Blond surfer dude gets edged in bondage for the first time

At Men On Edge, a blond surfer dude with a big cock gets edged in bondage for the first time


Morgan Shades gets tied up by the windows at Men On Edge. His cock grows thick and hard in rope. Morgan’s tender nipples feel the sensation of tit suckers while Sebastian’s tongue drives his cockhead wild. Face down on the bed, they spread Morgan’s legs open to get a close-up view of his ass. After receiving a relaxing massage, Morgan is flipped over on his back as Sebastian shoves his feet in the captive’s mouth for a foot licking 69. Finally, Morgan swallows Sebastian’s hard cock as he blows his load all over himself.



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Adam Herst and Sebastian Keys

Check out muscle daddy Adam Herst with Sebastian Keys at Bound Gods


Adam Herst is new to the house, and Sebastian Keys is there to greet him. Adam is not impressed with the offering but decides to see what the stud is made of. After all, there must be some reason why he was given this slave. He has the man work his leather. He inspects his ass and whacks it with his crop until it turns completely red. He’s worth more testing, so Adam covers him with brutal butterfly clamps, gets his cock hard, and flogs him. He rips the clips off, suspends him and flogs him until he screams for mercy. Suspended once again, he gets a massive cock rammed into his ass in mid air. He earns the new master’s compliment by being able to lick his own load off of Adam’s boot.

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Football Master

By ty dehner

The weekend was coming to an end. As the sun dipped below the horizon and the lights of Vancouver started to come on around us, Sir and i walked along the sea wall of Stanley Park. A little bit ago he had gently taken my hand in his and we walked along holding hands. It was a gentle night, as a light breeze went through my BC Lions jersey that i wore. It matched the one Sir had on. We had gone to the game on Saturday night and watched them beat the crap out of Toronto, which Sir thoroughly enjoyed. After we had hit a local spot and had nachos and beer, before heading back to our hotel room for the night. i looked at Sir for a moment and he turned to me and smiled, i did the same in return. i always love looking at him in his jerseys. They fit him so good, tucked into his Wranglers. He had gotten a fresh high and tight after i picked him up before the game.

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