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The new E-Stim Systems ElectroRing System

The ELECTRORING SYSTEM from E-Stim Systems is not just a single ring but a system of rings that can function as cock rings but can also take your electro cock play experience to the next dimension with a more ‘electrifying’ chastity like device!

The new E-Stim Systems ElectroRing System


Each ring has been created to work with E-Stim Systems’ heavy-duty 4mm connectors, perfectly designed for use with their low-profile connectors. The ring socket connections are double sided.

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The new E-Stim Systems ElectroRing System

The new E-Stim Systems ElectroRing System

Porn star Trenton Ducati gets what he deserves

Trenton Ducati is going balls-to-the-wall with the 30 Minutes of Torment challenge:


Trenton Ducati steps up to the challenge that 30 Minutes of Torment has to offer. He begins bound in the pit as Van warms him up with some impact play. He pulls on Trenton’s rock hard cock till he’s standing on his toes. As Van breaks out the flogger, Trenton begs for more. Locked in the metal chair, Trenton has electrodes attached down his thighs and an electric band wrapped around his cock. Van kicks it up a notch and attaches clover clamps all across Trenton’s ripped chest as the tormenting electricity surges through his body. A metal plug is then shoved up Trenton’s hole to keep him in place as clothespins are clipped down his sides. One by one, each clothespin is cropped off as Trenton screams in pain. He’s tormented once more with water sprayed to the face before Van milks a load out of Trenton’s cock.

34775_1 34775_2 34775_10

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Another Weekend – Part 2

By slavebladeboi

I swayed a bit in my chains. It was dark, as Boss had turned off the lights when he left and I was somewhat out of it at that point. I was, however, slowly realising that I was standing on my feet as well, and not just my toes. I hadn’t noticed Boss releasing the ratchet a couple of inches, which he must have done whilst rubbing life back into my shoulders.

The plug was still pumped up hard inside me, and the slight swaying gave me that horny gut sensation when it touched my prostate. Some comfort then. The wrist restraints were a decent pair, and my hands were never in danger of getting numb, I could probably stay in that position for hours and simply just get tired arms. But it never came to that. He’d regroup and come back fighting!

And suddenly there he was. Can’t have been more than ten or so minutes when the door flew open and he slammed it behind him. Always a sign that he’d got his energy back. Great. Wish I had. He undid my gag and held up a bottle of water.

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Male bondage video: Jordan Boss gets tied up and tortured


This is a video from 30 Minutes of Torment called “Straight Hunk – Solid Muscle – Mercilessly Beaten and Made to Cum”

jordan_boss_gay_bondage_02 jordan_boss_gay_bondage_03 jordan_boss_gay_bondage_04 jordan_boss_gay_bondage_05

In this video from 30 Minutes of Torment:

THE WALL – After stripping out of his clothes, Jordan Boss stands exposed against the wall as Sebastian quickly and skillfully binds his arms and legs. After a brief warmup with punches and smacks, Jordan receives the cropping of a lifetime. THE PIT – Unforgiving black ropes bind Jordan in place as he stands exposed in the middle of the pit, awaiting more punishment. Sebastian flogs him mercilessly, raining hits down on Jordan’s muscular chest, abs and gorgeous meaty ass, before placing clover clamps on Jordan’s nipples and tying them overhead, effectively rendering him motionless as each smack of the flogger worsens the pull of the clamps on his nipples. Jordan continues to play the tough guy, but will being hoisted into the air and flogged finally break him? THE ELECTRIC CHAIR – Jordan has never played with electricity before, so Sebastian is even more motivated to show him the wide range of torments that electrical toys have to offer. Strapped in place, Jordan squirms and struggles as the electrodes on his thighs send shockwaves up into his body – he can only watch in horror as Sebastian runs the violet wand across his legs and into his tight hole before zapping him repeatedly with the terrifying cattle prod. Finally, Jordan receives a brutal fucking from the Shockspot with the electrodes still strapped to his legs, and blows a huge load all over the machine as it pounds deep into his ass.

jordan_boss_gay_bondage_06 jordan_boss_gay_bondage_07 jordan_boss_gay_bondage_08 jordan_boss_gay_bondage_09

Models in this shoot: Jordan Boss, Sebastian Keys

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