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Sex behind bars with Damian Taylor and Colby Keller

Get your handcuffs out for this new feature, Vice:

Damian Taylor and Colby Keller

In this scene from “Vice,” Damian Taylor is part of Vice, and he has his perp, Colby Keller, behind bars. Colby won’t nark unless he gets a taste of Damian’s dick. Colby gets on his knees to suck and does such a good job that Damian enters the holding cell to take it a step further. “It’s your turn man,” Damian declares as he gets down between Colby’s thighs to service the hung stud’s big hairy cock. The taste of Colby down his throat gets Damian revved up and needing Colby inside him. Colby opens Damian up with his tongue before Damian hops on to get what he wants most. Colby slides his throbbing dick deep into Damian’s furry ass as Colby bounces up and down taking it balls deep. Colby wants control and bends Damian over the bench to pound his ass from behind. He builds up to a frenzy, pumping in and out as Damian moans with each thrust from behind. “Make me cum!” Colby demands, as he pulls out to spray Damian’s lips and beard with ropes of thick white cum. All of the cum on his face makes Damian ready to blow his load and he lets loose to shoot his jizz all over the holding cell floor.

gay male sex in prison

Damian Taylor is part of Vice

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Vice with Damian Taylor and Colby Keller

Chad Brock is tied up, zapped, caned and fucked by Dirk Caber

Chad Brock is tied up, zapped, caned and fucked by Dirk Caber

Chad Brock is caged and chained to the walls as his hot leather master, Dirk Caber, approaches. Dirk orders his slave to his knees and jams his cock down his throat. Eager for more, Dirk enters the cage and gives Chad a taste of the violet wand. Chad is then flogged front to back as his hard cock swings through the air and drool drips down his gag.

Chad_Brock_and_Dirk_Caber_01 Chad_Brock_and_Dirk_Caber_02 Chad_Brock_and_Dirk_Caber_03 Chad_Brock_and_Dirk_Caber_04 Chad_Brock_and_Dirk_Caber_05 Chad_Brock_and_Dirk_Caber_06 Chad_Brock_and_Dirk_Caber_07 Chad_Brock_and_Dirk_Caber_08

After being made to suck Dirk’s cock, Chad is suspended upside down and caned. Once his ass is beaten red, Dirk fucks Chad’s pulverized ass till he bursts his load all over the slave’s face.

Chad Brock is tied up, zapped, caned and fucked by Dirk Caber

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Intruder Alert

In a self-bondage video, JimmyUSMC describes a fantasy he’s had for years about sneaking into an abandoned jail or prison and locking himself up in chains and shackles — only to be discovered by someone who finds him, and takes away his keys so he can’t escape his own bondage!

See VIDEO of this at Serious Male Bondage

JimmyUSMC is a true bondage guy, and craves the bondage experience. Jimmy can be found on FetLife under the same name.

This was shot on location at Hampton Jail in Iowa, and the same video is also available on Men In Chains, under the title of “Jail Break In.”

Christian Wilde brutally fucks a bad-ass inmate in his prison cell

Christian Wilde brutally fucks a bad-ass inmate in his prison cellChristian Wilde is a new guard assigned to watch over Troy Daniels, an inmate whose file lists him as a bad-ass. The warden has chained Troy up in his cell and fitted him with a chastity device. It’s late and the jail is empty so Christian decides to turn the bad-ass into a sex slave. Christian uses the crop on the prisoner and makes him choke on his cock.

22693_0 22693_4 22693_9

He slides his dick up Troy’s ass and fucks him mercilessly on the desk. With Troy on the CBT box, Christian hangs weights from his balls and gives him a hard flogging. With an ass hook filling his ass Troy’s mouth his held open by the spider gag and filled with Christian’s cock. Suspended by the jail house bars, Troy is fucked hard by Christian and covered in his cum.

Free video preview of this shoot here

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Pictures: A Serious bondage chair in use at the new Edge Dungeon

Check out these pictures, from the men of Serious Male Bondage, featuring RootT (from Recon) bound in a bondage chair made by a guy who goes by SelfBondageChair (on FetLife), at the new Edge Dungeon facility in California:

SelfBondageChair RootT

Serious Male Bondage writes:

“Inspired by a lifelong passion for BDSM, the construction of the mini cell block and dungeon started as a private initiative, taking over two years. Many challenges were overcome from finding a suitable and private location to gathering the original construction materials and skills from numerous sources. The goal was realized to build a fully working jail, build to function as such. No shortcuts were taken, resulting in cells that match those of Alcatraz. Now, this truly unique private space is available for anyone to further explore fetish and BDSM desires and make fantasies into realities.”

The bondage chair in the photos was made in Germany by a guy on Fetlife whose profile name is SelfBondageChair.

The captive is a guy on Recon whose profile is RootT.

VIDEO of the above-depicted action is coming soon to Serious Male Bondage.

tied in a bondage chair

Ride Along as a Prisoner – Part 4

Ride Along as a Prisoner Part 4 – City F Detention Center

By asiancuffs

15 Aug 2017

I sat on the prisoner bench with my hands cuffed and feet shackled to the steel bar. The only thing I can do is to watch though the bar windows of vehicles passing us. In about an hour, the wagon gets off the highway and starts entering F. The city traffic is not that bad as compared to G, and in 10 minutes on the busy road we reach a building with a pair of solid metal gates. I looked out of the window, there is a sign saying “City F Dentention Center.” The wagon is pointed directly at the gate, so that the CCTV can scan and check its license plate. In a minute, the gate opens automatically and the wagon enters the detention center. I heard some mechanical sound and saw the gate closed behind the wagon. The vehicle parked in a designated parking spot and the engine stopped.

Both officers get off from the driver’s compartment, and one went inside the building with some documents in his hand and also a set of transport restraints, the same kind that I am wearing now. The other office opened the rear door of the wagon to allow some fresh air before he stood near the wagon to have a smoke. There were a few persons walking by the wagon, some in uniform and some in plain clothes. Some of them say hello to the officer and have a chit chat. When they walked pass the rear door, most of them looked inside and saw me in handcuffs and shackled to the steel bar sitting there. A shackled prisoner is nothing new to them, so they just have a glance and walk past.

In about 15 minutes, I saw the officer who went inside the building come out of the door. Together with him is another uniformed officer holding one guy in his suit and shirt restrained in the same way like myself. I am not surprised that he is not in prison uniform as we both were just arrested persons and haven’t gone through court procedures, so we are wearing our own clothes. This guy, I call him jailmate, looks like he is not used to restraints, he didn’t know how to lift the connecting chain to reduce the dragging pressure of his ankles. He is walking in small steps in a very uncomfortable way. When he reaches the rear door of the wagon, I have eye contact with him and he immediately lowers his head. My officer friend then signs some papers, and together with the detention officer, they helped jailmate up onto the wagon. After he sat on the bench opposite me, another set of handcuffs were locked onto his shackle chains and the steel bar. The sliding gate was closed and back door was locked, both officers went back to the driver’s seat and we are ready to leave the detention center and head back to G.


To be continued …

Metal would like to thank the author, asiancuffs, for this true story!


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