The Creepy Janitor and The Football Coach

The creepy janitor ties up the football coach in the locker room and violates his butthole


Kamrun the football coach takes a shower after a long workout. Creepy janitor Brenn Wyson mops up the locker room mess at the end of the day. Brenn is trying to make small talk, but Kamrun is having none of it. The janitor finishes up and looks through the peephole as the coach showers. He has a surprise for the coach as he wakes up suspended upside down in the locker room. Brenn takes it out on coach Kamrun and uses him like a punching bag. Kamrun is made to suck cock. He endures the harsh flogger with clamps to his tits. The creepy janitor plays a sick game of football with the coach and fucks him with no mercy.

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