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Public display of bondage at Up Your Alley street fair


In this video from Bound In Public, Jason Miller is stripped naked, used and humiliated while hordes of people take photos.

14051_p_01 14051_p_02

Josh West and Spencer Reed drag Jason Miller, who is bound, completely naked and barefoot, through Up Your Alley Aka Dore Alley Fair. The crowd cheers as Josh beats the hell out of him. Spencer makes the captive crawl around and suck his foot in public. The crowd goes wild as Jason squirms and screams with an electric buttplug in his ass. He endures the single tail whip and the full body zipper. The doms find an open garage and fuck the man hard. Other dudes jump in on the action. They all blow their loads on his face. The muscle slave is dragged through the streets one more time with a face full of cum.


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The Onyx and The Redz Series at Bound Gods

Check out these shots from “Onyx Recruit – The Onyx & The Redz Series” at Bound Gods


Onyx recruit Connor Halsted awaits on his knees as Jaxton Wheeler enters with crop in hand. Painful clover clamps clamp down tight on Connor’s nipples, squeezing harder the more he jerks from the crop beating against his flesh. After receiving a flogging, the recruit finds himself strapped down on the table as Jaxton shoves his hard cock down his throat. Connor is then bent over, his hands and feet locked in chains, as Jaxton rams him from behind. On his backside, with bit gag tightly in his mouth, Connor receives a final fuck before Jaxton blows his hot load all over the recruit’s face.

36931_6 36931_8

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Gay bondage porn: The Nob Hill Theater Slut

Dominik Rider gets tied up, used and abused by a bunch for horny men cruising the Nob Hill Theater in this video from Bound in Public called “The Nob Hill Theater Slut”


Dominik Rider is taken to the Nob Hill Theater for some fun. The fag slut wants to go down to the video arcade because he’s always hungry for cocks. A dude in the arcade strips him naked and then he is made to crawl around begging for hard cocks. After Dominik gets his fill in the glory holes, Tristan Jaxx takes him upstairs into the main theater full of horny men. It costs $20 to get into the arcade so they make Dominik service the men in the theater for tips. He earns a dollar at time and he gets beat for being so damn slow. They fuck the hell out of him and spray their hot loads all over his face while the crowd cheers.

MetalbondNYC_00_MAIN_10785_p_19 MetalbondNYC_01_10785_p_03 MetalbondNYC_03_10785_p_02 MetalbondNYC_04_10785_p_01 MetalbondNYC_05_10785_p_05 MetalbondNYC_06_10785_p_06 MetalbondNYC_07_10785_p_07 MetalbondNYC_08_10785_p_15

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Tyler Alexander gets tied up and edged

Tyler Alexander shoots a massive load all over his face after being edged for hours

In this video from Men on Edge, Tyler Alexander is not familiar with edging, but he’s about to be. They put his arms back on the metal pipes, tie him up, and cut off his clothes. His uncut cock gets hard right away and they tie that up too, pulling on his balls and making him arch against the pipe.

In a standing hogtie, he receives a dildo in his firm, round ass. Fully suspended in the air, he gets fucked some more in both his holes and gets flogged as he swings around the room. The captive has room for more play, so they throw his legs over his head and cane his ass, fuck his hole with the vibrator, and make him shoot his massive load all over his face.

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Black Leather Cops and Revenge – Part 4

By Alex Ironrod © 2021


Colin and I, Jim Barnes, became part of Tyrell’s elite team. I discovered they were highly respected as an efficient and effective law enforcement group, who took no shit. That was why no-one harassed the sergeant, and  why he got his pick of new recruits. He’d got it all worked out – cruisers and bikes by day; bikes only by night – which was very unusual. The HP station operated normally in the daytime, with a small office staff and a full complement of officers. At night there was rarely any workers – only in emergencies. Tyrell was in charge; the captains and lieutenants were content to leave it so, as long as there were no complaints. He kept the basement double-locked, claiming it was a workshop with expensive equipment. Indeed it was, but not the type of equipment in a normal workroom.

Colin and I soon got to know the rest of the group. The women office workers were pleasant and efficient; we, and the sergeant, made much of them and we joked and worked well together. The cruiser drivers and the daytime motor officers seemed straight, mainly family men, although at least one had a gloved hand badge. The night shift was smaller and more exclusive. Basically it was four motor officers – Tyrell, Witkowski, Foreman [Colin] and Barnes [me].

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Bondage Revenge

Trent Diesel beats Colby Jansen with the flogger but ends up getting fucked by Colby in Bondage Revenge:


Colby Jansen finds himself tied up tight in the dungeon of Trent Diesel. Trent wastes no time ripping his clothes off and beating him. He then feeds him his cock and clamps Colby’s nipples to the floor. Trent gets overconfident in his bondage, however, and Colby is able to break free while being flogged. With Trent tied up Colby gets in a revenge flog before stretching him out and arching him off the stock table by his balls. Colby throws Trent on the ground and fucks a load out of the exhausted former Dom.

18982_p_02 18982_p_04 18982_p_11

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