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What happens at Str8Hell

Jan Bavor is gagged and shackled, with his hot chest bared as Ondra Vidim approaches from behind. Ondra reaches round and plays with Jan’s nipples. He feels Jan’s huge muscles before moving to the front and running his hands all over that sexy chest. He leans down and licks Jan’s nipples as he gropes him. He opens Jan’s jeans and then begins hitting on his belly. Pulling on the nipples, Ondra then applies clothespins to one, and then the other. He continues to attach pins to Jan’s hot body. Then he attaches nipple clamps and pulls on them before using his whip on Jan’s hot body. He reaches inside the jeans to free Jan’s cock and balls. Then he drop down and takes the cock in his mouth. Jan’s cock gets very hard as Ondra sucks on it. Then Ondra releases Jan and they start to kiss each other. Jan drops to his knees and sucks on Ondra’s big, fat, cock. He takes the fat dick in his mouth working it well. Ondra wants more though and has Jan bend over so that he can fuck his hot ass. The fat cock slides deep into Jan’s tight hole and fucks him deep. Jan enjoys the deep fucking and turns over to get more fucking. He wanks himself as Ondra pounds his tight hole. Jan keeps wanking hard and soon dumps his hot cum onto his thigh as Ondra’s dick is deep in his ass. Jan milks all the cream from his cock as Ondra keeps fucking him. Then Jan, drops down and wanks that big, fat, cock until Ondra’s cum is released too.

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Metalbond A to Z: the letter X

I was stuck for a while on what to do with the letter X, until I realized it was staring me right in the face — The St. Andrews Cross!

Do you guys know how the St. Andrews Cross got its name? As it turns out, there really was a Saint Andrew, and when he was sent to be crucified (before electric chairs and lethal injections were invented) he requested the X-shaped cross. Because he felt he was not worthy to be crucified on a cross-shaped cross like Jesus. That’s apparently what he said. I learned this from the nuns when I was in Catholic school. Another explanation is that he was a kinky fucker. If he were alive today perhaps Saint Andrew would be starring in gay bondage porn, like the guys below:

Images above are from Titan, Str8Hell, Men On Edge, Bound Gods, Roped Studs and various other sites. The painting is “Crucifixion of St. Andrew,” by the 16th century Spanish painter Juan Correa de Vivar.

The Convict – Part 09

By Joshua Ryan

When you’re dreaming, you don’t have to plan; one thing usually just leads to more of the same kind of thing. That’s one of the reasons why I kept feeling like I was still in a dream. I used to start each morning by waiting for the prisoners to come from the Durant Unit; now I was starting the afternoon by waiting to go to the Durant Unit and become a prisoner. I was even dressed the same way I always was. My clothes had gotten a little rumpled. There was some dirt on my sleeve that I couldn’t rub off. But the clothes were still all right. That was one good thing about going through it all in one day.

The lawyer left, and an officer came by and gave me a sandwich and a diet coke. So that was the same as usual, too. Then there was nothing going on in the dream, so I took off my coat and tie and put my head down on the table, and I fell asleep. You might think that was surprising. But that’s what happened. I’d gotten up early that day, and a lot of things had happened. I even started another dream.

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Return to Green Bay – A real-life experience

By ty dehner

They say that when opportunity comes knocking you better answer, or it might never return. Well, for me it knocked and i wasn’t ready. Thankfully, it has returned!

MasterJ and i started talking regularly again, he had grown over the years to create a persona and play space that I nicknamed “Dungeon on the Bay.” His photos had started to fill the internet as more boys and Masters discovered this talented Master. He had become to be known as SirN and in time he would become an internet legend. We started discussing a visit to discover each other again. In the meantime, i had introduced a military friend to SirN and he wanted to be Sir’s slave. They had worked on visiting each other during the Labor Day weekend. It was at the last minute that i was also invited and arranged a return to Green Bay. The army boy that i was traveling with was to be referred to as my brother. For if this family comes together, he will be my little brother.

