One Year – Part 22

By Taurus

Part 22 – “Contracts”

Russell had just woken up when he received a call from the director.

“Morning, I want you in my office ASAP. Need to tell you something about your slave.”

Naturally, Russell hurried, and was greeted by Director Daniel in his office.

“How’re you feeling, on your slave’s 284th day here?”

“I’m fine. Please get to the point; I’ve things to do.”

“Ha! Don’t be so terse with me. I know it’s always something with James, and this concerns him.


Russell’s ears were perked as he sat down.

“You’ve been going off-script with the treatment of your slave. He’s only ever officially consented to only a portion of the things you’re doing to him.

“Including having him address you as, what’s that…ah yes. ‘Master’.”

“He asked for all of it.”

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Sam Truitt is held captive by Adam Herst and turned into a sex slave

In this vintage shoot from Bound Gods, leather dom Adam Herst walks into the bathroom to take a piss at the stall, when the dude next to him, Sam Truitt, notices his leather:


After examining Sam, the muscled dom decides to take him prisoner. With a chain around his neck, Sam awaits with his hands cuffed as Mr Herst comes in with the crop and orders him to get his cock hard. Adam gets a good taste of Sam’s huge cock before pulling him to his knees. The fag’s mouth is pried open as Adam shoves his hard, throbbing cock down Sam’s throat. Suspended in the air, the poor captive is mercilessly fucked by his captor before he’s brought to his feet for an intense flogging, his cock swinging in the air as his master beats him to a pulp. Mr Herst gives his leather prisoner one final fuck before giving him a face full of cum.

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