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Cock in a vise

At Bound Gods, Adam Herst ties up and fucks cocky businessman Alex Adams in the metal shop


Alex Adams strolls into the metal shop as Adam Herst finishes up with his order of bondage devices. When Alex bites off more than he can chew, he finds himself bound and gagged, with his balls caught in a vise. As Alex screams from the pain, Adam shuts him up with a hard cock deep down his throat before the muscled stud is given a flogging. Trapped in his own bondage device, Alex has his hands and feet cuffed together as Adam eats the muscled stud’s ass. Adam then whips out his big hard cock and plows it into Alex’s tight hole. After a vigorous fuck from behind, Adam flips his captive over and gives him a face full of cum.

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Adam Herst gay bondage top

Rex Wolfe, Angel Rock and Jay Cloud all get tied up and edged

Click through to see free video previews of these guys — who all got tied up and edged at Men On Edge:

Rex Wolfe

gay bondage

Free video preview of Rex Wolfe here


Angel Rock

men on edge

Free video preview of Angel Rock here


Jay Cloud

gay bondage

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Jace Chambers is bound and relentlessly edged

gay bondage

Hot muscled hunk Jace Chambers comes to Men on Edge for his first edging session. On his back they tie his hands and legs down and start teasing his cock. As his cock grows they blindfold his eyes to let his imagination run wild. Pre-cum begins to ooze out of his cock once they surprise him with a couple of vibrators massaging his cockhead. Bound in the center of the room, Jace has his cock edged even more while feeling the flogger on his body. Then Jace is suspended in the air with his cock dangling to the ground as Sebastian teases him with his tongue. They bend Jace over to play with his ass as more pre-cum drips from his cock as they milk his prostate. Jace is flipped over on his back where he’s finally made to cum after relentless edging. They shove his load back into his mouth before finishing Jace off with some post-orgasmic torment.

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True Life Part 3: Weekend

By ty dehner

This is going to be a long entry, i believe. Not just because it will cover the events through the weekend, but because of more feelings that are stirring in me. i have been under the guidance of Sir for 5 days now, longer than anyone that i’ve tried to serve. As i’ve written before, Sir is very different than those and our time together is reflecting that.

Friday night at the gym was very exciting. i continued to learn new ways to transform myself into a better person physically. i was lifting weight i had never done before. But instead of lifting the same weight over and over, Sir is showing me to lift heavy and keep lowering the weight until exhaustion. Or one can start lighter and build up. It creates more burn in myself, but the prior way i was working wasn’t progressing as well as i had hoped.

Sir did some lifting also, i was very impressed with his skills, considering he said he hadn’t lifted in a while due to being ill. Once Sir topped his personal best in weight. He was very happy! i tried to encourage him as he was lifting. As we continued working out, i will try to encourage him even more. i know Sir would like to hear his boy cheering him on, supporting him. Even though i am lifting more and working harder, i am not sore the day after. i believe that stretching is helping in that. Sir is showing me a new way to think about working out. i like that!

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Justin Beal takes on cocky Owen Michaels for an intense match of Top Cock!

Check out these shots from ‘Top Cock: Justin Beal vs Owen Michaels’ at Naked Kombat:


Justin Beal is a lean and cut fighter with a cock that won’t quit. Wrestling is a huge turn-on for him, and he’s hard every round as he takes on Owen Michaels. Owen is a buff stud with years of wrestling experience and a competitive, cocky attitude. It’s all muscle and hard cock when these two meet on the mat for an intense match of Top Cock. The loser gets treated like a punching bag and then made to drag weights around the gym by his balls. A hard locker room fuck leaves him covered in the cum of himself and the victor.


Models in this shoot: Justin Beal, Owen Michaels

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Morgan Black takes Tony Hunter to his limits

In this vintage update over at Bound Gods, Tony Hunter is strewn up alone in Morgan Black’s playroom and ready for abuse. Morgan torments the captive’s nipples until his dick gets hard and then pulls him off the wall by his balls.


After a good flogging leaves Tony’s ass nice and red, Morgan shoves his cock down the prisoner’s throat while the tight bondage keeps his ass hook firmly in his hole. Tony’s endurance is pushed when he’s made to bite down on a rope connected to a bowling ball and his own zipper while Morgan crops the stud until he screams. Still hard, Tony is bound to the tilting fuck table and gets his throat and hole filled by Morgan’s cock. A hard fuck earns Tony a load on his face and the chance to lick his own load off of Morgan’s boot. The captive is left alone in the playroom, awaiting his Master’s return.

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The Creepy Handyman ties his new victim up and fucks him senseless


Micky Mackenzie showers in the locker room before Adam Herst sneaks up from behind and takes him captive. Micky struggles to get free, but the rope around his body is bound too tight for any chance of escape. Mr. Herst sucks on the stud captive’s hard cock before working him over with the riding crop. A flogging is next. Later, tied down on the bed, Micky is tormented even more with a caning as he bites down on the rope gag in his mouth. Mr. Herst plunges his big hard cock deep in the captive’s ass until leaving him with a face full of cum.

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