24 hours at the Hammer

By boyinacage

Chris stood in a dim lit corner of the back bar. It was leather night at the Hammer, the local fetish bar. Every few years, when passing through this city, he had dropped in. His score rate here was average, but even if he didn’t find a hookup he enjoyed the atmosphere.

At the moment he had his eye on a pair of boots. He had a passion for a man in boots. These were laced all the way up to the man’s knees. They were black and were shined to a high polish. Chris let his eyes slowly work their way from the top of the boots to the man’s package. Tight red rubber emphasised two well-developed thighs, which in turn helped to define a tight pair of arse cheeks.

Sweeping his eyes up further, the body was defined by a two-toned rubber military shirt. The shirt was obviously designed to enhance a broad set of shoulders and two well developed pecs. Above the shoulders was the lightly bearded face of a man in his mid forties. Gently he let his eyes travel back down to the boots. He could almost taste them as he pictured himself worshiping them. If he had a weakness, it was a great pair of boots, particularly when they were a natural extension of the wearer.

Chris cursed the 20mg of Cialis he had taken before coming out. Even though he didn’t need it at all, he enjoyed the sensation of the slightest provocation sending him rock hard instantly. Now, however, with a mind of its own, it was trying to force its way out from the rubber codpiece of his jockstrap in no uncertain manner. The fact that his rubber cock ring would not release the blood from his engorged cock was not helping the situation.

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Polish muscle stud Marcello gets tag teamed for bondage and spanking

At Reluctant Young Men — a site where young men undergo first-time spanking experiences — Marcello gets tied to the rafters and beaten by hand, paddles, crop and cane. The 27-year-old straight guy towers over his captors, yet he is defenseless as they make him dance, hop and holler, his big cock swinging between his muscular thighs, looking anguished, humbled and defeated.

muscle bondage spank

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Title of this shoot: “Muscle Stud Spanked by Rich and Chic”

metalbond gay bondage

Metalbond gay bondage

Phenix Saint shocks Gianni Luca and fucks him hard in suspension bondage

Check out this vintage shoot from Bound Gods:


Hanging by his wrists, Gianni Luca is waiting in agony for his dom to arrive. Phenix Saint is a no-nonsense dom, and he gets off on tormenting his sub. He shocks Gianni with electricity to see if this man can take it. To his delight, Phenix hears Gianni’s screams but the man begs for more. Gianni is made to suck Phenix’s electrified cock. With a rope to his head, Gianni takes a hard flogging. For his torment, he is rewarded with an even harder suspension bondage fuck. This though man is used up and spent, but he doesn’t want to leave his subspace.

MetalbondNYC_10143_p_03 MetalbondNYC_10143_p_05 MetalbondNYC_10143_p_09 MetalbondNYC_10143_p_16 MetalbondNYC_10143_p_21 MetalbondNYC_10143_p_22 MetalbondNYC_10143_p_23 MetalbondNYC_10143_p_25

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