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A captive twink with a huge cock gets zapped by a sadistic Master

Meanwhile at Bad Boy Bondage, Master Devon has Joseph roped to the table, and the sub’s uncut cock sticks straight up in anticipation of what is ahead: testicle and nip torture! Joseph squirms and squeals through his ballgag, but to no avail. There’s nothing he can do as handsome dom Devon enjoys himself and plays with his cock, zapping the twink into submission.

Master Devon has Joseph roped to the table

VIDEO at Bad Boy Bondage

Title of this video: Zapping His Uncut Twink Cock

Master Devon has Joseph roped to the table

Electro Pebble from E-Stim Systems

discount code on e-stimAvailable from E-Stim Systems, the Electro Pebble is supplied inside a custom foam-lined protective case to help protect your valuable e-stim collection from damage. Inside the pack, you get an E-Stim Systems ElectroPebble power box, a pair of 2mm/TENS connection cables, a set of four self-adhesive electro pads, a 9v PP3 battery, a guarantee registration card, a quick start guide and a users manual.

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