Chastity Cages Galore!

By Cutieboy90

I have been interested in chastity ever since I first heard about it, approximately eight years ago. Only within the past four years have I had any real experience. As of the time of this writing, December 2017, I own three chastity devices, each of which I describe my impressions of here. Every guy is different, and no device is “one size fits all.” Likewise, every guy’s interest is different as well. When I first got interested, I had little interest in the idea of incorporating chastity into a serious long-term relationship. Now, chastity play is one of my favorite kinks, and the idea of a long-term chastity buddy is a very strong interest.

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What I look for in a device, is comfort, security, and hygiene. The device must fit, and be of solid, sturdy construction. Weight is not as much a consideration, so long as the device is otherwise comfortable. Price, of course, is a dealbreaker, as high quality frequently costs more than my wallet can allow. So for now, I’ve been at the mercy of the mass produced commercial devices available, in other words, NOT custom cages. Custom cages, when measured and fitted properly, of course provide a much more comfortable and secure chastity experience. To date, my longest period of chastity is one month, which I have written about in Locktober 2017. So without further a do, here are my thoughts on my current chastity cages!

Holy Trainer V2

This device holds a special place in my heart, because it is the first cage I owned. The ring and cage are made of a plastic-like material called “bioresin,” which is lightweight, strong, and comfortable. Instead of a padlock, the HT uses an integrated locking system that results in a very streamlined look and feel. This device seems to have been designed with discretion and stealth as the finished product’s main selling points.

The HTV2 is a great device. Well-designed, well-made, and high quality. It is reasonably comfortable. It is not, however, the best cage for me. This is the “short” tube version, and is still about a quarter inch too long for me, which allows for some (annoying and painful) excitement. The solid walls mean that the device has to be removed for cleaning at least once a week (I work out, and tend to sweat a bit…) and any leaked fluids that can’t be reached with a q-tip start to reek in the anarobic environment. For the light weight of the cage, it feels bulky and awkward, something inherent with plastic and similar materials. My conclusion is that the cage is great for short-term wear (7-10 days) provided there’s chances to remove it for maintenance.



This stainless steel device from has been my workhorse cage. While the cage itself isn’t custom, the base ring is, and has a very sturdy locking system. I own two base rings, one for securing with a padlock, the other for a security screw. I’ll admit to being a bit of a perfectionist, and I’ll say right now that I can’t stand padlocks. They’re bulky, they rattle around, there’s always noticeable play in the locking mechanism, and aesthetically are an eyesore. I MUCH prefer the cleaner look and solid feel of security screws. However, security screws on their own do not offer the same level of security as a padlock.

The Adaptus was a great step up from the HTV2 in many ways for me. The base ring fits and feels like a dream, and the cage bars allow for easy maintenance. Not being a customized cage, again this device is about ¼” too long. In addition, the front bars are spaced just wide enough for my head to slip through when excited. The sensitive flesh quickly becomes overstimulated. In a way, the extra cage length provides a bit of “shelter” once things cool down. Despite the minor drawbacks expected for non-custom cage, I find it a comfortable, and enjoyable experience to wear. I took the Locktober challenge, and successfully completed the month with this cage.


The China Cage

I’m calling this one “China,” because that’s where it came from. I bought this device in November 2017, as a reward for my successful completion of Locktober. I wanted a stainless steel cage that was shorter in length, with an integrated lock, that could be used for longer-term lock-ups. After scouring Amazon, Etsy, Wish, and DHGate, I found this cage for $20.

The China Cage met the expectations I had for it. Like with the other two devices, it is not a custom cage. The fit is not perfect, but it does work. I am sooo happy with the integrated lock! It has a bit of play, but there’s no f***’n padlock rattling about. Dimensionally, this cage is the correct length (finally!) for me. The width isn’t quite right, but it’s not as painful as the extra length of the other cages. Like with the Adaptus, my head pokes through the wide space between the front bars, and the base ring is a bit too thick for total comfort.


The next step I’d take, would be a custom cage in stainless steel, with bars to allow easy cleaning/maintenance, with an integrated lock. Some makers have options for devices that have butt plugs, and/or a central bar to separate the balls, features I would happily opt in for. Heheh, happily, at least, until I’m locked up with them for a while. In my dreams, I’d have a kinky friend with access to a metal or machine shop, and I’d make my own! After all, “if you want something done right, you must do it yourself.”


Postscript update as of June 2018: I did finally splurge on a custom cage. I will write a full review once it has been built and I’ve gotten to wear it!


Metal would like to thank Cutieboy90 sharing this information!

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To see the selection of chastity devices available from Mr S, click here.

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6 thoughts on “Chastity Cages Galore!”

  1. Thanks, this is helpful. The HTV2 is nice and mostly comfortable, but hygiene is a concern. Integrated lock vs. padlock is a great improvement. Looking forward to your next review.

    1. Hi Jack!

      I’ve seen the same cage on Amazon and Ebay for similar prices. I bought the China cage on DHGate as that was the only site I found that had the 40mm ring size available at that time.

      Hope that helps!


  2. Thanks, cutieboy90! I found it on Amazon and I have it and two other models coming. Can’t wait till they arrive. Thanks, again!

  3. I know this is an old article but I wanted to ask a new question. Since you published this article there are a number of new cages in the line with Adaptus. Have you see or experienced any of them and do you have an opinion on the new members of the family

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