Silver and Gold

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90My name is Todd. Todd Silver. My mate and I met many years ago, when we started working at the copper mine. His name is Ryan Gold, and he’s the cutest, sweetest ginger you could ever imagine. Anyway, we fell in love very quickly, and though we had to stay discreet for our safety, we did exchange vows. We love each other so much. I even went from being a totally dominant, top stud to being a completely versatile switch, but just for him.

It all began on his birthday. I had given him a new set of leather bondage cuffs, a stainless steel cock ring, and a leather muzzle. He was so excited, but instead of putting them on, he said to me: “Todd? I know it’s different from usual, but… Tonight, I would like to tie you up, and fuck you.”

I was a little surprised, but not opposed. So, I said “Absolutely. I love you. Happy Bir-mmmmpph!!” Cut off as he buckled the muzzle over my face.. Next, he strapped me down to our bed on my back, my large, stiff cock pointing to the ceiling. He had to squeeze my balls to make me soft so he could put the metal cock ring on. But soon enough, I was ready for him.

Tied down, muzzled, and horny as hell, as he began to work his own not-so-small cock into my ass. But something was wrong. I couldn’t quite get myself in the right place to orgasm. I didn’t know what or why. Ryan fucked my butt, and began licking my semi-hard cock, but nothing seemed to do it. He started nuzzling my balls, and then I saw his attention shift. He stopped in mid-fuck, a concerned look in his eyes.

“Todd, does your dick hurt? It’s turning black.” I looked down at my cock, and indeed, there was a black smudge at the base, and a mild burning itch. He untied me, unmuzzled me, and we went into the washroom. I took off the metal cock ring, to better look at my cock. I took an anti-histamine, with my own suspicion that it was an allergic reaction. Ryan took the cock ring, and began to look at it carefully.

“This isn’t solid steel… It’s plated, and piss-poorly at that. I’ll bet anything that it’s German silver. I’m sorry sweetie.” I gave him a kiss.

“It’s ok, babe. You didn’t know. Heck, I didn’t even know. We’ll just need to find some 100% nickel-free toys. Maybe we can find some that aren’t horrendously pricey for the holidays.” We wrapped each other in our arms, and cuddled all night. In the morning, the smudge and itchiness had gone, and my cock was back to normal.

The months went by, and we weren’t able to find any nickel-free toys anywhere. We made do with our leather and plastic toys. We kept each other in silicone chastity cages, and used glass butt toys when we weren’t using our own cocks or fingers. Until one day…

“Mr. Todd Silver!” A well-dressed, handsome older man called to me. I was walking home from the bar after a very long day in the mine. It was dusk, and though I was tired, I did know this suited manicured man was not someone I knew.

“Yes? Do we know each other?” I asked. He smiled.

“No, but I do know you, Mr. Silver. I also know your mate.” I felt uneasiness, and tensed my muscles. The stranger laughed. “Oh no, not like that! I’m not a stalker, really. However, I have had my eye on you for some time.”

“What do you want with me?”

“I want to show you something…” He held out his hand. A tent appeared behind him, and he ushered me inside. The tent was huge, like a large shop. On the walls were shelves holding everything from rugs, spices, tea sets, jewelry, and pottery. Paintings, maps, and books also adorned the walls. The stranger led me to a case full of…

“Sex toys?”

“Yes! And not just any sex toys, these are sex toys beyond your wildest dreams!”

“Are these solid steel?”

“Not quite…”

I sighed. “I’m sorry, but I-“

“Yes Todd, I know. You can’t touch nickel. But you see, these toys are solid silver. No nickel! Completely safe!” My mind went crazy. There couldn’t be such a thing. Solid silver sex toys? Please. Even if there was, I couldn’t afford it.

“Thank you, these do look great, but I can’t afford any right now.”

The salesman just grinned.

“You’re not convinced.” He snapped his fingers again, and the shop vanished. Now the room was small and dark, with only the case of toys in sight. I was suddenly tied to a chair with ropes, a strap around my mouth, and I was naked. The magician continued talking as if nothing had happened. “…So I believe we’ll begin with a demonstration. You and your mate work in the copper mine, so I don’t need to tell you what metal is. So I’ll start with where I start. I start with a need. A need such as a metal cock ring that doesn’t contain nickel, for example.” As he spoke, a silver ring slipped its way over my cock and balls. It felt cool, but very comfortable. No itch. No burning. No black smudges. I was hard instantly.

