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Alexander Gustavo faces the electric torment of the cattle prod

At 30 Minutes of Torment


THE WALL – Alexander is chained against a wall with his arms cuffed to his thighs while receiving an onslaught of corporal punishment. Hands batter his body, while the flogger demolishes the rest. THE CHAIR – Alexander withstands the electric current running through his balls, thighs and nipples. The electrified butt plug gets the screams started, and the zapper brings his torment to the next level, but the ultimate challenge is to take three zaps from the cattle prod. THE WATER STATION – Alexander’s body is covered with red clothespins, and whichever ones are not knocked off by the hose, will be removed using the cat of nine tails. Even after the clothespins are removed, Alexander’s brutal bombardment of water continues. The cold and punished Alexander must now cum while being flogged repeatedly.

Alexander_Gustavo_gay_bondage_01 Alexander_Gustavo_gay_bondage_02 Alexander_Gustavo_gay_bondage_03 Alexander_Gustavo_gay_bondage_04 Alexander_Gustavo_gay_bondage_05 Alexander_Gustavo_gay_bondage_06

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Title of this shoot: Alexander Gustavo Withstands Insane Levels of Torment

Model in this shoot: Alexander Gustavo

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ElectroPebble by E-Stim Systems

Available from E-Stim Systems, the ElectroPebble is the new Dual Channel 9 Program mode powerbox that includes audio, and is also available in two stunning Bonus packs — the XPE Pack with an ElectroPebble, Conductive Rubber Loops and a medium Electro Egg; and the XPF Pack, which combines the ElectroPebble with Conductive Rubber Loops and a Flange Electrode.

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Male BDSM porn: ‘The Most Violent Orgasm in Bound Gods History’

Spencer Reed gives Jessie Colter the “most violent orgasm in Bound Gods history”


Jessie Colter is tied up and blindfolded in a prison cell. Officer Spencer Reed comes in to tell the inmate that he will be set free tomorrow. Spencer wants to play with Jessie for the longest time, and tonight is his only chance. Spencer gropes the helpless captive with massive gloved hands and makes him suck his fat cock. Spencer likes it rough, so he beats Jessie down. Jessie endures the flogger, electricity in his cock and ass. Jessie screams like an animal and violently cums with the electric butt-plug up his ass. Spencer fucks the hell out of the exhausted prisoner and gives him a warning not come back to this prison.

15082_p_05 15082_p_10 15082_p_12

To see the VIDEO of “The Most Violent Orgasm in Bound Gods History,” click here. (This one is from 9/16/2011 — there might have been more violent orgasms since then)

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