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Forced to strip and shower

At StripSearchHell.com, judging by the state of blondie’s hole during the reception process, this crim needs a good scrub. It doesn’t matter how pretty his blue eyes are, a stinky hole is a stinky hole and this lad is quickly ushered in for a mandatory soaking. Naturally the water will be freezing cold and shooting from a power jet wash. They don’t want any dirt on his hairy asshole. Not when there is a prison full of sexually frustrated men just gagging for a fresh piece of ass to fuck.

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A Left Turn at Albuquerque – Part 13

By Hunter Perez

Merrifield finally woke up and released me from his grip. He rolled on his back, raised his arms into the air and yawned, then looked over at me with his newfound smile. I was moved by the serenity he displayed – he seemed to be completely at peace and joy with the world, so very different from the tortured man I encountered the previous evening.

“Do you…do you…have dreams?” he asked. His voice had settled into a deeply pleasant and masculine tone, although he still paused with slight uncertainty between words.

I sat up in the bed and tousled his long blonde hair. “Sometimes,” I answered. “Sometimes they’re good dreams, sometimes they’re not. Why are you asking?”

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A Left Turn at Albuquerque – Part 11

By Hunter Perez

The cell was around eight or nine feet in both length and width, with an unusually high ceiling, but it seemed cramped due to the presence of an oversized bed placed up against a wall in the middle of the space. The bedframe was crudely carved out of wood and its mattress was thin. A ratty brown blanket was crumpled at the head of the bed, which was covered in a dirty stained sheet.

The bed was obviously custom made – if not very well made – for the XL-sized occupant of the cell. Merrifield sat at the right edge of the bed and stared into the bars that kept him imprisoned. I guessed he would be either six-foot-five or six-foot-six if he were to stand up.

He sat slightly slouched over in a motionless manner. I had to stare very hard to notice the slightest clues of life when he betrayed an occasional eyelid blink and when his upper chest rose and fell in micrometers while breathing.

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Chad Brock is chained up and fucked by Dirk Caber

Chad Brock is tied up, zapped, caned and fucked by Dirk Caber

Chad Brock is caged and chained to the walls as his hot leather master, Dirk Caber, approaches. Dirk orders his slave to his knees and jams his cock down his throat. Eager for more, Dirk enters the cage and gives Chad a taste of the violet wand. Chad is then flogged front to back as his hard cock swings through the air and drool drips down his gag.

Chad_Brock_and_Dirk_Caber_01 Chad_Brock_and_Dirk_Caber_02 Chad_Brock_and_Dirk_Caber_03 Chad_Brock_and_Dirk_Caber_04 Chad_Brock_and_Dirk_Caber_05 Chad_Brock_and_Dirk_Caber_06 Chad_Brock_and_Dirk_Caber_07 Chad_Brock_and_Dirk_Caber_08

After being made to suck Dirk’s cock, Chad is suspended upside down and caned. Once his ass is beaten red, Dirk fucks Chad’s pulverized ass till he bursts his load all over the slave’s face.

Chad Brock is tied up, zapped, caned and fucked by Dirk Caber

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A Left Turn at Albuquerque – Part 05

By Hunter Perez

I spent about five minutes trying to convince myself not to panic – which was no mean feat, considering that I was locked in a jail cell in the middle of a derelict ghost town in the middle of the New Mexican desert by a law enforcement officer with more than few emotional problems. When my anxiety abated, I began to consider what would happen next.

I came to the immediate conclusion that Nicky was not going to leave me to die a slow death. For starters, he knew I had a phone with me – we already exchanged text messages – and I would be able to call 911 for help. Yet I hesitated to immediately place such a call because I was uncertain if this was an elaborate but unfunny prank on Nicky’s part. He obviously carried anger issues about my leaving him 10 years earlier, and maybe this was his warped idea of a temporary but determined comeuppance.

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A Left Turn at Albuquerque – Part 04

By Hunter Perez

Now, why in the world didn’t I allow Nicky to uncuff me when he made the offer? Perhaps I was being noble – his fantasy of arresting me clearly meant a lot to him and maybe I didn’t want to hurt his feelings? Or maybe I was still aroused at the concept of being his handcuffed prisoner? I had never done this type of a scene and I found it to be fun. At least for the initial part of the trip.

But once we got off the highway and took the road to the ghost town, my arms became sore and my shoulders hurt. The erection that accompanied me at the start of the journey disappeared and ride became more onerous while driving across a road in serious need of paving.

The area we drove through was conspicuously absent of civilization. Granted, the desert landscapes were beautiful in their ochre austerity, but to this urban denizen the absence of people, places and things was unsettling.  And as a real estate professional, the location raised a host of questions.

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