Bondage in 2020 Cell Without Bars – Part 09

By felon


In Chapter 8 the West Virginia experience was reaching its climax and quickly ground to a halt. The other prisoner for the weekend somehow managed to escape the compound in the dead of night after a severe flogging at camp. I was back in my cell when all hell broke loose as the jailers searched for the escapee.

At first light the decision was made to break camp and call it quits for the weekend. Half of the campers were spread out thru the area searching for the prisoner, the remainder of the men proceeded to break down and store equipment. I was loaded in Wytheville County orange prison jumpsuit, in cuffs and leg irons — a plastic bag on the front seat with my keys and wallet and a file folder.

Not much was said as the men were not too happy with the outcome, and the indication that the escaped prisoner would be punished if caught. Once we were about to return to I-79 for the return, the car stopped along the road and a well-used “humane restraint gag” was taken from the trunk and padlocked on me. Then travel resumed with conversation between the two men in the front.

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Don’t lose count while you’re getting spanked or it starts over

Everyone knows that! Except apparently Logan, who is strapped to a spanking bench for a long, intense session that brings him close to the edge! Logan struggles with the severity of this spanking. He loses the count of the strokes a few times, which causes Tom to start over. Tom uses several harsh implements on Logan, including a rubber paddle/slapper, a wooden paddle, a bamboo cane, a hairbrush, a long plastic shoehorn, a riding crop and a wooden spoon. Logan writhes about, straining against the straps that hold him in place. He shakes his head and his eyes tear up as his butt gets bright red and then purple. Tom also engages in a form of bastinado with the riding crop. By the end of this spanking, Tom has firmly established his dominance over Logan, leaving Logan contrite and obedient.

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Title of this episode: Logan “Losing Count”

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Officer Denali has complete control of his prisoners

Criminal inmate Val Simpson managed to hit every mark along the way in his criminal career! Charged with a crime, convicted, sent to prison, house arrest violation, escape custody, trashed the ankle band to wrap things up with another felony. Officer Denali takes it personal when an inmate tries to escape or gets violated off of house arrest. It really pisses him off! Officer Denali has complete control of his prisoners, and that is a good thing!

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