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God, I love these guys

I am so into porn stars. I think they are so hot and so talented and so very bold about their willingness to fuck and let everybody see. It’s even better if they also do bondage porn! Two of my all-time favorites personalities — Dominic Pacifico and Trenton Ducati — are featured in this recent shoot from Bound Gods. Check them out:

dominic_pacifico_and_trenton_ducati_gay_bondage_01 dominic_pacifico_and_trenton_ducati_gay_bondage_02 dominic_pacifico_and_trenton_ducati_gay_bondage_03 dominic_pacifico_and_trenton_ducati_gay_bondage_04 dominic_pacifico_and_trenton_ducati_gay_bondage_05


Here’s the description of this shoot at Bound Gods:

Dominic signed up for a coaching session with Trenton hoping to gain more muscle mass, but he soon realizes he’s going to get much more of a workout than he bargained for with his hunky chiseled instructor. Trenton shoves Dominic to the ground, rips off his shirt and makes him do pushups and planks while paddling his backside and putting clothespins all over. Dominic then finds himself bound tight to a dip station while Trenton pulls and stretches his aching balls before bringing out a zapper and shocking him repeatedly. The intensity only grows as Trenton ties Dominic’s hands above his head, punching and flogging him mercilessly before pulling his head down onto his massive cock and fucking his eager mouth. Trenton suspends Dominic from a weightlifting frame and canes his tender feet and ass before finally fucking him mid-air. On his knees, Dominic receives a face full of cum before he’s ordered to shoot all over Trenton’s boots and lick ’em clean.

dominic_pacifico_and_trenton_ducati_gay_bondage_06 dominic_pacifico_and_trenton_ducati_gay_bondage_07 dominic_pacifico_and_trenton_ducati_gay_bondage_08 dominic_pacifico_and_trenton_ducati_gay_bondage_09


Models in this shoot: Dominic Pacifico, Trenton Ducati

Title of this shoot: “This isn’t fucking Zumba!!!”

Short Description: Dominic gets more than he bargained for with Trenton’s extreme BDSM workout regimen.

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Bondage fucking machine

Imagine being strapped into THIS contraption:


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Pictures: Dominic Pacifico tied up at Bound Jocks


Bound jock Dominic Pacifico is really into his dildos! At Bound Jocks, they tie him to the metal table on all fours and as he worships a huge dildo with his tongue. He slowly inserts another one into his ass and rides it like a pro. Dominic is a horny man, and he loves having his hole filled because it gives him a boner. So, they strip him naked, flip him over and tie him on his back with his balls cinched to a ten pound dangling weight. As he struggles, he gets more and more hard until he has to bust his big load – hands free!

Dominic_Pacifico_in_bondage_02 Dominic_Pacifico_in_bondage_03 Dominic_Pacifico_in_bondage_04 Dominic_Pacifico_in_bondage_05 Dominic_Pacifico_in_bondage_06


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Dominic Pacifico gets tickled naked

Having Dominic Pacifico around is always a lot of fun, but when he’s willing to be tied up and tickle tortured it makes for an even more hysterical time. The sexy hunk is driven insane by being tickled all over his naked body.

Dominic_Pacifico_tickled_gay_bondage_01 Dominic_Pacifico_tickled_gay_bondage_02

He is ticklish everywhere from his toes to his balls to his armpits. They didn’t miss a single spot.


First Name: Dominic

Last Name: Pacifico

Dominic is a stunning, muscular guy who loves to have his toes sucked. He has size 10 feet that are very ticklish – as is the rest of his amazing body. He’s also the type of guy who loves to try new things.

Dominic_Pacifico_tickled_gay_bondage_04 Dominic_Pacifico_tickled_gay_bondage_05 Dominic_Pacifico_tickled_gay_bondage_06

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Dominic Pacifico tops Blake Daniels at Bound Jocks

Dominic Pacifico

Bound Jock Dolan Wolf is tied on his stomach with his hairy ass in the air. Bob Hager comes into the room and takes advantage of the helpless jock by drilling both of his holes. First, he starts with Dolan’s open mouth until he is nice and hard, and then Bob walks around the back of the tied up stud to stick it in his rear end. Using the ankle ropes as handles, Bob power fucks Dolan until he cums.

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