He continued, “So you clearly like the solid fine silver. Well I did too, until it starts tarnishing.” The ring on my cock suddenly dulled, turning black, and leaving smudges on my skin. “So I think I know what’ll be even better!” The ring vanished, and was replaced by another ring, this one being a dark yellow color. I recognized this as gold.

“That’s right! Solid 24 K gold. Feels great, no tarnish, no problems!” He was right. This one felt even better, so good, I wanted to feel it all over. But Mr. Magictricks didn’t seem satisfied. “The gold doesn’t quite suit you, Todd. But I have something that will.” He vanished for a moment, and then reappeared holding a blue velvet box.

“This one,” he said as he opened the box, and held the cock ring up, “is a real beauty. Solid platinum.” The platinum ring slipped onto my package, and seemed to mold itself to me. It felt heavenly cool, not too heavy, and held me perfectly. I shot a big sticky load right then and there. Mr. Magictricks snapped his fingers, and my cum lifted into the air, straight into a glass jar on the counter. He wiped my belly off, and then turned to me.

“That’s settled then. Platinum it shall be!” He then touched the ring, and it grew into a tube, enveloping my now soft cock. I watched in growing horror as the metal ring turned itself into a chastity piece, molded perfectly to me like a second skin. But it felt so good. I growled as the man grabbed my chin. “Hmmmm… I have another idea, too.” He took another small metallic blob out of the blue velvet box, and placed it behind me on the chair.. I suddenly felt the little blob push its way into my ass, and start growing.

“MMMMMMMMMPHH!!!!” I thrashed futilely against the ropes binding me. I howled and growled, and tried to push the growing metallic plug out of my butt. Mr. Magictricks stroked my head gently.

“Shhhh, it’s ok. This is the best butt plug you’ll ever have. It will never be too small.” I looked at him in disbelief. He held his hand up again, and we were back in his tent. I had my clothes on again as if nothing had happened. The platinum chastity cage was still on me, and I could definitely still feel the plug filling my butt. The man was now herding me toward the door.

“Wait,” I planted my feet. “I’m very sorry, Mr. Magictricks, but I can’t afford these. They are really great! But I don’t have th-MMMM!” He clamped his hand over my mouth, and looked me in the eye.

“No, my pet. No one can afford what you have now. But I want to offer you a deal. I want you and Ryan. As a sorcerer, I can provide you both an eternity of comfort, security, love, and priceless gifts. All I want in return is an eternity of your service and companionship. It’s true, I can create anything I desire by magic. Yet, my creations are always better if made for someone else, and given as gifts. That’s why I need you. I know you won’t leave your mate behind, so I’ll take you both. Now, think about my offer, enjoy the platinum, and come back here tomorrow at this same time with Ryan. If you don’t, well… You’ll never get to cum again, and you’ll never get that plug out.” With that, he pushed me out the door, and the tent vanished in a puff of smoke.

I stood alone on the road in a stunned shock. The plug in my ass felt so big and heavy. I felt my cock trying to get hard in its new metal prison. I walked home in a trance. It was dark when I finally got home. Ryan opened the door, and greeted me with the usual hug and kisses.

“Oh sweetie!” he said to me. “You won’t believe what happened today!”

I chuckled to myself, “Oh yeah? Try me. You’ll never believe what happened to me today. You first.”

“Well, after you left for work, a strange man in a nice suit stopped by, selling stuff. I asked him if he had any cock rings or metal butt plugs that were nickel-free. He did!! I was going to buy one, but the price was… Well, I thought I would talk to you about it.” My jaw hit the floor.

I managed to come to my senses. “Well, isn’t that funny. He didn’t really give me that option. So is our answer yes?”

Ryan smiled. “I hope so! I think it would be really hot for us to both be some weirdo sorcerer’s pets. He did say he would take care of us.”

I held Ryan, kissing him deeply. “Good, me too.”

We slept well that night, and in the morning discussed how after work that day, we’d return to Mr. Magictrick’s tent. I headed to the mine.

I hacked at the earth with my pickaxe, my concentration focused on looking for signs of copper deposits. I didn’t notice my unzipped fly until one of the other workers noticed the glint of silver peeking out.

“Yer name’s Silver for a reason, I see?” I turned toward my coworkers, not sure what they were talking about.

