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House Arrest

By Parole Officer J

A buddy of mine (Rob) got sentenced to one year of house arrest. I tried to talk him into letting me go to the PO (Parole Officer) as him and get the ankle monitor locked on me instead of him. He thought it was hilarious, and I begged him to let me do it.

Rob had a cheap ankle monitor, in my opinion. It had a base station with a small battery and needed to be hooked up to a phone line and power cord. It created a zone around his house, and if he left the zone it would send an alert. Once he left the zone it didn’t know anything about his location. And the zone was small enough when he mowed the yard he had to call the PO and tell him he was starting to mow and call back when he finished. Otherwise he would show up as leaving his home and he would get violated (parole violation), which could send him back to jail.

Rob had rules to his house arrest. He had to schedule any time away from home in advance. And the requests had to be approved. He was given 3 hours on Saturdays to go shopping. Since his didn’t track locations once he left home, he could go anywhere. But he had to be home by 3 p.m. Have a special family event planned like a birthday? He might get approved to go for an hour or two, including travel time! Or the request might be denied, the PO didn’t need to give reasons for denying a request.

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