Caught by the Contractor

By SockgaggedJason

gay athletic men in bondageOwen was bored with his office job at a large design firm. He piddled about, unsatisfied that a newly earned college degree from an Ivy league school wasn’t bearing fruit. Perhaps majoring in Art History was a bad idea. As he came to and from the elevators to work every day, he paid little mind to the chaos in the lobby. A large suite on the first floor adjacent to the lobby was under heavy construction. Noise, dust, and a flurry of dirty laborers going in and out of a large plastic tarp draped over the entrance to the area.

Several days in to the mess, however, one of the construction workers caught Owen’s eye. The blue-collar worker was young, maybe just a few years older than Owen. Lean and handsome. Clean cut. Perhaps a mix of white and Latino. Always in a basic t-shirt that showed off his muscle toned arms, blue jeans, and a baseball cap turned backwards. And, the same pair of beat up large work boots. Size 12 or 13?

Owen took as many smoke breaks as he could to justify trips through the lobby or an outdoor area where he often saw the stud. He barely even smoked and never at work.

He secretly took pictures of the sexy broey man. Pretending to be texting on his phone. Particularly his footwear. The thick, tan work boots were scuffed up and well used. Owen had a “foot fetish.” He dreamed of licking his smelly feet.

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Skinheads and Legionnaires


Part 1

stories by CREUSSI have been serving the Foreign Legion for 7 years, aged 17 to 24. After a couple of years of Service I was a Brigadier Chef, the equivalent of a Corporal. With a couple of mates, Legionnaire or Lance corporal or Corporal, we used to have a night leave at times, and we were enjoying spending our free evening in a Café by the old Roman Theatre. Place was quiet and the owner was rather friendly, as were customers.

When there, we used to have a quiet table at the rear of the café, rather cut from the rest of the crowd. When we were 3 or 4 we used to have at least one row each paying for some beer, so we could have four beers each in one evening, often double of this amount!

You know that legionnaires are not allowed to wear casual clothes at any time when in their first contract. So every time we were having a leave we had to leave the barracks in “tenue de sortie,” our equivalent of number 2 dress. We were not allowed to be outside of the barracks on a leave in combats, too.

One night I was with two of my mates, Legionnaire Mike T., an Englishman, and Brigadier Gary S., a Scot. They were a little it older than me, not much, but still. I was 19 and half myself, just back from the NCO school and to become a Marechal des Logis soon, the cavalry equivalent of a Sergeant!

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Forced to strip down all the way

The perverted officers at Strip Search Hell conducting this search must love their jobs. You can even catch them rubbing their hands together in eager delight seeing this hot young man who has just fallen into their clutches. They particularly relish treating him harshly. I don’t know what this horny offender did to wind up in this position, but I would have happily shared a cell with him.

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Video: Master Alex whips Blake Ellis

A lean slave with a fine, bulbous ass is whipped on his broad shoulders, shapely back and round butt, then fucked with a dildo by Master Alex. Scroll down for a free video preview from the men of Dream Boy Bondage.

Master Alex whips Blake Ellis

Slave Blake is flipped over onto his stomach, face-down on the bondage table, spread-eagled, completely naked. A wedge of wood is placed under his waist, elevating his ass, emphasizing its roundness. His butt is like two balls of white marble, with a quivering, wet hole separating them. Blake knows his ass will be fucked; he just doesn’t know when or how. His master, Alex, enters, naked, carrying a bullwhip. Crack! The whip comes crashing down on his back, then his ass. Within a dozen minutes, his muscular ass and back are covered with brutal welts. In other words, he is ready to be fucked. And sure enough, Alex produces a huge dildo – and shoves it home. Blake gasps in pain. He is in for a long, hard fucking.

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Title of this shoot: Blake Ellis – Total Submission – Chapter 9

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An untamed muscle beast gets tied up and controlled

Security guard Vincent is roped naked on all fours and on display like a slave at the market. There’s no shutting up this mouthy fucker. Even with a big ball gag shoved in his stupid gob he’s hurling insults. They slick him up with oil so all his muscles gleam like a trophy bull. Vincent’s round bum is repeatedly lashed till he’s wailing like a bitch. It’s so easy to control this untamed beast. Rub his cock the right way and it goes very rigid and he’s aching to get off like a big stupid donkey.

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