Muscle jock Marco gets restrained then tickled

Marco is a college bodybuilder and wrestler with size 11 feet. Those feet of his are wide and ticklish. He said he has noticed guys checking out his feet before when he is wearing flip-flops and at the gym locker room.

At My Friends Feet, Marco’s muscles make him look big and strong, but when he gets tickled he can’t help squirming and laughing. Marco is sensitive from his wide feet to his sexy armpits. Even though he struggles to hold back and be a tough guy, his ticklishness betrays him.

Muscle jock Marco gets restrained then tickled Muscle jock Marco gets restrained then tickled Muscle jock Marco gets restrained then tickled Muscle jock Marco gets restrained then tickled Muscle jock Marco gets restrained then tickled Muscle jock Marco gets restrained then tickled Muscle jock Marco gets restrained then tickled

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Video: Emerson Palmer gets tortured in bondage

Here’s another update from Dream Boy Bondage. In this video, lean and lanky Emerson is lashed even more intensely with the single-tail, jolted with jumper cables turned to max-power, then stretched with heavy weights:


Beautiful, young Emerson, spread-eagled face-up on the bondage table, gets five lashes from the single-tail whip in rapid succession, making his long, lean body convulse in pain. His stomach and chest, from inches above his cock to his collarbone, are covered with deep-red lash wounds. Jared zaps each wound with the violent wand, then he re-attaches the jumper cables, one to Emerson’s wrist, the other to the steel plug still shoved-up his ass. Electric current flows through his naked body – this time turned-up twice as high. Emerson buckles and screams. Then the single-tail comes crashing down again – while he is being shocked! Finally, the poor captive’s body gives out. He comes to a few hours later only to discover Jared has tied two 80-pound weights to his wrists. Jared smiles, then pushes each weight off its beam, stretching Emerson out in a perfect X. “Pah…leez…” the poor prisoner begs.

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Title of this update: Emerson Palmer – Smooth As Silk – Part 6

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All gear is encouraged at Eggplant

This Saturday, December 30, at 10 pm at Rockbar, it’s a very special Saturday Eggplant to close out 2017. (Next year they will be back to Fourth Fridays).

New York City gay leather bar

Big badass boots, full-rubber encasement, football pads, leather aprons, rugby kit, Langlitz and Wescos, harnesses and jocks are welcome at Eggplant. Breeches and leather uniforms are very much appreciated. Whatever turns you on.

Rockbar events page here.

Mark mans up for even more punishment

When you get a hetero as fucking stupid as Mark, it takes a lot more than punishment to drill into his thick skull that he only exists to sexually serve cock. All those rounds in the ring must have knocked this boxer’s brains out. Still he believes he’s in a position of power, insulting and demanding his release. Dave beats Mark’s already stinging sore arse, making him howl the house down. His big cock and balls are tied up till they are bulging purple. His arsehole is wrenched open so it will be constantly gaping and ready to receive a stiff fucking. A thick dildo attached to a power tool is rammed up his hole, giving him a rigorous pounding that makes his burning sore arse cheeks vibrate. He’s secured in place with a hook in his arse. Now any movement is painfully difficult. That means when Dave lashes the soles of Mark’s feet it’s fucking agony for him. He can’t stop himself from kicking his feet away from the painful caning, even though it nearly tears his nuts and anus. This is what it takes to teach this stupid prisoner some manners.

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