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Locktober Part 1: Thoughts From a Solo Self-Keyholder

By Cutieboy90

“Damn…!” The thought of being locked in chastity for an entire month sent a thrilling rush through my being. My dick was instantly hard, and I felt somewhat high. I knew in that instant that my dick had just signed me up to participate in the Locktober challenge. It was already October 1, but not too late to start!

Now, a bit about me. I’m a single 26 y/o gay man, into bondage, chastity, and various forms of light role play and power exchange. But I also have significant trust issues which get in the way of most social, romantic, and play endeavors. So I take care of my needs myself, and engage in self-play. Chastity, of course, is no exception, and I hold my own keys for Locktober. After all, what kind of dom would I be to deny my Number 1 sub of an exciting experience?

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The first item of business, is the cage itself. It needs to fit properly! The cage I use currently is an “Adaptus” cage from It fits very well, though it is not entirely custom. The cage is a touch longer than ideal, it’s heavy, and the front bars are just a bit too far apart for total security. It’s a nice, comfortable fit for just under two weeks. But it’s the cage I have, and it’s a vast fit improvement over the Holy Trainer V2 I also own. (That could be an entire article. Another time..)

Secondly, when holding your own keys, it is important to keep the keys out of reach, yet also accessible in case of an emergency. Safety is paramount!! At any level of self-play, Safety is THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR. I always make sure I can guarantee my safety, and I have my systems and plans in place. (Another article for another time..)

What I did was:

  1. Check the keys in the lock BEFORE locking the padlock on the cage.
  2. Fill a canning jar half-way with water, and freezing it in the freezer.
  3. When frozen, I put the keys in the middle, then fill the jar with water to the top, and put it back in the freezer.

The result? The keys are frozen in the middle of a jar of ice, kept in the back corner of the ice box for the rest of the month. Thawing the jar would be a lot of trouble to cheat, yet at the same time the keys are within reach in the case of an emergency.

I also keep a spare key on the ring with my house keys. I take public transportation in a city of extremely careless drivers. I carry the spare key when I leave my apartment, in the case of a real medical emergency or accident if I’m not at home. This is also the key I will use to unlock for any maintenance, checks, or other reasons when needed. I get waxed about every three weeks, so I needed the cage off for that appointment.

Due to the “almost” nature of the fit, I’ve needed to keep myself well lubricated down there. I apply my longest-lasting lube twice a day, and re-touch with lotion when needed. I swim three times a week, elliptical workouts on the off days, and do daily exercise sets at the start and end of the day. A jockstrap keeps things in place, but I found through trial and error that being “excessive” with the lube and lotion before and after my workouts is not excessive at all. I have not chaffed or had any trouble for the past two weeks. And wearing a jockstrap at the gym is hardly a habit I’m going to worry about.

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Today is October 24, 2017. I’ve been locked for 24 days. Locktober has been a challenge, but also an incredible experience. I’ve been horny as hell, and my dick has been trying to get hard as I write this… Haha. After day 14, I got used to it. It feels great, even if frustrating. Just one more week, and I can jerk off again! I’ll be proud to have kept myself locked for an entire month. Maybe I’ll reward myself with a new cage, and the promise of a longer lockup?

The End

Metal would like to thank Cutieboy90 for the information and pictures! You can find Cutieboy90 on Pornhub by clicking here.


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