Straitjackets on the beach at Fire Island Pines

For the first day of summer, I thought I would re-post some beach bondage pictures from the vault.


One of the most bizarre scenes I have ever been involved with. These pictures were taken on the beach at Fire Island Pines in late summer 2010. My friend Reddywhp brought out a bunch of kinky guys on the ferry — including Nipper, Rbrpissboy, Rocket, Rbrtroy and Flogbotm — for an afternoon of bondage on the beach. We even got one of my housemates to participate!

Metalbond_01 Metalbond_02 Metalbond_03 Metalbond_04 Metalbond_06 Metalbond_07 Metalbond_08 Metalbond_09 Metalbond_10


You can see much more of this at Reddywhp’s blog, Musings of an Ischaemic Encephalon, and at his Flickr photostream.


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