Gear 365 – Part 2

By Rubrpig

During the morning Skype check-in Daddy Mike noticed that his gear boy Adam was obviously very distracted. As it was a day that he was working at the office, Adam was dressed in gear, this day it was 20″ Wesco Big Boss Engineers, Langlitz competition breeches, a black t-shirt and a leather bar vest. Although Adam was fully geared he still was distracted by something other than his gear or the check-in with his Daddy.

Even though Daddy Mike was in his usual Carhartt work gear and boots as it was a working day, the sight of his muscular furry Daddy did not even arouse him. Adam stood but really did not communicate with his Daddy as usual. The call ended as both men had to leave for their respective jobs, however, Daddy Mike left for work and spent the day wondering what was up with Adam. He was worried that Adam was at a breaking point as it was now almost 4 weeks since he agreed to being locked up in the cararra chastity belt for an entire year along with spending the year in leather or other gear to prove his commitment to him. Daddy Mike grew more and more anxious as he felt that Adam was going to request an end to the commitment.

He finally finished his shift as site manager at the large office building project and left work in his F-150 King Cab and headed for Adam’s home. Knowing that Adam was usually home an hour before he finished work he knew that Adam would be there when he arrived. After 20 minutes in traffic, he pulled on to the driveway of Adam’s home and got out. Using his keys, he walked into the house and called out for Adam.

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Wanna wrestle? The loser gets tied up and humiliated


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In this shoot from Naked Kombat:

It’s Brian Bonds vs. Jason Styles. The bigger they are, the harder their cocks. Brian is ready to take the win and Jason’s ass — “fuck ’em until he cries.” But Jason is certain his experience will give him the edge needed to dominate and humiliate any opponent, especially Brian. The first round starts with a heavy slam and Jason’s early control, but the points start flying in both directions when Bryan long legs wrap a punishing lock around Jason. By the second round, all the hot action leaves our contenders with their jocks torn off, revealing raging boners. These men are horny for winning as they pound and humiliate their way to the final whistle. The winner wastes no time making his opponent choke on his triumphant cock. The loser gets tossed to the floor and worships the winner’s feet while his ass is slapped and violated. Bound and gagged, the loser takes a huge dildo up his ass to prepare for a huge cock. After the winner ravages the loser’s hole he coats the loser’s abs in hot cum and milks a load from his pitiful dick.

Jason_Styles_Brian_Bonds_gay_wrestling_02 Jason_Styles_Brian_Bonds_gay_wrestling_03

Models in this shoot: Jason Styles, Brian Bonds

Title: The Loser Gets Bound, Gagged and Totally Humiliated

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