Self Storage

By VANS fag

VANS fag author thumbnail MetalbondNYCAuthor’s Note:

The BOSS has controlled, micro-managed, chastized, tattooed and humiliated VANS fag since August 2008 in a TPE (total power exchange) relationship. VANS fag is an alpha male publicly but a permanently chastised dildofag in the playroom and kink world.


When I first met the BOSS, I said I liked bondage and I liked rubber. But the BOSS has helped me refine this. I love full rubber encasement, and I love to hate it too. I love the tight constriction of rubber gear and the claustrophobic, sweaty world it creates. But it has to be full coverage: a surfsuit in the playroom just doesn’t count. And a scene without a rubber hood doesn’t count as a scene at all. So what I love in the playroom is full rubber encasement.

And with full rubber encasement and bondage I get horned thinking about it beforehand and as it’s happening, but I also know I will regret it and hate it before it’s over. This paradoxical feeling is exactly what drives me wild and crazy. I want it partly because I know I will regret my decision. At some point in the sweat, claustrophobia, discomfort and boredom, I will ask myself, “why did I do this?”

But here is what the BOSS taught me. Any kind of bondage with full rubber encasement is a satisfaction for me. I will suffer the discomfort and boredom and emerge proud of myself for having endured. The endorphins will flow before, flow at moments during the ordeal and flow again when I am released. Leave me in rigid cuffs for hours and I will manage the pain as long as I have the rubber too. But take away the rubber encasement and the same rigid cuffs and bondage become nothing more than a punishment for me.

Now thanks to the BOSS I know there is bondage sex and there is punishment bondage. They are very different. And sometimes they cross over. If the BOSS puts me in rigid cuffs and leaves me for an hour, it is punishment bondage. If, at the end of the hour, he comes and pisses on me, it miraculously becomes bondage sex.

Bondage sex is deeply satisfying for me and mostly for the BOSS too, but it is also a lot of work for him. On the other hand, punishment bondage is usually very easy and satisfying for the BOSS but nothing more than boredom and discomfort for me.

The BOSS can easily handcuff me to a radiator in a bedroom while he has a date with a new boyfriend. The only mild satisfaction for me comes from the humiliation of being ignored while the BOSS is fucking and cumming with someone else. I imagine him thinking “I have a sloppy assed fag chained up in the other room, waiting for me pathetically while I fuck this nice tight ass.” But for me there are no endorphins, no excitement, only boredom and regret.

To make punishment bondage even easier for the BOSS, he has created a self-storage protocol. In one corner of the basement, outside the playroom, there is an eyebolt drilled into the concrete floor. On the BOSS’s order, I simply need to strip off my clothes (except for one sock), take a pair of leg cuffs, cuff my socked ankle and lock the other onto the eyebolt. The eyebolt is far enough away from the walls that my only options are to stand upright with no support or sit or lay down on the floor. The floor is cold. There is no clock or window to gauge the passage of time. I don’t have the distractions of playroom equipment to fire my fantasies.

I never know when I lock the leg cuff to the eyebolt whether I will be there for one hour or one day. At some point the BOSS will show up, either to release me or bring me a few supplies. If he brings a large bottle of water, a blanket and a shit bucket, I know I will be in self-storage for a while.

But the worst part of self-storage is watching the BOSS take someone into the playroom. My ass is cold and uncomfortable on the concrete. My faghole wants a plug. I’m thirsty but I want the BOSS’s piss more than water. I want to be encased in full rubber and drift into a sweaty euphoria. Instead I’m staring at the playroom door. I cannot hear what goes on inside but I can imagine.

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