The Debt – Part 3

By Pup Shaggy

He needed this… He wanted this… he kept telling himself that, over and over as he lay there on sheet metal, completely alone, fighting back the chill of the cold. Still blindfolded, still handcuffed, still muzzled – of which had now been locked on, like everything else – and now his legs tied together by duct tape, he was utterly and completely helpless… and it was amazing.

He had no clue where he was, other than he was in the back of a van, and it belonged to Hunter. He had no clue what was going to happen to him… or how the night was going to end… and it was amazing.

He’d have the biggest hard-on of his life if his cock wasn’t locked up in chastity. Hunter had pulled the zipper of his jeans open and his boxers down, so that the cage was out in the open air. His balls rubbed against his trousers, the cold metal encasing his junk completely, trapped. Not that it dissuaded him from trying to get free; constantly his cock tried to break free of the metal sheath containing it, straining to pull away from his crotch to reach the cool and refreshing air on the outside. But every time, the cage pulled at his balls eventually becoming painful when it pulled too far… But the cage stayed firm, only to slap back against his body in futile effort. But then he tried again seconds later. |To make matters worse, Hunter had also slipped a ball stretcher over Spencer’s vulnerable boys, crushing them tightly. He wasn’t used to the sensation; being denied a good stiffy. And he knew by now he loved it, and hated it.

But then…. He needed this.

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