Buck Williams Tickled

At Tickled Hard, Franco ties up Buck and tickles him on his size 12 feet, then in his armpits and on his ribs. Every time Buck thinks he’s got it under control, Franco moves just enough to unlock a new tickling sensation. After a few minutes of tickle pleasuring, Franco amps up the sensation by lubing his hands and tickling Buck in his armpits. Buck swears and calls for help, but no one can save him now…as if he wanted to be saved! Laughing adorably, Buck squirms in Franco’s arms as he tickles his ribs and pits from behind. Now that he’s warmed up, Franco returns to Buck’s feet, tickling them with detangling brushes, soap savers and his lubed fingers. Even though Buck howls with delight, Franco wants more and climbs on top to tickle Buck in his most ticklish spot, his ribs. With Buck nearly exhausted, Franco rewards him with a hot blowjob and mutual jack-off session, leaving him coated in cum.

Buck Williams Tickled

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Franco ties up Buck and tickles him

Policeman fucks with the creepy janitor

In this video, a cop puts the Bound Gods creepy janitor in bondage and fucks the hell out of him. This is a vintage shoot.

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Officer Ned is looking into several complaints about a creepy janitor at the junior college. Bursting into Brenn’s basement living quarters, he catches the janitor Brenn Wyson with all of his kinky paraphernalia. Ned calls in for backup but radio signals cannot travel in the bowels of this basement. Brenn shouts out several smart remarks and Ned takes the law into his own hands. Ned uses Brenn’s electricity toys on him and watches Brenn scream in agony. It’s not over. Brenn breaks free and puts officer Ned to bed. He turns Ned’s ass into hamburger with the flogger and fucks the daylight out him afterward.

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