We arrived in Appleton, Wisconsin, in the evening. i was very glad to see SirN again, as we loaded into the van. brother got into the back seat, as we headed out of the airport. As we pulled out of the parking area, SirN realized he forgot his wallet at home, thankfully there wasn’t a fee for parking at this small airport. A short distance down the road, SirN pulls off the freeway and into a parking lot. Soon, SirN put brother into a full leather hood and leather wrist restraints that were locked behind his back. Now he was set for his ride to Green Bay. i am sure he was thrilled, for he loves leather hoods. As we drove down the highway, brother sat high in his seat, the windows tinted so few could see this late in the evening.


We got into Green Bay after about a half hour’s drive and headed towards SirN’s home and the Dungeon on the Bay. Suddenly, SirN yelled for brother to drop to the floor right away. “Shit.” said SirN as alongside the van came a police officer. We pulled into a driveway and waited. The officer came up to Sir’s window and questioned Sir, who stated he didn’t have his license when asked. The officer said that since Sir didn’t have a license and that he sounded nervous, he would search the van. SirN and i sat still as the officer walked around to the sliding door and was about to find brother on the floor, his head hiding between the seats.

Officer opened the door and found brother’s booted feet sticking out at him. The officer tapped brother’s foot, questioning him. He ordered brother up and found him with the full hood on his head. Brother had to be nervous, not knowing what was really happening. But when the officer pulled down the zipper on the face of the hood and let brother actually see him, with a call coming across his radio at the same time, brother knew this was real. The officer certainly had some questions. He zipped the hood back up and walked brother to a nearby brick wall to stand against. The officer came back to SirN and i, who were out of the van. It was great to see our officer friend again. i had met him during my very first visit to SirN over a year ago. He is a real police officer, and when i found out he was visiting during our stay i asked Sir if they’d like to give my brother an experience that many only fantasize about.

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Shackled to a chain hanging from the ceiling

With a ballgag strapped in his mouth. At Str8Hell, Matej is in a cage, gagged and shackled, wearing only a jockstrap. Marek, in boots and see-through underwear, his massive body looking imposing, comes into the room and releases Matej from his cage. He brings him out into the room and shackles him to a chain from the ceiling.


Then Marek takes a cat-o-nine-tails and begins to whip Matej, who moans as he feels the leather thongs land on his body, with Marek asking if he enjoys it. Marek turns Matej, so that he can whip and spank his sexy ass. He pulls the underwear into a wedgie so that those sexy ass cheeks are bared, and spanks them. Then Marek removes Matej’s underwear and inspects his ass hole, spreading the cheeks. Matej’s cheeks are colouring up from the attention and Matej’s fingers rub over the tight hole. He continues to spank on the ass, and spits on it. Then he does a little fingering of the tight orifice, letting Matej know that he can do exactly what he wants. Then Matej leaves the room, with Marek left to contemplate what might happen next.

MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_02 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_03 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_04 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_05

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Tied up for some suck and fuck


Honza Benek has found himself a great subject for this raunchy scene at Str8Hell — Arny Donan. He is just so hot and looks great spread-eagled on the cross. Honza rubs himself against Arny’s hot body as he kisses him and gropes his jockstrap. He pulls Arny’s cock out and wanks it, getting them both naked and hard. Honza is quickly down on Arny’s dick, sucking up a storm. He slaps at Arny’s hard cock as well before releasing him from his shackles and pushing him onto his knees to suck some cock. Arny eagerly takes Honza’s dick in his mouth and feels it fucking his face as he sucks. Honza moves Arny onto his back, legs up and stuffs his hole with a butt plug as he wanks and sucks him. Then he is ready to fuck.

MetalbondNYC_Gay_Male_Bondage_Str8Hell_02 MetalbondNYC_Gay_Male_Bondage_Str8Hell_03 MetalbondNYC_Gay_Male_Bondage_Str8Hell_04


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