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Dirk Caber and Damien Moreau: Power Play

At Bound Gods, Damien Moreau is beaten into submission, taking corporal punishment, electricity and Dirk Caber’s rock hard cock:


Dirk Caber brings Damien Moreau to his play space and shoves his face into his armpit. Neither one willing to submit, Dirk and Damien go back and forth to determine who’s exactly in control. Dirk overpowers Damien and grabs his hands, locking them up above his head. Mr Caber kneels down to Damien’s rock hard cock and bites down on it as Damien screams for mercy. He’s then brought to his knees for Dirk to teach him a lesson in how to suck cock. Damien swallows his master’s cock as Dirk beats the captive down into submission. Suspended in the air, Damien swings back and forth as Dirk pulls him by the balls before bringing him down to cock sucking height. He shoves his hard cock down the prisoner’s throat before shoving an electric butt plug up Damien’s ass with electrodes stuck to his thighs. Damien’s hard cock throbs as electricity surges through him as he’s let down and chained to the wall for a flogging. The screams fill the room as Dirk beats him front to back with the flogger. Chained down on the bed with a ball gag in his mouth, Damien’s hole is presented for Dirk’s hard cock. He fucks Damien hard in the ass before spraying his cum all over his face and having him suck it clean.

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Electro Pebble from E-Stim Systems

discount code on e-stimAvailable from E-Stim Systems, the Electro Pebble is supplied inside a custom foam-lined protective case to help protect your valuable e-stim collection from damage. Inside the pack, you get an E-Stim Systems ElectroPebble power box, a pair of 2mm/TENS connection cables, a set of four self-adhesive electro pads, a 9v PP3 battery, a guarantee registration card, a quick start guide and a users manual.


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E-Stim Remote unit

Check out the E-Stim Remote unit with a built-in MOTION sensor. If you are looking for a way to control your subject from a distance, then this is for you. With a simple keyfob transmitter, and a powerful E-Stim receiver, the Series 1 Remote gives remote control electroplay a new flavor. Using a high-quality digitally encoded transmitter and receiver (offering a range of around 150 feet/50 yards depending on environmental conditions), together with a dual microprocessor control system, you can be sure that the Series 1 Remote offers you simple, powerful and highly effective remote controlled electro stimulation.

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Electro stimulation equipment: Standard Pads from E-Stim Systems

Check out the Standard Pads, available from E-Stim Systems. These quality electrodes are made of top-quality materials, with a medical-grade, low-allergy adhesive. To use, simply peel off the carrier sheet, stick to the skin and connect up. As these are monopole electrodes, you will need to use two pads at a time. The pads can be stuck to most dry skin surfaces. There is no need to use conductive gel with self-adhesive electrodes. Once you have finished, peel carefully from the skin and stick back onto the carrier sheet. The sticky pads are generally re-usable with care, but they are classed as a disposable item. Each pad is fitted with a 2mm/TENS socket on a “small flying lead” which will fit all E-Stim control units with the basic cables supplied, and most TENS-style units with a TENS pin connector.

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Electro Straps from E-Stim Systems

Check out the Electro Straps, available from E-Stim Systems. These adjustable fabric bands fit snugly around the head and base of the penis, with a classic electrode. Sliver contact wires woven into the fabric provide maximum contact area. Moisten before use.

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