Steve gets tied up and has clothespins put on his balls

Sexy straight guy Steve has tried to escape his sadistic humbling by trying to muscle his way out, but he’s realized there’s no way to fight free. He’s been reduced to pathetic groveling asking for his release. The most sensitive parts of his body are stimulated against his will as a vibrator is shoved up his arsehole while his purple nob head is squeezed. His balls are tied so tight they look ready to pop. His genitals are so sensitive Steve is in fucking agony. This hetero has been stimulated to the point where his body has no clue what is going on and some deft stroking of his dick is all it takes to get him to unleash all his pent-up sperm. Steve cringes in absolute shame now that a man has induced him to orgasm. He’ll never be able to live this down!

gay bondage and discipline

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Jessie Colter gets gang banged at Mr S Leather store

In this vintage update from Bound In Public, Christian Wilde takes Jessie Colter to Mr S.


They make out in the middle of the store and people gather around to watch. Jessie gets tied up and blindfolded. The fun begins. Christian shares Jessie with the crowd and they all grope the stud. Jessie is made to suck strangers’ cocks and his ass is beaten by everyone. He receives the harsh flogger and electricity up his ass. The horny crowd suspend him over a leather bed. They all take turns fucking and cumming on him. Christian drains Jessie’s nuts and continued to torment the captive as he screams for mercy.

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Monster Cocked Noob

gay tied up bondage

Matt Anthony has a fresh face and a thick, massive cock, desperate to get worked. Though nervous, those nerves disappear the moment he’s tied up.

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Dominic Pacifico bondage

Montana – Part 06

By ty dehner

Jason’s lasso flies across the stall landing on my horns, tightening as he tugs on the rope with his gloved hands. It was weird I was a bull and he was roping me! While certainly like a human I was incased in heavy black leather with a bull head and horns on my head. I couldn’t speak and was grunting like a bull as I struggled some with the rope around my horns. I look at them and they didn’t seem to concern that eventually I was going to do as they wanted. The suit was warm, and parts were sticking to me as it was lined in leather. He started to pull me closer to him and I could do nothing but move. He led me out of the stall across the barn, my hooved hands clopping on the wood floor. As I walked I could feel the weight of my cock and balls swaying under me. I was taken outside where there was a animal trailer. He pulled me up the ramp and into the dirty stall on the right side of the trailer. He took a chain that was attached to the trailer and locked it to the ring in my nose.

Removing the lasso, he slapped my ass and left after slamming the door shut. Soon I could hear a horse being loaded into the other side. I couldn’t move much so decided to sit down. The chain was short but allowed me to at least sit. It was getting warm in the trailer and the leather suit was like a sauna, creating more sweat. Soon the trailer started to jerk, and we were on our way to what I would think was the rodeo grounds.

As we drove, I was thinking in my head that I was a fucking leather bull. I had limited vision in this hood but here I was riding in an animal trailer after being roped by Jason!

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