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Vini Gets the Whip

Meanwhile at FetishMen, Vini Roseti writhes bound in his cuffs, waiting for Woofpigboy to show him who’s in charge. His master comes in bearing a black paddle and smacks it around his taut torso from chest to crotch. Verbally belittling Vini in Portuguese, the stocky Brazilian dom holds his sub by the black bondage mask and pulls his face into his musky pits. Groaning, Vini bends forward and grits his teeth. “Ahh, yeah!” he responds, getting turned on to the sting of his master’s paddle.

male bondage Vini Gets the Whip


But Woofpigboy is just getting started. turning his obedient sub to expose his smooth tan ass. He tenderizes those cheeks with a leather whip, unrelenting as he hears the snap of whip against butt. But he unhooks Vini’s cuffs to allow him to worship his master’s boots. Woofpigboy unbuttons his jeans, pulls his uncut dick out and baptizes the horny bottom in a shower of hot piss. Finally he lays Vini back in a leather sling, lubes him in gobs of spit and drives in a fleshy dildo. Vini strokes his cock at last to a juicy release as Woofpigboy unleashes a stream of hot jizz on his wide-open ass.

Vini Gets the Whip male bdsm


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Fetish Men Vini Gets the Whip

Island Paradise – Part 1: Chapter 20

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 20: Opportunities for Success in Uniformed Service

I’m leaving out a lot of stuff about the “guests.”  The kids that trip you in the hall.  The people that open their doors and see you and squirm and slither away as far as they can get, hoping not to catch your disease.  The old gentlemen who like to tell you jokes.  “Hey boy—how many slappies does it take to screw in a lightbulb?  Don’t know?  Well, what DO you know?  Ha ha ha ha ha!  I heard that one on the tour today.”  The young ladies who check in for their bachelorette party, four to a room, and totter off to shop for their bridesmaids’ dresses, leaving their puke on the couch.  The boyfriends muscling them past the ugly slappies that would otherwise want to rape them.  The annual guests who’ve learned that if Housekeeping turns up at an inconvenient time they can always say “Corner,” and the slap will have to find the nearest one and stand there facing it until the guests are ready to leave their room.

It was good that during those first days I had Dave to keep me standing at attention with my hands behind my back, anytime there might be trouble.  And to teach me a lot more things than how to change a hotel bed.  He went way beyond what hotel management calls Guest Relations.

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Tied Up and Thirsty

Hogtied with wrists and ankles bound in thick black rope, mocha-skinned Kaell Fernandes writhes on the floor. But definitely not in distress, he’s turned on and ready for some more punishment. Dark muscle stud Mr. Black is happy to give him all the kinky treatment he craves. He’s dressed in a black leather hood and harness, the strict merciless dream dom that gets any submissive thirsty. Yanking the slave up by his gray harness, Mr. Black brings him to his knees and ready for a severe dressing down. Kaell’s thick cock swells as Mr. Black stretches and pinches his nips. He gives Kaell’s muscle butt a few hearty slaps before tenderizing with the snap of a leather paddle. This is another shoot from FetishMen.

Hogtied with wrists and ankles bound


Kaell bites down on the bit in his mouth and moans. A sharp little swatter smacks across his chest and thighs. Back on his knees with ass raised high, he’s the perfect target for some stinging cracks of a cat ‘o nine tails. Mr. black runs his fingers up into Kaell’s butt and jiggles his face in the ass crack. Kaell can’t resist slurping Mr. Black’s thick tool when he gets the chance, letting his spit run down the veiny shaft. Mr. Black pumps his dick hard into the sub’s cockstarved throat.

male bdsm Hogtied with wrists and ankles bound


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Dicked By Master Dominic

Taught to obey and submit, Black Muscular Brazil happily nurses on Master Dominic’s stiff cock. His cuffed hands held together in a prayerful clasp of submission, he swallows Dominic’s uncut tool to the fuzzy pubes. “Take it all the way down to those fuckin’ balls. LICK my BALLS!” the tough master commands, and there’s nothing for BMB to do but obey and slather Dominic’s nuts with juicy spit. “Are you here to please your fucking MASTER?” Dominic barks as he fucks his thick prong down BMB’s cockhungry throat. “Thank you SIR!” BMB mumbles as he takes all his master can dish out.

Dicked By Master Dominic


With BMB on hands and knees in supplication, his muscular butt pointed back toward Master Dominic, the tough Dom crams his raw hairy cock in balls deep. “Give me that fuckin’ tight hairy ass!” he commands, and BMB bumps his booty back into the Master’s crotch. BMB holds onto a bondage bench as Dominic slams in harder. “That’s MY fucking pig hole!” Dominic yells and BMB happily groans “Yes SIR!” Dominic slams his clenched fist against the meaty muscle of BMB’s butt. Almost breathless, BMB howls “Thank you SIR!” to answer each thrust and smack of Dominic’s paddle. With a series of powerful thrusts deep into his slave’s gut, Dominic squirts his sperm and breeds the hot black submissive. “Get out of my sight!” he orders, and pushes BMB away…

Fetish Men Dicked By Master Dominic


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male fetish porn Dicked By Master Dominic