Morgan Black takes Tony Hunter to his limits

In this vintage update over at Bound Gods, Tony Hunter is strewn up alone in Morgan Black’s playroom and ready for abuse. Morgan torments the captive’s nipples until his dick gets hard and then pulls him off the wall by his balls.


After a good flogging leaves Tony’s ass nice and red, Morgan shoves his cock down the prisoner’s throat while the tight bondage keeps his ass hook firmly in his hole. Tony’s endurance is pushed when he’s made to bite down on a rope connected to a bowling ball and his own zipper while Morgan crops the stud until he screams. Still hard, Tony is bound to the tilting fuck table and gets his throat and hole filled by Morgan’s cock. A hard fuck earns Tony a load on his face and the chance to lick his own load off of Morgan’s boot. The captive is left alone in the playroom, awaiting his Master’s return.

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Video here

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