Spanking Machine Ordeal

Master Lee takes a break from his construction work to intimidate, abuse and fuck a lowly sub at Brutal Tops:


Vicious Master Lee gets off on intimidating the sub with threats and laughing in his face. This muscular blond stud with piercing blue eyes is an imposing presence who sets up an ingenious spanking machine to whack the sub’s ass until its stinging red. He strips fully naked and makes the sub give him a blow job while his ass is still getting whacked. It’s a struggle to get the full length of Master Lee’s cock in his mouth, so to encourage him Lee ramps up the spanking machine’s speed.

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The Herculean god then stands over the dirty sub and fucks his ass. His big powerful balls slam back and forth as he plunges deep inside the sub’s ass. Master Nick arrives and demands sexual pleasure, stripping and shoving his spread ass into the sub’s face so he can lick right up his asshole. The powerful demanding men spitroast the pathetic sub, smacking him and demanding that he perform until they are fully sexually satisfied.

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Brutal Tops

Vintage artwork by Micro


There is a lot going on in this work. A fit young guy is about to be manhandled into a very severe bondage sack with lots of straps, which also involves some sort of mouth plug. Apparently there are at least two others who have been similarly trussed up, and they are bolted down underfoot, with their necks locked into head stocks of some sort. Something tells me this new prisoner is going to be kept in storage for quite some time along with the others.