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Some recent articles in the news featuring lockup and lockdown

I’ve blogged about the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment a number of times before. For those who are not familiar, it was a prison role-play “experiment” conducted back in the 1970s with male college students, who were divided into groups of guards and prisoners. The experiment quickly went off the rails and had to be ended early. The guards got too sadistic and the prisoners too rebellious. There is tons of literature about this in psychology textbooks and at least one movie. This article revisiting the experiment appeared in today’s New York Times and caught my eye — especially the picture! The gist of the article is that the academic psychological community would not allow such an experiment to be conducted again today. And this is a shame, because I think re-doing the experiment again — with a better facility and better planning — would be fucking hot! I wish someone would volunteer to write a story based on this, for the Metalbond Prison Library! Reach out to me if you are interested.

In other recent news, Squirm of Rubberzone passed along this link to a story about a man in Washington state who broke into an escape room and then called 911 when he could not get out! What do you guys think of the escape room craze? Who among us has participated? Again I think this would make a great story for the Prison Library!

Sex in prison

The Slammer. A correctional facility where each day is a struggle for power between the savage inmates and corrupt officers as they use gritty mansex to battle for domination over each other. A sinister Warden (played by Dred Scott, in a role he was born to play) administers discipline and punishment over his minions in the Slammer with an iron fist and rock-hard dick — giving new meaning to the term “penal institution.”

Dred Scott, Billy Wild and Jon Galt sex in prison

In Scene 3 (pictured), the Warden has more in store for Inmate Sunshine. He feeds him to a more senior inmate, Jon Galt, who, in a filthy prison kitchen, continues Sunshine’s initiation by working over his hole with his prying, eager tongue and fingers. After they shoot their loads a rough-handling Corrections Officer takes Wild back to his cell, leaving Galt to service Scott. By the end of their marathon session, each has cum twice.

Video here

Dred Scott, Billy Wild and Jon Galt male sex in jail

Officer Justice is taken down and his giant cock is edged by two perverts in jail

Two perverts break out of their cell and relentlessly edge Officer Andrew Justice

gay bondage

Van and Sebastian have been up to no good as usual, this time their acts of edging and tormenting have wound them up locked in a cell. When Sebastian starts to get horny, Officer Andrew Justice immediately goes to break them up but finds himself caught in a trap as the two perverts wrestle him to the ground. When Andrew awakens, he finds himself bound and blindfolded inside the cell. The pervs tear off his uniform as they get his massive cock rock hard. With his cock tied in bondage, Andrew moans from the pleasure of the hitachis on his cockhead. Bent over his desk, Andrew has his cock sucked from below while enduring the sting of the flogger on his back. On his back, Officer Justice has his legs spread eagle as the perverts shove a vibrator up his ass while relentlessly edging his massive cock.

gay bondage 32265_15

Andrew is finally tied to the bed as Sebastian licks his toes while stroking the bound officer’s cock. The dual sensation brings Andrew over the edge as he blows his load onto his stomach. The pervs smear his load right back into his face before leaving him bound in the cell for the other officers to find.

gay bondage 32265_17

Video preview of this shoot here

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gay bondage bdsm

After Folsom Street East on Sunday, check out the New York Bondage Club!

And this Sunday they will have a jail cell and puppy cage!

The New York Bondage Club says:

It’s our best party of the year. We start immediately after Folsom Street East. FSE is NYC’s leather, kink and fetish community’s only street festival. Visit the street fair between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., then come to our after party and get into lots of play!

New York Bondage Club

This week for our FSE After Party we will have a special extra room open for our party. Jail cell, puppy cage, spread chairs, more benches and a nice vibe for play. You get to play in all our regular spaces and the extra room. Here are a few pics of some of the equipment in that room:

gay bondage play party in New York City

For those who have never been, the New York Bondage Club is NOT TO BE MISSED!

Click HERE for more information.

Awesome Roper visits The Edge Dungeon

Check this out! Awesome Roper visited The Edge Dungeon recently, and here are a few pictures he took from inside the facility:

AwesomeRoper gay bondage

More pictures — including many shots of Awesome Roper’s prisoner, are posted to the AwesomeRoper Tumblr page.

Official Edge Dungeon site here.

A behind-the-scenes story of what goes on at this facility available here.

Hint: You can also see more behind-the-scenes at Edge Dungeon at Serious Male Bondage