Busman’s Holiday – Part 11

By lthr_jock

Clark reacted with shock as they headed towards the door – surely Greg didn’t mean to parade him in public like this. He held back and the leash tightened. Without looking around, Greg yanked on it and Clark felt his upper half jerk forward. He tried to brace himself but something made him lose his balance and he staggered forward. Greg turned as Carl burst out laughing. “Greg, you were right. Those boots work a treat.”

Clark looked down with confusion – the boots looked just like the heavy boots he had seen skinheads wearing in the street. But for some reason they felt slippery and unstable under his feet and he had to concentrate to keep his balance on them. Carl picked up another pair of the boots and turned them around so Clark could see the soles. Instead of a normal heel, they had a 2” heel on them and instead of a thick rubber tread they were smooth. “You see, the heel puts your balance off and the slippery sole makes it easy to pull you further off balance. We call them the Slave-maker.” Greg frowned and Carl continued “Ok, the name is a work in progress, but lucky you, you get to road test them for us.”

Greg yanked on the leash again and Clark stepped carefully towards the door. He was having to concentrate on where he was stepping and was taking steps so small that the boot shackles were almost irrelevant. Before he realised it, they were at the lifts. Greg stood there, tapping his crop against his boot with impatience. He turned to face Clark with a wicked grin on his face “You know what, let’s take the stairs.” Clark tried to complain but the gag filled his mouth stopping him and he could do little except hobble along behind Greg as the leather clad man tugged him towards the stairs.

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Pictures and video: Jared is racked and whipped

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After hours on his back, his balls stretched almost to the ripping point, with electric current running through his lean body for minutes at a time, Jared is now laid on the rack, face down, his beautiful ass and back vulnerable and ready for the whip. He knows he will be brutally flogged. He knows he will be stretched to his breaking point. What he doesn’t know is that he will be whipped and stretched at the same time – and then left in total agony overnight.

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Pictures and video: Lean, well-built Logan is tied and edged

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Viewers choice at Bound Jocks: Tyler Torro


Bound jock Tyler Torro is working out alone in the gym. His mind wanders, and he finds himself bound to the weight bench with his ankles spread and tied to the barbell. He struggles and flexes his tattooed muscles until he is able to escape. Having built up a sweat and a raging boner, he has no other choice but to jerk himself to completion.

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