Severe, long-term lockdown

Let’s file this one under extreme bondage.

Imagine ASKING to be locked down like this for, say, whatever length of time might be determined by a roll of the dice. It would take a very brave, yet also sick and twisted man to want such a thing.


And it would also take a very skilled and sadistic captor or captors to keep the prisoner restrained like this, especially if the captive eventually starts to regret having used his big mouth to get himself into such a predicament.

I wonder what the prisoner would feel like after, say, 26 hours, with his hands locked behind his back the whole time, neck bolted to a ring in the floor.

Maybe I am making this all up. Maybe the prisoner was kept like this for just 15 minutes, just long enough to take the picture, and then released.

Then again, maybe not.


Only a good dose of discipline will tame fitness trainer Kirk

At BreederFuckers, Kirk is bound to a spanking bench so his arse is offered up with only a thin layer of fabric covering it. The mouthy bastard still spits insults at Adrian, so a ball gag is stuffed in his foul mouth. Kirk can do nothing to stop this man from wrenching his tighty whities aside to reveal his arse cheeks and his tight arsehole.

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The Leather Journal interviews Jack Fritscher

The Leather Journal has published a really good interview with Jack Fritscher — a writer, journalist, photographer and longtime editor of Drummer magazine. To read the interview (recommended!) click the picture directly below to be taken to The Leather Journal:


For those of you younger guys, Drummer magazine was THE PLACE to go for gay men into kink, back in the pre-internet days. One of Jack’s many books is Leather Walk of Fame, a look back at Drummer magazine.


Also you can find his many books — both fiction and non-fiction — at Amazon.

NOTE: Leather Walk of Fame is forthcoming later in 2015. However, Mr. Fritscher has posted the text of that book, plus the texts of all his books, as a “Leather Community Service” to give free access to all — so that no one has to pay anything to read or write about their leather history.

You can find these books and much more about Jack Fritscher at his official website.

The Yuma Territorial Prison

By ty dehner

The Yuma Territorial Prison was used in the early days of the foundation of Arizona Territory. As you can imagine it was a brutal place to be locked up at during the long hot summer of the desert. Now a State Park, there is very little left of the original prison, but there are some parts — and that is what my photos show. Interestingly, there are still graffiti from the former inmates on some of the walls.

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