Issue 2 of Bound & Gagged magazine

It’s impossible to describe the amount of excitement receiving a new copy of Bound & Gagged magazine in the mail in its discreet brown envelope caused me, every other month, back in the day. In addition to providing endless hours of jackoff material, this magazine literally changed my life. Learning about the existence of a bondage club with weekly meetings in NYC was a huge incentive for me to move here! And I met many men through the bondage club and in the Bound & Gagged personal ads — several of whom I am still friends with to this day.

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To my great delight, Bob Wingate, the editor and founder of Bound & Gagged and also the founder of the New York Bondage Club, recently revived his personal blog — located here — and he’s also started publishing eBooks — available here — with some of his magazine’s greatest hits.

A hell of a bondage predicament

Here’s more from – Kinky Spanish Fucker Scene 1 Part 2 – with Erik Devil and Tannor Reed

male bdsm Kinky Spanish Fucker

Erik isn’t done with Tannor just yet, and having him hanging from the ceiling is a hell of a way to have a captive on display. With a ring gag now in place, Erik kisses and fingers the prisoner’s mouth to get more of a feel of what he’s working with before moving down to his dick, which he sucks before going back to the face and fucking the open mouth. Tannor gets his fair share of pleasure as he’s milked by his master before spurting his load al over himself.

Video here

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Loan shark Beau gets worshipped

Cameron owes his loan shark money, and Beau is here to collect. To buy a few extra days he has to worship Beau’s size 14 feet and stinky socks. After getting roughed up a bit and licking Beau’s boots, Cameron has to smell his rank socks and then sniff and suck Beau’s huge feet while the aggressive collector jerks off his big cock.

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Leo Edwards: Captured Again

A hot college stud who was captured and tortured in the Dream Boy Bondage dungeon a year ago is spotted by top man Felix Frost and another young top, Grant Dixon.  Felix nabs the blond that very night and delivers him to the same dungeon as a gift for Grant, who whips, fucks and tortures the prisoner for weeks! In Leo Edwards: Captured Again – Part 1, Grant Dixon drags Leo Edwards out of the back of a car, strings him up in the dungeon, beats him with a crop, sucks him cock and leaves him in his dungeon to be used and abused at any time in any way.



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