My Adventures With Billy – Part 10

By Robmacz

I headed home for the last time. Once there I took a last look round, kinda like when you move home from college and take a last look at where you lived as a student. Would I ever see this place again? Probably not. I got changed, putting on a t-shirt and some jeans that I had earlier poured whisky on so they would smell. I picked up a half bottle of whisky, the manila envelope containing the small packages of coke, and the larger bundle. Then I retrieved Billy’s pistol from where I had safely hidden it.

Down in the garage I smashed the rear light, so that it would cause attention and then I put the gun and drugs on the floor by the passenger seat and left the whisky close at hand. I headed off it was about 7.30 in the evening. I drove around for about 15 minutes before I saw a police car parked on the side of the road. Two cops were just getting in with their coffees. I put my foot down and started to drive erratically. It was not long before I saw flashing lights behind me. I knew where I was heading– Pierre’s, the restaurant where Billy took me several months before.  I knew there would be a pile of expensive cars lined up outside.

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Tied Up and Thirsty

Hogtied with wrists and ankles bound in thick black rope, mocha-skinned Kaell Fernandes writhes on the floor. But definitely not in distress, he’s turned on and ready for some more punishment. Dark muscle stud Mr. Black is happy to give him all the kinky treatment he craves. He’s dressed in a black leather hood and harness, the strict merciless dream dom that gets any submissive thirsty. Yanking the slave up by his gray harness, Mr. Black brings him to his knees and ready for a severe dressing down. Kaell’s thick cock swells as Mr. Black stretches and pinches his nips. He gives Kaell’s muscle butt a few hearty slaps before tenderizing with the snap of a leather paddle. This is another shoot from FetishMen.

Hogtied with wrists and ankles bound


Kaell bites down on the bit in his mouth and moans. A sharp little swatter smacks across his chest and thighs. Back on his knees with ass raised high, he’s the perfect target for some stinging cracks of a cat ‘o nine tails. Mr. black runs his fingers up into Kaell’s butt and jiggles his face in the ass crack. Kaell can’t resist slurping Mr. Black’s thick tool when he gets the chance, letting his spit run down the veiny shaft. Mr. Black pumps his dick hard into the sub’s cockstarved throat.

male bdsm Hogtied with wrists and ankles bound


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Muscle guy on a leash

At, Brad may have the brawn but his strict manager has the brains. It’s difficult to control a great hulking beast like this, so it’s necessary to leash the strongman both around his neck and his unwieldy cock and balls. Now he’s stark naked on the floundering old gents’ desk for an intense anal exam. Sweating and struggling to satisfy them, this induction stretches on way longer than normal as Brad is deeply penetrated.

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