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Male BDSM: Jay Rising tested with bondage torture


In The Pit, Van works over all 10 inches of Jay Rising‘s fat cock. After getting him hard from some ball squeezing, Van promises to bring things full-circle before punching Jay’s abs and chest. An intense flogging brings Jay to the brink and earns him his next chamber, The Padded Cell. In a full leather harness, Jay is helpless as he’s tossed around the room. In The Electric Chamber, Jay gets an electrified butt plug shoved up his ass while he endures the electric pads on his thighs.

Here are more pictures:

35108_0 35108_2 35108_3

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The ElectroPebble

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The doctor will molest you now

At Daddys Bondage Boys, the Doctor has his last inspection of the day. The patient soon gets out of his shirt and flexes his muscles so the Doctor can start his check up. Upon dropping his shorts there is no doubt that his huge cock is fully functional. The medical continues with some electro torment and the captive screams beautifully.

medical bondage play

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getting the anal probe

Getting a sperm sample

sperm sample

At Daddys Bondage Boys, the electro therapy continues until the doctor decides a more internal approach is required. Getting the captive on his knees, he gives the tight arsehole a through going over before getting a sperm sample for analysis.

extracting a sperm sample

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medical bondage torture

Twink electro bondage torture

twinks in bondage

Here’s more from Bad Boy Bondage. Mykul Pierce is itching to prove that Brayland can’t be a real man, and the surefire way to do that is electro. Strapped to some medical restraints, his nips and asshole are lit up so the captive is bucking off the table from the juice.

gay bondage electro

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severe testicle torture