Number 6 – Part 1

By Mister-X / Spartan

I was standing in the middle of nowhere. My instructions were to take the bus to that location and get off. I looked around and saw nothing but flat land that had crops growing on it. I felt like that Cary Grant character in the Hitchcock movie “North by Northwest.” Fortunately I didn’t see any crop-dusting plane starting to come toward me. At least, not yet.

There was also another important difference from the character in the movie. I had been given a coat to wear on the journey along with the bus ticket. The instructions were to empty out my bowels and bladder before boarding the bus, as well as to get something to eat, then put on the coat, zip it up, fasten the belt, but don’t put my hands in the pockets or raise the hood. It would be a two-hour bus ride.

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Steelwerks visit

Last week I found myself in Montreal, which gave me the opportunity to meet up in person with Christopher from Steelwerks Extreme, creator of what are arguably the most effective, well-made chastity devices available anywhere:



Christopher took me to dinner, and then he took me to his shop. We did not stop talking for about four hours nonstop. It was great to meet up in person.


You can visit the Steelwerks Extreme site by clicking here.

Also check out the Metalbond Q&A with Christopher here.