“You guys know my name. Of course.” I turned back to the wall of rock in front of me.

“Naw, you’ve got a cock o’ silver, Silver. What in hell?” He grabbed my shoulder, and spun me around. “Nah, you’ve got a cage on yer cock!” The ten other workers began to gather around. “Yer a fuckin’ fag…!” The group pounced on me, dealing kicks, and punches all over. I felt my clothes being torn off.

They pushed me over a cart, lashing me down with ropes. I only wondered what they’d think of the silvery plug in my butt. No doubt I would not live to see the light of day. I saw Ryan through the dim light of the tunnel. I mouthed to him to run, and that I loved him. He shook his head. I growled, pleading silently for him to go. Finally, he blew me a tearful kiss, and then disappeared. Meanwhile, I heard shouts and shuffling paws as my coworkers gathered around. They shouted insults, spit at me, and beat me. The foreman appeared, asking what all the noise was, and why wasn’t anyone working.

“Silver here’s a sissy faggot! Damn bitch don’t belong in this here mine.”

Our boss just shook his head, and walked away. Someone grabbed my hips. My platinum butt plug vanished from my thoughts as I felt rough paws grope my cheeks, and a cock was thrust into me. I cried out in fear and pain. My screams as I felt cock after cock plunge into my hole were drowned out by the scoffs and taunts of my former coworkers.

I lost track of what was going on. I only vaguely noticed being untied from the cart, being dragged through the dirt and mud, before being dumped by the swamp at the northeastern entrance of the mine. My body hurt. I was soaked with blood, dirt, and sweat. I was aware that night was falling. I lay, staring up at the sky as the stars began to appear, and I thought of Ryan. I hoped that he had gotten away, and that he’d stay away. Maybe Mr. Magictricks would take him anyway, and keep him safe. As my breath calmed, I became aware of a growing sensation in my butt. Weakly shifting onto my side, I felt the cooling comfort of the platinum plug filling me up.

“Todd…? Todd…? Are you there?” A dim light came into view, growing stronger along with the familiar voice of my mate. Sitting up against a tree, I called out as best as I could. But the face that found me first was the mysterious, smiling face of Mr. Magictricks..

“Ryan, my pet, he’s here! And he’s ok!”

My sudden reaction took me by surprise. I didn’t feel any pain. I looked at my wrists, and found the rope burn gone. I realized I was standing, and walking without any support from Mr. Magictricks. Ryan appeared from the brush, and wept as we embraced.

“Todd! Sweetie, you are ok! I thought they were going to kill you! The foreman refused to call the police, but I found our new friend.” Ryan held me so tightly I could hardly breathe. “I was so scared, Todd…!”

I hugged him back, tears of relief streaking down our faces. Mr. Magictricks held up his hand, and suddenly the three of us were in a room. A warmly-lit room with ceramic tiles, and sweet smells. Ryan and I were gently ushered toward a heap of soft shiny bubbles, under which a warm salted bath awaited us.

“Now Ryan,” Mr. Magictricks said. “Clean up your mate here, and you may join him if you’d like. It’s been a long day, you two ought to have some time together. When you’re done, I’ll show you to your room.” And with that, Mr. Magictricks held up his hand and vanished.

Ryan helped me into the bath, and then stripped out of his clothes. I was surprised to find him wearing a chastity cage like mine. Only his was…

“He thought the 24 K gold was best for me. I’m still getting used to the plug though. But now we sort of match…” Ryan blushed a little as he spoke. He climbed into the warm water next to me, gently washing my back with a soft sponge. “I found him at his tent after I left the mine. I begged him to call the police, but he was very calm, and said that I shouldn’t worry. He said that we were his pets, and that he protected his property well. Nothing would harm you. He then tied me up in a chair, and gave me some demonstrations of his magic.” I leaned against Ryan’s shoulder, nuzzling his neck. I found another sponge, and began to wash him too.

“I’m not sure, Ryan. This really is not what I dreamed our life would be like. I always wanted to just be us. Forever. But I think Master Magic-hands can take care of us better than we can… And I just want us to be happy.”

Ryan put his sponge down and held my face. “Todd, babe, I know. I think Master Magictricks can and will make us happy. And now more than ever, we really can’t go back to the mine. It isn’t safe for either of us. We will always be ‘us,’ just now we have a Master to care for us.” Ryan smiled. “Besides, it’ll hot to see what else He can whip up for us. Jeweled collars. Silk sheets. Magical food. Who knows? Maybe He can muzzle you permanently.”

