The Man in Black

By Straitjacketed

It’s not true to say I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I agreed to this challenge. The terms were loose, but I agreed that you could include any amount of the sort of heavy, shiny clothing we both like to wear: you would then restrain me in it in some way. I’m always torn by the urge to enjoy whatever predicament I’m placed in and the urge to escape from it: the fetishist in me wants to luxuriate, but my inner escape artist – my inner Houdini – is always looking for the ways out, the ways to unfasten, slip or break my bonds, always taking notes…

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Roped to the spanking bench

At BrutalTops the battered, pathetic sub is roped to the spanking bench with his asshole gaping open and unable to stop the sadistic master doing with him as he will. Sneering top Jaime comes in and is hell bent on giving the sub a thrashing that he will never forget. Mean, callous anger flashes in his eyes.


Jaime canes sub Elliott’s backside hard, causing deep red welts to appear on his lily white skin. He squirms as the Master rains down harsh swipes on his rear. Opening his own ass cheeks, the master reverses onto the sub and makes him rim his sweaty ass crack.


Then the Master yanks the sub’s balls, causing him pain and embarrassment and goes up close to his whimpering face to mock and humiliate this defenseless worm.

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Spencer Reed gives Zach Alexander a hard bondage fuck in a bar

Check out these pictures from Bar Bondage Hookup, a vintage shoot from Bound Gods:


It’s almost closing time at a quiet neighborhood bar. Zach Alexander is looking for some trouble, and Spencer the bartender just want to get home from a long day. Zach confides in Spencer that he’s curious about bondage but his boyfriend wants no part of it. After some coercing, Spencer decides to show Zach the ropes. Spencer said there are two types of bondage, one without corporal and one with corporal. He prefers the one with corporal, and Zach is willing to give it a try. Zach has no idea that there is a hard bondage fuck entailed — and wild night ahead.

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