Male BDSM: Trenton Ducati turns his captive stud into a sex slave


Meanwhile at Bound Gods, Trenton Ducati holds Jordan Foster captive in his padded cell, turning him into his personal sex slave


Trenton Ducati picks up Jordan Foster from the gas station and brings him back to his place. Trenton pounces and tears his clothes off to bind and gag him. The bound stud has clothespins clamped across his chest as Trenton teases his cock. So turned on, Trenton takes out his hard cock and fucks Jordan’s ass as he screams for help. Trenton drags Jordan back to his hidden padded cell and locks him up in chains. When Trenton discovers that Jordan has escaped his restraints, he torments him with the zapper before shoving his cock down Jordan’s throat. Jordan’s arms are tied up to the ceiling as Trenton flogs him all over. Back in Trenton’s bedroom, Jordan is mummified with his cock exposed as Trenton teases his captive’s cock. The muscled pervert teases Jordan’s nipples before tearing a hole on Jordan’s ass, ready for a fucking. Trenton rams his cock up his ass before milking all the cum out of his cock. Jordan’s finished off with Trenton’s cum all over his face before he’s carried off back to the padded cell.

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Trenton Ducati gay porn

Bondage stud Wyatt is roped and nip tortured

At Roped Studs, J.J. has Wyatt tied to a bondage chair, wearing nothing but an AussieBum jock, a cropped A-shirt and a latex hood. Tight ropes at his wrists, elbows and knees hold him in place. J.J. strokes the bound captive, then rips open his shirt so he can play with his nipples. He moves his hand down Wyatt’s lean body to his cock, stroking it under the jock until it hardens and stretches the fabric. Wyatt moans half in pain, half in pleasure as J.J. covers his nipples with multiple clothespins and works his dick. The pain-pleasure continues as J.J. removes the tit-crushing pins and tickles Wyatt’s nipples, then smacks them with a bamboo rod.

male muscle bondage

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male bondage and torture

‘Extremities of the Earth’ issue of New York Times Magazine

The New York Times Magazine recently published a “Voyages Issue” featuring pictures of extreme wetsuits, diving gear and more. I scanned in the cover:

dive suit bondage


A link to the article on their website is here.

This was published in print on Sept. 29, 2019. I still have my hard copy. If someone genuinely wants my print copy of the magazine from this date, let me know and I will mail it to you!

DJ is made to use nasty butt fucking machines for his freedom

This is a vintage shoot from Butt Machine Boys:

Butt Machine Boys

DJ wakes up in a dark dungeon with a chain around his neck. He tries to leave, but the chain is locked to the brick wall. The Ass Master’s creepy voice appears in the darkness, and DJ freaks out. DJ quickly learns that he has to give up his ass for his freedom. The Ass Master commands DJ to put toys in his ass. DJ reluctantly complies.

Butt_Machine_Boys_02 Butt_Machine_Boys_03 Butt_Machine_Boys_04 Butt_Machine_Boys_05

Of course, it’s all about the machines. DJ starts out reclining on the electric gyno chair with the Monster machine plowing his ass. His hairy ass is now stretched out for the Double Dragon machine. The wicked Dragon has two dildoed shafts. One pounds his wet mouth, and the other pounds his hot ass. As the Dragon speeds up, DJ explodes and screams with pain and pleasure

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