Locktober Part 2: The End of Locktober

By Cutieboy90

October 31, 2017. As my first month-long chastity challenge draws to its end, I find myself in a very reflective state of mind. I am a single guy, who for the time being engages exclusively in self-play. Though I consider myself a switch, being in chastity brings out my submissive side like nothing else. Tonight as I count down the hours, I dream of how this night might go in the future with a loving, kinky partner…

We get home from the Halloween party. We’ve had our dinner, and now we’re ready for dessert. He has me get ready, and I stuff myself with a large butt plug. My dick tries to give my cage a run for its tensile strength; as always the stainless steel wins. I’m leaking, horny as fuck after a month locked up, and anticipating my release..

He holds me, running his hands along my back as he hugs me close. His own hard cock teasing mine through the bars of my cage, as his lips brush against mine. He gazes into my eyes, a seductive glint shining as he feels the plug. “The big one, huh? Good boy,” he purrs in my ear. We won’t take too much time now, so he’ll guide me over to the table, and strap me down well. He knows how challenging the month has been, no thanks to his teasing, but he’s still going to have some fun releasing me..

It’ll be 11:45pm.. He’ll unlock my cage, and watch as my dick springs right out of it. He’ll smile as he gently sets the cage and ring down, and delight in the way my lip trembles as he deliberately draw out every movement. Taking his sweet time getting the lube out, squeezing some in his palm, warming it in his hands, before finally giving my throbbing leaking cock a slow stroke.

I’ll gasp at the sensation of being stroked fully for the first time in 31 days.. How warm and gentle his touch is. I’ll fight to control my breathing, and my hip movement, even though the restraints prevent any significant thrusting on my part. I’ll bite my lip, holding my tongue like a good boy, not to beg or plead for him to just stroke me off. I won’t want it end so soon, but I do trust that he’ll get me off.

He will edge me a few times. His pace slow, thorough, and so gentle. He’ll rub my chest, stomach, and legs. He’ll kiss my neck and mouth. He will nibble my ears, nipples, and lips. He will tease me with his words too. “Maybe I’ll ruin your orgasm, and lock you back up for November…” He’ll whisper. “Perhaps I’ll milk you until you beg to be locked up. Maybe I’ll edge you, and lock you back up with no release. You’re such a good boy, you wouldn’t protest too much if I wanted to..” I’d be ready to shoot from his dirty talk alone… I’d whimper, and look up at him with my sweetest puppy eyes, and tell him I was his. I’d let him know when I get close to shooting, though he knows me so well i wouldn’t need to. But I’m a good boy, and I’d tell him anyway.

At 12:20 a.m. on November 1, He gives me a firm kiss, and resumes stroking my desperate cock. This time, his strokes feel a touch stronger. He holds me just a bit tighter.. I’m moaning, and nuzzling at his chest. “Please… It feels so good..” I manage to say between gasps.

“Shhhhh,” He muzzles me with his free hand. “I know, baby.” I’ll moan into his hand, getting closer and closer.. My balls feel like they are boiling. I’m ready to blow.

“Halloween’s over boy, but you can have your treat. Go ahead..” His hand tightens over my mouth as he gives his permission for me to finally cum.. The rush is incredible, my pent up load shooting right over our heads. My plugged hole twitching, the large toy fucking itself against my prostate. My orgasm seems to go on for eternity. I buck against the restraints, my cries muffled by his hand…

My orgasm finally ends, the remaining spurts dribble out. I’m exhausted, my chest heaving. He removes his hand from my mouth, replacing it with his lips. He kisses me deeply, as his hand continues to milk me slowly. I’m pleading and moaning in his mouth, it still feels so good, I never want him to stop..

He pulls back, and with his eyes locked on mine, scoops up my load and feeds it to me. As I slurp the last drop from his fingers, he smiles with that warm, beautiful smile of his, and says, “Good boy.” He continues milking me, until my engorged cock finally goes limp again.

He’ll clean me up with a warm towel. Taking his time to rub my muscles as well. He’ll loosen each strap one at a time, kissing and rubbing any marks left by the strap before going on to the next. He’ll return to kiss my mouth every few straps. He also gives my balls some special attention, nuzzling them, and fondling each gently. He helps me to my feet, holding me, and helping me to the shower, where he’ll wash me up, and hold me.

Somewhat rejuvenated by the shower, I’ll get down on my knees. He’s so good to me, and I’ll take care of him. I tease his length with my tongue, kiss his ballsack, and as I take him into my throat, I reach around and grope his butt. I’ll take my time, edging him a few times, and caressing his thighs. His moans of “oh fuck…” echo around the tiled room. He pants, leaning back against the wall, the warm water splashing across my back. I finally suck his load out and milk him with my mouth. He’ll need to be dry before I lock him in chastity for the rest of November.

The End

Metal would like to thank Cutieboy90 sharing this fantasy! You can find Cutieboy90 on Pornhub by clicking here.

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  1. I’m locked up for the first time in 34 years. I’ve told my partner about it but as we’ve stagnated a bit I haven’t told him and he hasn’t discovered. This story is kind of an inspiration to hand over the keys, let him feel my caged dick and remind him that I want to be his personal, filthy, deprived slut for years to come.

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