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Fetish Gear Submission with Manuel Skye and Jacob Lord

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Fetish Gear Submission with Manuel Skye and Jacob Lord

Jacob Lord blindfolds Manuel Skye and puts him in a leather segmented jockstrap

Fetish Gear Submission with Manuel Skye and Jacob Lord

Manuel Skye is usually an alpha daddy in charge, but when he met the stud Jacob Lord, he felt inspired to give in and enjoy some submission. Jacob Lord blindfolds Manuel Skye and puts him in a leather segmented jockstrap. Jacob slowly and safely explores Manuel’s body after subduing him. Eventually he unzips the jock and unleashes Manuel’s huge, throbbing uncut cock. Need you guess what happens next? Jacob bends Manuel over and fucks him deep in his ass. After a while, Manuel spins Jacob around and shows him what kind of damage his huge erection can do!

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Jacob slowly and safely explores Manuel’s body after subduing him

Jacob bends Manuel over and fucks him deep in his ass

Bondage roleplay with Jordan Jameson and Derek Kage

Bondage roleplay with Jordan Jameson and Derek KageBondage roleplay with Jordan Jameson and Derek Kage

After their talk during the interview for “Bareback Auditions 24: Thrusted And Pumped,” Jordan Jameson wants to get into some bondage roleplay with Derek Kage. Derek blindfolds Jordan and ties his hands to the bedposts while he manhandles and explores his body. Derek eats Jordan’s ass and sucks his dick in this position. They both get extra excited from the play and Jordan gives up his ass to Derek Kage to fuck and sodomize bareback.

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Bondage roleplay with Jordan Jameson and Derek Kage

Captain Jack and the Race to Redula – Chapter 04: Capture


Unical date: 3752.563.24 (seventeen days until scheduled arrival at Kappa Redulans)

It was morning, or morning-enough given Sam’s lack of concern for actual clock readings.  He got out of bed, dismissed the bedroom, brought up the bathroom, then dismissed that, then had a nice breakfast from a buffet at another of Mr. Featherstone’s most-visited places, and then left the simspace to attend to his “work day”.  Two minutes to verify that the engines and navigation systems were still chugging along, five minutes to drop out of warp to send and receive “plan still on track” status messages, done.  Then it was back to the simspace.

The previous night, while lying in the blissfully-comfortable simspace bed, an idea had occurred to Sam of what he could try next.  It would be a longer scene than any he had done so far, but he deemed it would be safe to try.  The key, he was thinking, was to avoid the pre-programmed sims and go with something that had a bit of randomness built in.  Sort of like his instructions to the trio of holo-stars: “do this to me, then ignore anything else I say except X” only expanded well beyond the scope of a sleepsack.  Maybe that would make it feel more real.  To that end, he spent the morning designing and laying in the program parameters himself, building up characters and settings pulled from the library, defining a range of possible options but only in the vaguest of terms, leaving the actual implementation to be determined randomly by the simspace AI at run-time and making sure to leave himself clearly-defined exit conditions.

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Three Slaves – Part 01

By Practicerestraint

Note:  the change between pronouns (he/it/his/its) reflects the state of mind of the master and/or slave at that moment in the account.

Chapter 1

The first slave was taken to a mine. His irons and collar were removed, but a ten-pound collar was locked around his neck. He would be fitted with the equivalent of an Organ boot: a weight around his ankle that would prevent him from running. In the mines, the collar would be chained to a ring near the slave’s work spot and his leg iron removed. The iron would go on again when the slaves were rotated out to be fed and watered and rested. At night, lucky slaves could have their heavy collars removed if they offered the guards their bodies.

The slave dealer herded the two remaining slaves into the back of the van. Leg irons, run through rings welded to the floor of the van, were attached quickly and the doors slammed on the cargo.

Hours later, the van arrived at a rural location. The driver was met by a tall man in a sheriff’s uniform. The two men talked briefly, exchanged envelopes, and then the dealer opened the door. He unshackled one slave’s feet, neck, and wrists. The slave gave no thought to escape, particularly since the sheriff held a taser.

