Male BDSM gear: Wrist to Ball Restraint

If someone else puts this piece on you, there is NO getting out! Squirm and struggle all you want. The leather wrapped around your wrists is keeping your arms behind you. You’re vulnerable, yet your cock is hard as a rock. Why? Because those restraints you’re fighting are connected right to your nuts! The more you pull away, the more you yank on your balls and the harder your dick gets. Now you’re truly begging for attention. This is a Mr. S Original design. Can also be used for self-bondage!

Wrist to Ball Restraint

To use this restraint for self-bondage: After locking the cock strap in place, adjust the wrist cuffs big enough so you are able to tightly slip your hand and wrist down into the cuffs behind your back. It’s much easier to slip INTO the cuffs than to be able to pull them back out again. Quite effective, but yes, you can get out of them with some struggling.

Wrist to Ball Restraint

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Wrist to Ball Restraint

A punk gets beaten and fucked in bondage

In yet another vintage shoot from the Bound Gods vault, a hot but obnoxious punk gets taken down in the woodshop, where he gets beaten and fucked in bondage. The title of this shoot is Time for you to learn your lesson, punk!


Christian Wilde is working his new job at the wood shop when his co-worker, Leo Sweetwood, comes strolling in, pestering Christian while he’s just trying to work. When he’s had enough, Christian takes the dude down to the ground and quickly ties his hands up. He begins to teach the little punk a lesson by pulling on his balls as Leo screams for mercy. Christian then stands his captive up and beats him with the flogger before having him suspended in mid-air. Dangling in the air, Leo takes his captor’s huge cock up his ass before receiving a face full of cum. With the drill-do, Christian fucks his Leo’s ass once more as he milks all the cum out of aching cock.

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