Milking Day – Part 3

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90 gay bondage storiesIt’s been three weeks since the last milking day, when my boyfriend Mark sabotaged my chance for release. Three weeks, and just one more to go before I could try to reverse the roles, and lock him up for a while. To date my dick has been locked in a steel cage for eight weeks, and I really miss stroking it.

Mark had been having some difficult weeks at work. Layoffs meant there were fewer people to do the same amount of work, but the work still had to be done. Mark’s had longer days, and he was so tired when he got home. Too tired to go to the gym, too tired to eat, too tired to even jerk off! I was worried about him.

One late afternoon, Mark pulled his car into the garage. I heard the door close, and waited for him to come in. I’d been preparing dinner, and was surprised he was home so early. Even though he had gone to work so early, it hadn’t made any difference as he still came home so late. Today was odd, that he was home early. And he was taking his time coming inside. Huh, how strange, I thought as I washed my hands. Better go check on him.

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Testing the Metal Sleep-Sack

By Mister-X/Spartan

Mitch invited me over to see his latest creation. He makes bondage gear, and he gives me the first chance to try it out. Sometimes the gear he creates is great, but sometimes, well, let’s just say that not everything always works the way it is intended to work. I never know what I’m going to experience when I go to visit Mitch.

When I got there Saturday morning, Mitch asked whether I had anything scheduled for the weekend. It was a holiday weekend, and I don’t like to get out on the road on holiday weekends. I’m retired from work, so if I want to go anywhere or do anything I do it during the week, leaving after the commute traffic has dissipated. I told him I didn’t have anything up.

“I’d like you to try this little baby out, but you’ll need to spend a couple of days in it. To get you prepared, you’ll need to take an enema. I’ve got a kit set up for you in the bathroom over here.”

I was thinking that this was just like Mitch. None of this ‘would I be willing to spend a couple of days in something I’ve never seen before’ or ‘would I mind taking an enema’ — just orders of what I will be doing. But I appreciate that Mitch has me be his guinea pig for trying out his new creations. It certainly adds interest to an otherwise boring retirement.

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