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Video: Alex Gonzalez gets tied, dominated and fucked hard by Sergeant Miles

Alex Gonzalez gets tied and dominated by Sergeant Miles Lucas

Sergeant Miles has a special attraction to young, handsome guys who enjoy submitting to an authority figure. The production team at Lucas Entertainment knew that pairing Sergeant with a handsome young stud like Alex Gonzalez was going to make for an awesome gay bareback sex scene. Sergeant Miles is a veteran among the Lucas Men, and it is important that an experienced man shows his younger counterpart the ropes of fucking on camera. Since Sergeant enjoys domination play, he gets into some bondage action with Alex Gonzalez before letting Alex swallow his cock and take it up the ass!

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Title of this video: Sergeant Miles, Alex Gonzalez | Rough Bondage Play

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gay bondage porn Alex Gonzalez gets tied and dominated by Sergeant Miles

My adventures With Billy – Part 05

By Robmacz

I walked over to the door that Billy had told me to go to and went inside. There was a waiting room with several chairs and at one end of the room a small window with a grille and a woman in uniform sitting behind it. I walked up to the window and got out my surrender notice and placed it on the counter.

‘My name is Paul Waring, I’m due to surrender today.’

She stared at me blankly and took the paper, then tapped a few things into her computer. ‘Take a seat, you will be called shortly.’

I sat down–there was no one else in the room–and waited. The longer I waited the more nervous I became. I had left my watch at home at Billy’s suggestion, along with my phone and other personal belongings. There was a clock on the wall which was now showing 10:15. I wanted to get things moving; this waiting was becoming intolerable.  What was keeping them?  I checked the clock again. 10:22, nothing. The woman behind the counter was reading a magazine or newspaper or something, this was just another day for her. Then all of a sudden I heard a door swing open.

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One Year – Part 04

By Taurus

Part 4 – “Your Life”

James was awoken at 8 am by all the lights of his cell – they turned on simultaneously and rendered the pitch black blinding white in an instant – and a blaring from above.

He pulled himself up, trying his utmost to shield his eyes with his mitted hands, which watered profusely, and let them adjust.

By the time he acclimated, Arnold emerged from the cell door, on the wall in front of him, and the blaring alarm stopped. A bottle of protein shake with a straw stood at the corner of his mattress.


James knew there was no way he could pick up the bottle, so he bent down and sucked on the straw on all fours. A pat of affirmation confirmed that this was the right way to do things.

“Slave, don’t answer me. Yesterday was a taster, since you only had basically half a day here. From now on, your life will become tougher.”

A bottle of water was produced. This time, James was fed.

“It’s to prepare for what’s come,” said Arnold.

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The WORC Program – Part 16

By Joshua Ryan

Back at the House, the atmosphere seemed to be changing.

Everybody noticed it  — things were different. Cicero was snapping at everyone, at least everyone whose existence he noticed. Sacky complained about “these constant ALTERATIONS in my menus” that were made by Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Thomasen. Marky complained about being rousted “in the middle of the night” — meaning his jerk-off time after dinner and Sacky’s kitchen wine — and having to drive Mr. H and Mr. T to the Parrot Lounge and wait in the car till they “came out with something or other,” a something that spent the night in their bed and was returned to obscurity the next morning, “after stinkin up my car.” Then it all stopped, as suddenly as it started. The Misters decided to try something else.

Late one afternoon, right before dinner, a new workie arrived in the back of a truck and was hauled out of its cage and led to the barracks. Its name was Jody, and it was a very cute young man, or had been before it got put in a workie suit. Clearly, it had done service in some other venue besides Hamilton Farms: there was fuzz on its head, and it still had eyebrows. But it had big brown eyes and a nice slender body. This was no field hand. Wherever it had been, it had been given easy treatment. To its body, anyway. The brain might be different. Its eyes were scared — very scared. Which is normal, when you’ve just been shipped somewhere in a cage. Cicero stood in the door of the barracks and told Nob to “take off its hair and move it up to the House. That’s where it’s gonna live.”

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