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Scenes from ‘Cops and Robbers,’ the Best of TitanMen Bad Boys


Break out of prison with TitanMen exclusive Dred Scott as he slam-fucks Patrick Knight while on the lam. Follow TitanMen exclusives Dirk Jager and Victor Banda into the warehouse for a little after-hours penetration. Break into Folsom Prison, where orange jump suited prisoners Diesel Washington and Markus Ramm tag-team prison guard Bjoern Giger, proving that orange really is the new black! Six of the very best hardcore, hard action fuck scenes featuring the very baddest bad boys in the TitanMen locker!

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Looks like this prisoner likes being chained in a cell

At BadBoyBondage.com, DJ drags the prisoner into the cell to interrogate him as to where his money is. The interrogation looks like fun all the way round, even the captive can’t stop the smile and the hard cock showing that maybe he likes the whips and crops.

gay bondage jail cells

Title of this shoot: “In the Cell Part 1”

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chained up in a cell

One Year – Part 06

By Taurus

Part 6 – “Barber”

James woke on his 21st morning to a blaring alarm – as per usual – and a pleasant surprise – so far the only truly pleasant thing that has happened to him since he got here.

The cell door opened to reveal two men – Arnold and someone who looked like the sergeant-type guy who read him the rules, except he had a beard that made him seem more friendly.

“Slave, meet Russell. He’s the one who’s gonna deal with your hair every two weeks, though I messed up the scheduling so you’re gonna get a trim next week too, and then it goes back to normal again. He’s also helping me do a few things in my job.

“He’s been here a long time. Knows what he’s doing.”

Seemed. Arnold seemed easy-going but all James has gotten from him are punishments. Since these two were cooperating, there was no reason to conclude at this juncture that Russell would not follow suit.

Instinctively, James opened his mouth to say “thank you sir,” but the punishment the week prior – which mandated silence from him – did its number, and he stopped himself.

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One Year – Part 03

By Taurus

Part 3 – ”Destination”

James was asleep when he arrived at his destination. He was awoken by the sensation of being blindfolded and ballgagged.

He was untied and pulled from the trailer. The moment his feet met solid ground – coarse concrete – the rope nooses on his wrists were brought behind him and secured to each other. The leg rope nooses were connected as well, but with some slack to function as a makeshift leg chain. As he shuffled about to find his footing, bits of sand he felt between his toes told him he was in a desert.

It was a hard day for James.

The dry heat on his skin triggered him to sweat, indicating to him that it was morning, and not just any old morning either. It was the kind where there were no clouds at all, just the sun bearing down with all its might, and every movement is laboured, seemingly weighed down by the scorching hot light.

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