Farmboy punished for jerking off on the job

At Bound Gods. Boss Wilde catches Josh Peters with his dick out and the barn messy. His juicy country ass will pay with a hard fucking.

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Josh Peters should have had the barn cleaned out, but the country pervert decides to rub one out instead. The boss, Christian Wilde, shows up in a rage and apprehends Josh. As he strips Josh down, Boss Wilde insults and humiliates him for wasting worktime with a cock in hand. Josh goes to his knees and takes a vicious spanking over a hay bale. Christian makes a deal for Josh: If he wants to keep his job, he’s gotta serve Christian’s cock. Josh obliges, struggling to fit all of Boss Wilde’s dick down his throat before receiving sharp bites from the boss’ belt. Boss Wilde still has a way to go before Josh learns the value of hard work, so he strings up Josh sideways and covers his balls in clothespins. He gives the stud a flogging he’ll never forget before ramming his cock all the way into Josh’s ass. Josh begs for the clothespins to come off, so Boss Wilde rips them from Josh’s tender balls. The barn fills with Josh’s screams as the flogging resumes. Boss Wilde gags Josh and throws him back over a hay bale for a deep fucking. He has the stud jerk himself while taking the stings from a mean crop. All is going to Boss Wilde’s delight, so he pulls out of the stud and douses his face in hot cum. Now Josh finally has permission to blow a load and shoots a gigantic line down Boss Wilde’s thigh. Josh licks his boss’ leg clean before taking a tasing as a final reminder to stay focused at work.

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Chastity Suit – Part 01

By Rubbag

Josh and me have been dorm buddies all through college. We had hit it off straight away on the first day as sophomores, and since then we’ve shared the same room, the same gym, the same women. Even a sloppy kiss once, after having too much beer after college football. Our last season the finals, we won and then that night, don’t even go there, that’s best forgotten. We where drunk and stoned, that’s why, that’s all. That’s Josh and Jed, or the twins as we’re known in the halls, twin jocks. Now we’re not brothers, but we might as well be, same height, 5 10, same build, football jocks with the same boyish blond features, mid-west Corn Belt. Certainly Josh knows me better than anyone else the world. We know what each other are thinking, which makes most of our conversation wasted.

That’s how it had been for most of our four years at college, the two of us all but joined at the hip. It was only in the last that semester that things began to change.

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Video: Stun gun in prison

At Iron Lockup, the prisoner, now fully suspended, is subjected to a brutal ass beating, which, oddly enough, had him dripping precum. All is fun and games till he mentions the words “stun gun,” and when one is brought out he is terrified almost to tears. Puppy continues playing mind games with his unpredictable nature, which is both playful and cruel. When the prisoner’s ass is well warmed up, puppy produces the evil rubber whip and welting ball, both produce unexpected glee in the prisoner.


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Keywords: suspension, rope bondage, crop, beating, electro, CBT


Video: Smelling sneakers and feet

At Jalif Studio, Aday decides to take his pal Punkcher to the countryside to train his new pet Ruben Mastin. Smelling sneakers and feet, swallowing spit, drinking and being hunted like an animal are just some things awaiting for him in the woods.


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Key Words: threesome, outdoors, spit, puppy play, sling, fucking, tattoos, feet, fetish, blow job, rimming, cum shot, Spanish men, Aday Traun, Punkcher, Ruben Mastin

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Undercover – Chapter 4

By lthr_jock

Jim awoke to blackness. Although his eyes were open, he could see nothing. As he blinked he could feel something soft over his eyes and he realised he must be blindfolded. He tried to raise his hands from his sides to remove the blindfold and found he couldn’t move them – they seemed to be strapped to the harness at waist level. As his mind cleared he realised that his mouth was open, and filled with some kind of gag. As he explored it with his tongue he could feel it was long, thick, filling his mouth and had a hole at the end through which he could breathe. Jim tried to raise his head and found he couldn’t – it was strapped down.

He tried to analyse his situation. From what he could feel he was still wearing the harness, collar, wrist and bicep straps. Something else was covering his body, something thick and heavy that was making him sweat. He could flex and move slightly, but in places something thicker and heavier was holding him down – at ankles, knees, thighs, waist, chest, neck and forehead.

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