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Tom wipes the smirk off Parker’s face

At Spanking Straight Boys, Parker turns up for his first spanking shoot wearing an inappropriate T-Shirt with an obscene message. He is keen to appear tougher and more edgy than he really is. He smirks a bit here and there, asks questions he knows the answers to and waits to do things he already knows he should do until Tom tells him to. He’s either trying to be funny or, more likely or he’s attempting to show Tom (and the viewers) that he is bold and rebellious. Tom suspects it’s the latter. Whatever Parker’s motivation was to wear that shirt, it was a bad choice. It ends up costing him a harsh session by hand, and with a strap and cane. Most of the video is the cane, and Tom is heavy-handed with it as Parker continues to be defiant even during the caning — at least at first! By the end Parker has a very red and striped butt, and his smirk is a distant memory.

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See the VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this episode: Playing Dumb

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Don’t lose count while you’re getting spanked or it starts over

Everyone knows that! Except apparently Logan, who is strapped to a spanking bench for a long, intense session that brings him close to the edge! Logan struggles with the severity of this spanking. He loses the count of the strokes a few times, which causes Tom to start over. Tom uses several harsh implements on Logan, including a rubber paddle/slapper, a wooden paddle, a bamboo cane, a hairbrush, a long plastic shoehorn, a riding crop and a wooden spoon. Logan writhes about, straining against the straps that hold him in place. He shakes his head and his eyes tear up as his butt gets bright red and then purple. Tom also engages in a form of bastinado with the riding crop. By the end of this spanking, Tom has firmly established his dominance over Logan, leaving Logan contrite and obedient.

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VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this episode: Logan “Losing Count”

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Parker gets tied upside down

In this video at Spanking Straight Boys, Parker swings, jerks around and yells. He pleads with Tom to stop to stop, but Tom ignores his pleas and continues spanking him.

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Parker states he doesn’t know why anyone would want to watch something like this as Tom spanks him by hand and with a riding crop, five-gallon paint stick and a belt. After he lets Parker down and allows him to get dressed, Tom tells him to drop his pants and underwear and bend over. Watch for the look on Parker’s face when Tom tells him this. It’s pure hurt resentment. Though mad, Parker obeys as he knows he must.

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See the VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this episode: Parker Upside Down

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Wes gets bondage and plenty of discipline

Here’s more of Wes, who came back for more punishment at Spanking Straight Boys. Last time, Tom suspended Wes upside down for a harsh punishment session. This time, Wes is suspended by his wrists and ankles. It is a stressful, humiliating position that puts every part of Wes on display.

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Tom uses his hand, a paint stick, riding crop, wooden spoon, and a harsh clear acrylic paddle and wooden-handled rubber paddle/slapper on the captive’s round, firm butt. Wes struggles with the pain of the spanking, contorting and yelling as he tries to cope with being suspended in such a vulnerable position. He pulls against his restraints while fighting to get his butt away from Tom’s hand and implements. At the end, after having Wes get dressed, Tom bends him over and spanks his bare bottom a few more times, just to let him now who is in control. Even if it weren’t for the pain, it’s hard for a proud, strong straight guy to be dominated like this.

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See the VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this episode: Wes Suspended By All Fours

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Stress position bondage and spanking

At Spanking Straight Boys, Wes gets suspended upside down by his ankles on Tom’s spreader bar. It’s a stressful position, and a humiliating one for Wes. The video begins with Wes stripped down to his white briefs. Tom straps Wes to the spreader bar and lifts his ankles high into the air. He then begins Spanking Wes. It isn’t long before Tom cuts the captive’s white briefs off and has at him with a leather strap, riding crop, birch and a flog. Wes struggles throughout, writhing about and straining against his bonds. This is the hardest spanking Wes has ever received.

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See the VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this episode: Wes Upside Down

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Strapped down for a harsh spank sesh

Daniel’s marathon spanking continues as Tom straps him securely onto the spanking bench for a harsh session with a leather slapper, riding crop, electric paddle, century-old fraternity paddle and painful small oak paddle. Daniel struggles against his restraints throughout. At the end, when Tom finally lets him go, you can see the impressions from the strap restraining Daniel’s arm. Daniel later told Tom that he couldn’t sit down comfortably for days after this spanking and doesn’t know if he could handle another one.

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See the VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this episode: Daniel On The Bench

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