See You Then …

By BigMouthfla

We had been chatting for a while and definitely wanted to get together. We both had an interest in bondage, and he was quite fascinated by my chastity belts. He knew it was a big turn-on of mine. He did say that it was his goal to get me under his lock and key! Ah, those thoughts would get me so turned on.

He couldn’t wait to get me tied up. It was definitely his thing. We had spent the day together just exploring different parts of the town. During the day I had locked myself in one of my belts. It was the MySteel belt. It fits well and is extremely secure. He knew I had it on. In fact, he suggested I wear that particular one that day. Didn’t “have” to, but just a suggestion. I have probably a dozen different cages and so forth, but figured I’d go heavy duty for the day. It fits great. Although tightly, it’s not uncomfortable. It’s incredibly secure but doesn’t stop any functions from cleaning or bathroom duties.

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Hot wax torture

At Dream Boy Bondage, supreme sadist Jared continues to burn Doug


Supreme sadist Jared continues to burn Doug, lobbing streams of searing hot wax on his torso and legs, then his cock and balls. Doug buckles and screams as his skin burns, every muscle in his young body flexing, his back arching, his cock flopping around. The wax hardens on his skin, clinging to every little hair. Jared decides the best way to remove the wax is with the flogger. He beats Doug mercilessly, then flips him over onto his stomach. “We’re not done yet,” Jared announces. You guessed it: The whole process is repeated on Doug’s beautiful back and ass.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_doug_03 Dream_Boy_Bondage_doug_04 Dream_Boy_Bondage_doug_06

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Riley is stretched taut on the rack

At Dream Boy Bondage, Riley moans in agony, stretched taut on the rack, completely naked and vulnerable, cum drying on his abs from being jerked off, when Jared re-enters the torture chamber.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_free_video_preview_Riley_01 Dream_Boy_Bondage_free_video_preview_Riley_02 Dream_Boy_Bondage_free_video_preview_Riley_03

“Please, just let me go,” Riley says. “You look great stretched out like that,” Jared replies, caressing his captive’s quivering body, then turning the crank on the rack several more turns, taking Riley’s agony to the next level. “Agggggg,” the prisoner screams; the pain is unbelievable. Jared just walks away, snickering, letting his captive moan. He returns an hour later and unchains Riley’s legs, raising them up high and spreading them wide, stretching his captive’s ass. You guessed it: Riley is brutally fucked with a huge, tapered dildo.

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Taken out of his cage to service cock

Here are shots from “Pack Attack 5: Shane Frost” at Hot House. Free video preview here.


The men stand around jacking off, teasing Shane Frost, who pounds on the bars of his cage; he wants to be in the middle of the pack sucking dick. Spencer Reed drags the horny pup (complete with a dog-tail buttplug) out of his cage and the men shove their hard cocks down his throat. Like a good dog, Shane works his way around the circle of meat, slobbering as he swallows every cock to the base. In a virtual feeding-frenzy, Shane greedily sucks two dicks at a time while the pack smacks his rosy ass cheeks, preparing him for what lies ahead.

MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_hot_house_02 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_hot_house_03


Models in this shoot: Shane Frost, Spencer Reed, Trevor Knight, Cole Streets, Shay Michaels

Key words: Group Sex, Jockstrap, Leather Fetish, Oral Sex, Role Play, Tattoos

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