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Tryp Bates gets tied up and edged

In this video from Men On Edge:

Tryp Bates gets edged by his coworkers on his first day working at the Kink Merchandise store.


Tryp Bates is the new clerk at the merchandise shop. Sebastian Keys decides to give Tryp a tour around the armory. Tryp and Sebastian run into Van working at the gift shop. Tryp explores all the hot toys while Van and Sebastian stare at the bulge growing in Tryp’s leather jock. Van and Sebastian offer to give Tryp a private edging session as a welcoming gift. Tryp hastily agrees and is immediately tied to a St. Andrew’s cross. Van and Sebastian tear off Tryp’s jock, revealing his raging boner. Sebastian then sucks and strokes Tryp’s stiff dick, until he is ready to blow his load. Tryp pleads for Van and Sebastian to let him cum, but the edging has just begun. Tryp is dragged into the Merchandise room and tied onto a table. Van then sticks a dildo up Tryp’s tight ass, while Sebastian edges him. Flips Tryp over and pulls the dildo out of his ass, and Sebastian takes the opportunity to lick Tryp’s toes. Van and Sebastian finally allow Tryp to cum. Sebastian strokes Tryp’s cock until Tryp blasts his cum all over the store, where Van and Sebastian leave him to clean up his mess.

Tryp_Bates_gay_bondage_02 Tryp_Bates_gay_bondage_03 Tryp_Bates_gay_bondage_04 Tryp_Bates_gay_bondage_05

Model in this shoot: Tryp Bates

Title: New Kink Stud gets Private Edging Session on His First Day at Work

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male BDSM videos KinkMen

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Bondage God Dirk Caber subdues two studs in the sauna

At Bound Gods, hot leather daddy Dirk Caber heads into the local gym to relax in the sauna when two curious punks, Dale Cooper and Zach Clemens, sneak into Dirk’s locker to play with his leather. Before long they realize they’ve bitten off more than they can chew as Dirk grabs them from behind and drags them off to the sauna.

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Dirk_Caber_gay_bondage_01 Dirk_Caber_gay_bondage_02

Zach has no choice but to watch his buddy tormented with a riding crop while the muscled leather stud slams his cock deep in the captive’s ass. Back in the locker room, bound in belts with a deprivation hood on, Dale awaits as his new master approaches with flog in hand. The sting of the whip tormenting Dale’s sensitive balls as he screams in pain. Medical clamps drive him wild as Dirk adds more pain with the electric zapper. Biting down on his spider gag, Dale take’s more cock in his ass before shooting a load onto his own chest.

Dirk_Caber_gay_bondage_03 Dirk_Caber_gay_bondage_04

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Models in this shoot: Dirk Caber, Dale Cooper, Zach Clemens

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10 Days in Detention – Part 14

“10 Days in Detention” series by socalbdBy socalbd

I felt Dan return to the bed and to me.

Into my ear he whispered, “You will feel many sensations before we are done.”

I then felt him take hold of my balls. He pulled them down slightly, taking care to ensure he had them within his grasp and slightly pulling them away from my body. There was the sound of clinking as with small chains, and I felt the leather first and the prickly sensation second. The ball stretcher being attached to me included small spikes on the inside. It took him a few moments to secure the stretcher, and when he had it just right he gave it a small yank and I yelped slightly as the spikes dug into the tender skin of my balls.

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Liam and Isaac: The Rules

“Naughty boys will be shown their place.”

Liam and Isaac have just finished their film night, and Liam suggested that he and Isaac have some fun together. When Isaac brings out his newest toy, Liam gets a little more than he’d been expecting, not helped by him purposefully breaking one of Isaac’s rules.

By Aenyse

Liam snuggled up against Isaac’s side as the film began to reach its climax. The heroine was about to face off against her arch-nemesis, in a final, do-or-die battle to rescue her love interest and save the world. Liam had already seen the film when it had been in the cinema, he knew that the nemesis would be defeated, but when the heroine showed mercy, they would take advantage of her and quickly escape, ready for the sequel to pick up on. He didn’t want to spoil it for Isaac though, he hadn’t seen it yet and had wanted to watch it tonight. So he sat back, enjoying their film night together. As Liam snuggled, he felt Isaac’s arm stretch around his back, resting his hand on Liam’s shoulder, his thumb gently running back and forth along Liam’s t-shirt’s sleeve. Smiling happily to himself, Liam settled down and continued watching the rest of the film.

“That was good.” Isaac said, smiling as the end titles began playing across the screen.

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10 Days in Detention – Part 12

“10 Days in Detention” series by socalbdBy socalbd

I was breathing heavily through the gag, still not recovered from the nipple pain Dan had just unleashed on me. Drool was pooling in my mouth and started to drip down slowly from the gag. It was like a very slow waterfall that was cascading in slow motion until it reached my engorged cock. I could feel the liquidy mess as it landed.

Why was my cock hard? Dan had just put my nipples through their own private hell while my arms and shoulders were dealing with their own torture and them in turn causing the constant pulling and aching on my balls. Did I really like what was happening to me? Dan had given me an out to stop what was happening and end it all. It would have ended the fantasy for me, too – those ten days in detention I thought I was craving. Yet, here I was. I didn’t take the out. I submitted mentally and verbally to Dan essentially asking for him and John to continue what they had started with me.

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Vinnie Stefano ties up and abuses a male slave

This is a gay bondage porn video at Bound Gods. On his knees and a crop clenched in his teeth, Slave #153 awaits his new master, Vinnie Stefano. Vinnie arrives and makes it clear that 153 won’t get his master’s cock so easy; he’ll have to prove his mettle through pain. Vinnie reddens the slave’s pale chest with the riding crop for the first test.

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Since he took the crop so well, Vinnie has the hungry slave gag on his cock. Now it’s time to fuck. 153 has his arms tied backward as another rope pulls his cock to the ground, ass presented out for his master. Vinnie plunges deep inside 153 and gives him a rough fucking. Vinnie covers 153 in heavy chains between two pillars and gets his flogging arm warmed up for a vicious session. Moving a U-shaped platform, he gives 153’s balls another stretch with a cluster of weights and eats his pink hole. Now Vinnie’s ready to fuck again and stuffs 153 into the platform gap headfirst. He piledrives 153’s ass until he’s ready to spray the slave’s face in hot cum. After suffering through all the torment dutifully, 153 earns the privilege of blowing his own load onto Vinnie’s boot.

Vinnie_Stefano_Doug_Acre_gay_bondage_02 Vinnie_Stefano_Doug_Acre_gay_bondage_03

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Models in this shoot: Vinnie Stefano, Doug Acre

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10 Days in Detention – Part 09

“10 Days in Detention” series by socalbdBy socalbd

It was a short drive to our destination. I tried to remember the sequence of turns and stops that we would have taken to get to the taco place, thinking I could figure out if we are going back to John’s place in reverse. The reality is I didn’t pay all that much attention on the way there, so reconstructing it in my mind was useless. When you’re in the back of a car handcuffed, gagged and hooded, though, your mind wants to engage in some level of activity to prove to itself that you’re safe.

The car pulled into a driveway before it stopped, and I heard another car door open and close before Dan got out of his car, leaving me in the back seat. Within moments the passenger door next to me opened, and I heard Dan and John talking. My initial reaction was one of relief. The seat belt was removed from across my lap, and Dan helped me out of the car. The car door closed. I heard John’s voice next.

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