A plumber gets tied up and abused

A hot plumber who has a raging sex drive and a perpetually hard dickTerry is like some walking porn fantasy. A hot plumber who has a raging sex drive and a perpetually hard dick. The only problem is that he’s one hundred percent hetero and ignores any man who makes a sexual pass at him.

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At BreederFuckers he’s turned into the fuck toy and cock sucking slave he ought to be. Stripped, tied and gagged his body is put on display and his arsehole is roughly fingered till he squirms desperately to get away.

gagged with a ball gag



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Master Peter and Master Terrance


Master Peter is a confident masculine sportsman who demands that his armpits and ass be licked clean before he goes to football practice. He has spent a long day at the office, meaning his warm and hairy armpits are really sweaty. As he’s about to change for football practice he comes across Master Terrance, who has a pathetic naked sub on a leash. While dominant Master Peter gears up, he plants his hairy ass on the submissive’s face, making him lick out his warm and fragrant asshole. Master Terrance gets off ensuring the sub’s face is buried so far up the dominant man’s ass that he can barely breathe.

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