“Muzzle me permanently? Why do you think that would just be me and not you!?” I nibbled at his ear. “You’re so cute when you’re muzzled. I think you ought to get permanently muzzled!” I playfully clamped my hand over Ryan’s mouth. Ryan grabbed for mine, and amid muffled yelps and whimpers, we wrestled around holding each other’s mouths shut, eventually ending up kissing passionately.

Master Magictricks watched from the doorway, stroking his own hard cock. He finally had two perfect pets that he could love, spoil, and pamper. He could tease them, sexually frustrate, and induce pleasure beyond their wildest dreams. He also got to protect them. Protect. Ah yes, that’s right. He did have a matter to take care of. Actually, about a dozen…

With a snap of his fingers, Mr. Magictricks teleported himself to the mine where we used to work. The sounds of angry, confused men greeted his ears. He stepped into the light before a row of 15 big, burly workers, naked except for their hard hats, and silvery cages molded around their packages. The men were all standing against the wall, their arms bound behind them, thick leather gags keeping them mostly quiet. The sorceror cleared his throat.

“Good evening, fuckers.” He began, “you all are probably wondering why you’re here like this. You see… Y’all are criminals! Theft is a crime. Assault is a crime. Rape is a crime. This afternoon, you fools committed all three of those. And you will pay the price. Now, see the chunk of metal fastened around your cocks? That is permanent. Sealed on by powerful magic, there is no way on earth you can get it off!”

Angry grunts and growls filled the mineshaft. Magictricks continued, “The same applies to the metal plugs you feel stuffed in your butts. Those aren’t going away. In fact, you may feel them grow larger. And there’s nothing you can do to get them out. Now, in a few hours, the magic I used to bind your limbs and mouths will wear off. You’ll go right back to your normal lives. However, the cages on your dicks, and the plugs in your butts will only vanish when you are truly sorry for your crimes. You will learn that your pent-up frustrations, and desperation to get off don’t make a bit of difference. Some of you may take many years to serve your sentence. Others of you may never get to cum again. I know that two of you are closet cases, so it’ll be interesting to see how you fare. Now I must get back to my family. I trust none of you will cause any more trouble.” Magictricks vanished in a puff of smoke, leaving the copper mine in a heavy silence.

I blinked, shaking my head. Ryan looked at me, a slightly glazed look in his eyes. I’d just had the strangest dream about our Master. Judging by Ryan’s expression, I figured he’d just had the same dream. We were still in the warm bath in the tiled room. The bubbles had subsided a bit, and I felt very tired. I took Ryan’s hand in mine, and we stepped out of the water. My platinum gleamed in the soft light. I could see the pure gold plug sparkle between Ryan’s butt cheecks. His ass did look nice stuffed as it was…

Master Magictricks appeared, and led us to our room. A marble fireplace filled the room with radiant warmth and light. There were windows on the far wall, doors leading to a balcony outside, and a large bed. The curtains were drawn, the sheets turned down, and the fire crackled in a comforting way. Master had us get in bed, and as he tucked us in for the night, he gave us each another surprise.

I felt the coolness of metal touch my lips. Master petted my head as I whimpered at the new restraint. I watched as a gold band crept over Ryan’s lips too. We looked at our Master, whimpering in uncertainty. He simply smiled, petting our heads, and stroking our gagged mouths.

“Shhhh, boys. You’re not being punished. These liquid metallic gags will appear at quiet time, and will vanish when quiet time is over. You will learn to enjoy them, just as you will for your chastity and plugs. Your new gags are of the same metals too. Now you both hush, and get some sleep.”

I nuzzled Master’s hand, feeling comforted by His words. I saw Ryan nod, and receive a pat on the cheek from our Master, and we curled up with each other. Ryan smiled at me with his eyes. So we’re both to be muzzled, that I can handle. More magical liquid metal snaked around our bodies, binding our wrists together, our ankles, holding us together. I managed to kiss Ryan’s nose, and we soon drifted to sleep. I knew Master Magictricks was watching us, His new pets, His treasures of Silver and Gold.

The End

Metal would like to thank Cutieboy90 for writing and sharing Silver and Gold! If you like this, be sure to leave a comment in the comments section below!

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