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Check out “Stockroom” starring JR Matthews, Alessio Romero, Spencer Reed, Aymeric DeVille, David Anthony, Daniel Michael, Tibor Wolfe, Jim Ferro

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In the depths of a mysterious warehouse hidden from the outside world, an extreme experience awaits. A muscular cast is bursting through its latex and restraints in a sexually charged effort filled with sucking, fucking, fisting and pissing. Tibor Wolfe doesn’t stand a chance with masters David Anthony and Spencer Reed, who feed, fuck, piss and fist the hairy hunk into submission. Muscle man Jim Ferro gets a special delivery — a caged JR Matthews, bound and gagged for his owner’s pleasure. Brought in on a forklift, Daniel Michael is driven wild by bearded captors Aymeric DeVille and Alessio Romero, who tops both of them.

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You can watch “Stockroom” at Titan Men.

Busman’s Holiday – Part 06

By lthr_jock

Clark realised he had to get home as soon as possible – he dreaded to think what Vickers would do with access to his house. He twisted the key in the ignition and went to put the car in gear – and immediately realised that he had a problem. With his right hand on its usual position on the wheel, he couldn’t reach the gear level. Instead, he had to slide his right hand around to the bottom of the steering wheel. He growled and drove off, almost immediately jerking to a halt – as he has pushed down the accelerator, the chain between his ankles and wrists tightened and nearly pulled his hands off the wheel. In the end, he found that he could drive along with both hands near the bottom of the wheel.

As he drove home, he found that the best way to do it was keep slow and gentle. As a result, he drove along considerably slower than he would normally. To make it worse, luck was against him and every traffic light he met seemed to be on red. As he sat at one, waiting to start again a car pulled up beside him. He ignored it until the car sounded its’ horn twice. He looked across to see a pickup truck with two laughing men inside. From their slightly elevated position, the passenger could see down into the car and had a clear view of Clark’s predicament. He had obviously told the driver who had leaned across to see. Clark blushed and tried to ignore them, also trying to move to disguise the bulge that the cock tube was making in the rubber jockstrap.


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Locked in a metal head cage

Here are shots from “Sektor 9 Part 1” at Hot House. Free video preview of this shoot here.


Jimmy Durano has Morgan Black in restraints with his head in a cage, making him the ultimate cock-sucking machine. He force-feeds Black his thick Latin dick through the mouth piece of the cage, barely allowing the enslaved cock-pig to breathe. As soon as he’s free, Black bends over so Durano can lick his tight hole — he wants to get fucked! Durano throws Black on his back and fucks him hard until he gets distracted by Black’s big dick. Durano goes down on Black, but before you know it he’s got him on all fours and fucking him up the ass again. This time they both shoot their loads and Durano drags Black back to his restraints, where he waits for the next session.



Models in this shoot: Jimmy Durano, Morgan Black

Key words: Anal Sex, Bondage, Jockstrap, Leather Fetish, Oral Sex, Tattoos

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