Poll question: Would you use a human urinal bound in the men’s room at a leather bar?

This posting is inspired by ty dehner — author of the male BDSM story “Jonas” currently running in the Metalbond Prison Library. He suggested a poll asking the question, “If you walked into a men’s room at a leather bar and found a rubber object bound and ready to be used as a urinal, would you?” Wanting to get at the bottom of this serious matter, I posted the question as a poll on the official Metalbond Twitter feed, and the results are in:

  • 87 percent said that yes, they would indeed piss in the human urinal!
  • 13 percent said no.

human male bondage gimp used as a urinal

Two of the respondents wisely added a comment that they would use the guy as a urinal provided he gave a consent signal such as the nod of his head. Another respondent said that he would like to use the guy as a urinal but that seeing him bound would make him so hard he would be unable to piss.

How about you? Assuming there was consent, would you make use of the rubber object bound as a urinal? Although the Twitter poll is ended, you can leave a message with your response in the comments section below.

Jack Hunter gets tied up in the Nevada desert

Completely nude and tied to the hood of a white SUV, Jack Hunter gets driven through the Nevada desert. He’s suspended from concrete ruins, and his big cock is edged by Tony Orlando and Sebastian Keys.

Jack Hunter male bdsm

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male bdsm gay bondage

The Bet – Chapter 02

By lthr_jock

As we walk into the club, it is empty except for the two barmen still setting up. The music is on but at a lower level than it will be later. Bob has clearly arranged this last night, because the small stage is empty except for a heavy chain locked to a ring protruding from the centre of the stage. Bob unclips the leash from my collar and padlocks the chain to the front. The weight of it pulls my head down. The chain is about 6 ft long so allows me to stand (just) but if I stay on all fours, I can get to near the edge of the stage. That is I can until Bob padlocks my ankle shackles to the ring. Now I have no choice but to remain here in full view of everyone who comes into the club.

Bob crouches down in front of me. The rubber suit is making me sweat and I can feel it pooling inside the suit. My muscles are already aching from the stress position that my arms are in. “OK, slave, so here you are nicely on display for everyone coming in to see. I think they need to see the man who has Topped so many of them reduced to being a rubber slave, don’t you?” I shake my head in the negative, grunting into the gag and begging him to put the hood back on. All I succeed in doing is making myself drool even more. Bob wipes up the drool with one gloved hand and then smears it in my already messy hair. He tuts, “What a mucky slave. I might have to shave that head later – slaves don’t need hair.” My eyes widen at the thought and I continue to try and beg him not to.

Bob stands up “what a loud slave. I might have to find some way to quieten you down.”

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Video: Viktor Rom dominates Casey Everett in the dungeon

Venezuelan tough guy top Viktor Rom comes into the dungeon wielding Casey Everett like a muscleboy rag doll — bound, gagged and cuffed. Tossing Casey onto a pommel horse, Viktor tenderizes the tantalizing meat with a few spanks, slaps and a gob of spit into the face. Casey’s round perfect ass reddens and responds to the rough treatment, and Viktor gives a love bite nip on the right butt cheek.

Viktor Rom dominates Casey Everett

Taking off the gag, Viktor smears his hot juicy mouth across Casey’s, pushes him down to start the enviable task of sucking his big brown uncut meat. Casey nearly gags on the thick prod, but opens his throat, gets used to the hefty girth of the leather-clad muscleman. Dick expanding to its full rock-hard length, Viktor tweaks his nipple then fucks his cock into Casey’s throat.

male bdsm Viktor Rom dominates Casey Everett

When handsome Casey bends back over the horse, Viktor dives in to lick and gnaw his tight hair-rimmed hole. He rubs his stubbly beard across Casey’s ass crack to increase the sensation, then wets it with a juicy wad of spit. Or two. Or three. Casey’s hole is quivering and puckering for cock, and Viktor wants to tease it just a bit longer. He sucks the hole into his mouth, then stands to slap his cock around before plowing in.

gay fuck and suck Viktor Rom dominates Casey Everett

Casey can barely catch his breath as he’s pounded full of massive Latin cock. Viktor watches every stroke, loves seeing his huge meat squeezing into his bottom boy’s wide-open hole. Casey groans and holds onto the horse for dear life. Speeding up, Viktor stands while Casey backs into the hard fuck and swallows his meat with a slick ravenous ass. Casey turns to kiss his top stud, and they move onto the black leather sling.

Viktor Rom dominates Casey Everett male bondage

Bodies crashing in the smooth swing of the sling, Casey and Viktor pound their gonads with a frenzy. Casey holds the chains above his head to keep some equilibrium in the tough thrash of their wild, animal fuck. Viktor uses the sling to bring Casey’s hole crashing into his cock all the way to the bone, and Casey starts stroking his cock faster. Viktor holds his gorgeous bottom’s ribs and plows straight in, but has to pull out as his cock starts pumping out shot after shot of hot sticky cream. Casey eats every drop as his well-fucked hole keeps throbbing with need and satisfaction.

Here is a free video preview:


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Title of this shoot: SNIFF: BOUND TO SATISFY

male bdsm Viktor Rom dominates Casey Everett