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More With Jonas – Part 4

By ty dehner

As I struggle with the hood, it is quickly laced tight and the zipper is pulled down over the laces. My hands are pulled behind my back as I realize that Jonas must have gotten out of the chair. The hood has a strong leather smell as it is snug on my face. Handcuffs are slapped on my wrists, and they aren’t gentle about it. The zipper at the front of the hood is opened, and I learn that this is one of the layered hoods.

Jonas is smiling at me.

“Get on your knees.”

I struggle, as my hands are cuffed behind my back, and get on my knees on the concrete floor. I look up at him, and he just stands before me allowing me to take in how amazing and powerful he looks in his leather uniform. After a few moments, his gloved hand grabs the zip of the hood and closes it, putting me into a leather solitary. I hear their boots leave the room, and I am left alone again.

For a little while I can take kneeling, but over time my knees get sore on the hard floor. I work to relieve pressure on one knee, but it adds pressure to the other. Then I adjust the other way. I spend my time moving back and forth trying to manage the pain that is increasing. I think about sitting or getting in the chair, but I’m certain that would not go over well and I would be punished. I haven’t done anything to be punished so far and am not going to start now.

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Artwork by Sparkie Shock: Severe bondage and electro torture

The great thing about art like this is that a prisoner can be tortured WAY more and WAY harder than in real life.

sparkie shock torture artwork

This artwork is by Sparkie Shock, and it shared here with his permission. If you like, you can support him — and see MUCH more like this, at his Patreon page, available here. He also does animated videos!

Also look for Sparkie at Just For Fans and OnlyFans, where he has even more hardcore content!

severe testicle torture