check it out:


Louis writes:

For my system there are four timers: 1) A Harbor Freight programmable timer at the power outlet that turns off the entire system for 15 minutes every morning. 2) An enable timer that turns off (currently) at 4 hours. 3) A delay start timer so I need to push the start switches (both of them) for 2 seconds to start the primary timer. 4) And the primary timer that I can change the time on.

The timers can be set for up to 9,990 hours (1.13 years). Three (3) of the counters are CNT-35-96. No, I didn’t spend anywhere near $146 for the timers. They were used, usually less than $10.

There is a 300-pound magnetic lock for each wrist. I can’t pull them loose. At the front of each hand is two start switches. I need to engage one on the left side and one on the right side for 2 seconds to lock the locks. There is a switch on the back of each magnetic lock to release the locks. The switches on the control box can be set for both switches, either switch, can’t be disengaged, or a specific switch. The rotary switch connects the circuit output to the other connections. (Currently not used.)

It feels a LOT safer when I get both hands free at the end of a session. I now play, almost all of the time, with gloves on. I would not do that when I needed to manipulate a key with one hand to get free.

Here are more pictures of the setup:

IMG_0988a IMG_0993a IMG_2055 IMG_2084 IMG_2112 IMG_2129 IMG_2184 img_7808


Metal would like to thank Louis for the pictures and information.

FYI: Louis also designed the jail cell time lock in Yossie’s cell. The jail cell time lock has been updated, replacing the sprinkler timer with a CNT-35-96.

And, you can read more about straitjackets by visiting Louis’ web site: The Straitjacket Page.


Tom is groaning with the musky taste of dick coating his mouth

Meanwhile at BreederFuckers, Tom mouths off at every opportunity he gets, but Dave teaches him to cherish every breath that he allows Tom to take. This is the only way this straight fucker can learn proper obedience and deference to the men who now own his body.


After the rope pulls insistently at his neck, Tom is left gasping, red-faced and grateful for any relief. He splutters and coughs while Dave enjoys the tight hairy crevice of his arse, pulling his fleshy cheeks apart to tease his hetero arsehole. His cock and plump balls are roped and fixed with a weight. His foreskin is clamped and attached by rope to his toes so that every time he strains in resistance he tugs painfully at the fleshy cowl of his cock. Bound by the most sensitive vulnerable parts of his body, Tom is rendered completely powerless while Dave slides his finger inside his arse first and then fills his hole with a fat fucking dildo.

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Tom Cruise muzzle in Mission Impossible 3

Did anyone see the movie Mission Impossible 3? Tom Cruise wears a modified version of this head muzzle. (If you rent the DVD, the scene starts at 1 hour 13 minutes in).  Apparently they modified it somewhat, so that his face was not covered up.



The muzzle pictured above is from Sinvention — a company in Canada that sells high-quality, handcrafted bondage gear. Here is their description of the above-mentioned muzzle:

“If a non speaking sub is what you desire or full control of their head then this muzzle is for you,” Sinvention writes. “Adjustable from very small (shown above) to large without sacrificing functionality is how we have designed this padded muzzle and collar. Everything will stay in the center and aligned to your subject’s unique cranium and neck. We have also crafted this headpiece with minimal rivets. Mostly sewn construction allows for hours of comfortable wearing. Constructed of English bridle leather with a soft garment leather lining.”


UPDATE: You can see an auction for the modified item used in the movie, plus a picture of Tom Cruise wearing it, over at Prop Store by clicking here.


To learn more and for ordering information for this item, click here