Male BDSM Porn: The Debt Collector


A sadistic thug turns a happy couple into his sex slaves and makes them submit to hard bondage, humiliation, intense flogging, CBT and brutal fucking.

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Blake Daniels and his boyfriend, Adam Russo, regain consciousness in a pitch-black dungeon to find themselves bound and blindfolded. Seems Blake made a big mistake when he didn’t repay his gambling debt to Brenn Wyson, and the sadistic loan shark intends to settle by using the couple as his sex slaves. He fucks with them psychologically by taking turns sucking each of their cocks while the other watches. Next, he fucks with them physically by making Adam submit to a brutal flogging while Blake receives some heavy CBT. Finally he fucks with them literally. First, fucking Blake while his boyfriend is bound below him and helpless, and then pounding the hell out of Adam till he fucks a huge load out of him.


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Connor Maguire orders Mike De Marko

Man in Speedo Bound, Suspended by Sadist Group

By Speedobound

stud in a speedoA Speedo-wearing sub interrupts closed gathering of leather Doms in a dungeon seeking “serious” bondage tops for “a little fun”

I arrived at the local BDSM clubhouse for a previously scheduled Bondage night. The doorman told me that the schedule had been changed and that a workshop was in progress, but it would be finished soon. He asked me what “my thing” was, and I told him I have a Speedo fetish and I love getting bound and gagged while wearing a tight Speedo. He said he figured I would be able to find someone to play with me when the workshop was over because he thought it was a bunch of tops/doms and they might enjoy having a little bit of bondage fun after their program was finished.

Let me explain. I have always had a mixed feeling about wearing a Speedo. On the one hand, it immediately makes me feel exposed and vulnerable, since it leaves very little to the imagination. Most men are not used to having their private parts seen, and few men, straight or gay, are comfortable wearing a Speedo.

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Josef gets tied up and prepared to take a dick up his ass

Sporty straight Josef if fuming that he’s tied in such a humiliating and vulnerable position! Stripped down to nothing but his skimpy sweaty jock strap, his arse is pointed up in the air. He’s bent over just enough so you can see a tempting glimpse of the rim of his arsehole as if he were a teasing whore. When Adrian comes to mock and grope him, Josef’s struggle to get away only results in him wiggling his big round rump! If he’s going to be trained to be a proper world class prostitute he needs to be compliant and loose. Adrian slides his fingers into Josef’s arse to prepare that fuckhole for bigger dick.

male butt bondage

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Suited men in bondage

Here’s more from the men of Men At Play

suited men tied up

Combining a lust for suitsex with a penchant for BDSM, check out “Play” from the men of Men at Play. Dato may be the one tied up, but he’s definitely the man in control. After trading blowjobs, the ropes come off and Dato treats Tyler’s perfect asshole to a righteous slamming. Still dressed in his suit and shoes, Tyler’s slicked-up hole can’t get enough of Dato’s cock.

This one is called “Play” starring Dato Foland and Tyler Berg

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Men in rope bondagemale bdsm

Prod – Part 02: Black Knight’s Further Adventures

By Bikermike

I received a message on Recon from my buddy Malcolm from Bourne, Lincolnshire. He described the fun he had had with a young guy a week or so before. The guy’s Recon profile name was “Black Knight” or something similar, he was thirty three years old and had a slim, gym fit body. Apparently, he couldn’t get enough of playing the “sub” or “slave” role, and could take all sorts of punishment. I immediately felt envious and more or less told Malcolm so by return message.

A day or so later he messaged saying that the lad had wanted as much BDSM experience as possible and that he was almost insatiable; the rougher and harsher play the better. Malcolm went on to say that he had suggested to the guy that he contact me, maybe to arrange a meeting. His actual name was James, he lived in Norfolk, and rode a Honda Fireblade. That would be handy for him: I live not far from Kings Lynn, at the opposite side of the Fens from Malcolm at Bourne, so not so far for him to travel.

Just before the weekend I received a Recon message from James, aka. “Black Knight Blade”. It’s easier to relate the exchange of messages verbatim:

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Heavy rubber bondage lockdown

male rubber bondage

These pictures are from a series of videos called “Switzerland in December” available at Serious Male Bondage. This was shot in the studio of in Zurich, and the 4mm rubber straitjacket can be purchased from their website. The chastity cage is from, and the hoods are from

rubber bondage

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Title of this update: SWITZERLAND IN DECEMBER PART 5 – 6

male bdsm

Men On Edge: Owen Michaels gets his hard cock edged


Not only is Owen Michaels nervous about having a guy touch his cock, he also is feeling pretty nervous about the bondage. To ease him in, they start him off standing at the cross, with a blindfold around his eyes to calm his nerves. It seems Owen doesn’t mind the bondage as they notice his hard cock begging to be played with. After Branden Forrest swallows the bound stud’s cock, they bend Owen over and shove a dildo up his freshly shaved hole. He’s then strung up and suspended in the air as Branden continues to edge him from below. On the bed, Owen has the vibrator shoved up his ass as he’s ready to blow his load.

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