Hog chained in a jail cell

Vaughn Green is brought back in. All his info, weight and body temp is logged in for part of the inmate’s booking file. This criminal convict asked a lot of questions, and Officer Denali hog-tied him on the bunk without his striped uniform because he wanted to remind him who is in control and that is why he was arrested and transported in for strip down, cavity search and jail processing!

Hog chained in a jail cell


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Bondage gear: Suspension Hand Slings

Check out these Suspension Hand Slings as modeled by Terry Miller:

Clip him to a suspension bar and raise his hands high so you have full access to his body. You can also use them to spread his arms apart for a good, heavy-duty flogging session. These feature built-in panic snaps for added safety.

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Male BDSM porn: A bondage captive gets tied up and jacked off

In this video at Men On Edge, Brian Strowkes is tied up and edged to the max and has his ass fucked.

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Brian Strowkes is a hot straight guy willing to try anything once. With Brian bound standing and blindfolded, they get his cock raging under his briefs. It doesn’t take long for the straight guy to want to shoot his load as he fucks Sebastian’s mouth. They check out Brian’s 22 year-old hole and fuck it with a dildo. With his cock still hard as a rock, they nearly fuck the cum out of him but deny him repeatedly just to hear him beg. Fully suspended, they edge him to the max and continue to fuck his ass with the vibrating dildo. Unable to take anymore, he shoots his load all over, and they finish him off with a good cock polishing and tickle torment.


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‘Reflected Glory’ by Hooder

Hooder is one of the most prolific male BDSM fiction authors. He’s posted 165 stories (and counting!) over at Telmachus, a site filled with awesome artwork, stories and much more. One of Hooder’s most recent titles is “Reflected Glory,” which I found genuinely moving. Click the image directly below to read it:

Hooder male bdsm stories

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Max Cameron becomes a prison bitch to Officer Trenton Ducati

In this video from Bound Gods, Max Cameron has one day left in prison before going on parole, and Officer Trenton Ducati makes sure to give the parolee a proper send off. The title of this video is “Prison Punk Scared Straight by Perverted Officer Ducati.”

Prison Punk Scared Straight by Perverted Officer Ducati

Officer Ducati puts Max over his knee and spanks him for every day he has spent in prison. He then pulls Max’s face down to his lap, and has him polish Trenton’s meaty cock. Officer Ducati suspends Max and brutally flogs him. Max takes the flogger like a good prison bitch, so Officer Ducati presses him against the cell bars and starts binding his arms and legs with belts. The belts hold Max to the cell while Officer Ducati mummifies him. Officer Ducati then fills Max’s cock with different electric devices. Officer Ducati sends electricity through Max’s most sensitive areas until Max is begging to cum. Officer Ducati then rips Max off the cell wall and throws him onto the prison bed, where he sticks his hard cock up Max’s tight ass. Trenton makes sure Max knows that no matter where he is, he will always be a prison bitch to Officer Ducati, and his gaping hole will be indisputable proof. Trenton fucks Max’s ass until he can’t take it any longer and shoots his cum all over Max’s wet tongue. Max spends his final moments before becoming a free man blowing his sticky load all over himself.

The Hard Goodbye Max Cameron

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