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Prisoner Chad gets tickled

At My Friends Feet , Chad Tyler is a hairy blond hunk with a furry chest and a Southern drawl who has gotten into a bit of trouble. Now behind bars, Chad wakes up strapped to his cot. Someone must have told Rikk how ticklish Chad is, because Rikk tickles Chad while he is strapped down until it makes him go insane. His feet, armpits and sides are crazy ticklish. It makes Chad worry about what’s going to happen the next night! And the night after that…

male tickle torture

See the VIDEO at My Friends Feet

Title of this shoot: Prisoner Chad Tickled

male bondage tickling

Pictures: How to build a jail cell in your basement

Check out these pictures from roopurt (of FetLife) who built a jail cell in his basement, complete with a toilet, shower fixtures and even an under-the-floor cage! He posted more about this impressive do-it-yourself project on Reddit

jail cell in basement


Reddit post is available here.

Metal would like to thank roopurt for sharing these pictures, which are posted here with his permission.

Video: The jail toilet

Bind is chained next to the toilet in a jail cell — but that does not stop the guards from coming in to take a piss! Check out what happens:


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male bdsm

Also check out Bind’s site, Men In Chains

I am in a newly added video at Serious Male Bondage

Last October I had the pleasure of visiting the Franklin County Historic Jail out in Iowa. It was a fantastic experience. I made some new friends and solidified some longstanding friendships as well. Mark from Serious Male Bondage was among the participants, and we were all hosted by Bind from Men in Chains. I spent each night locked in a jail cell, and I also got to participate in some of the action, with the video cameras rolling all day.

One of the movies was this triple-threat scene that has now been added to Serious Male Bondage. In this clip, Harvey straps me into a Max Cita canvas sleepsack. Then Bind comes in and gets locked in metal, and finally Dakota Duke gets put in rubber. All of us are behind the bars of a jail cell!

Max Cita canvas sleepsack

The video is up now at Serious Male Bondage

Also see many related videos at Men in Chains

Thanks to Bind for hosting and Mark for shooting this fun video!

male bdsm

Vintage gay porn with Richard Locke

Now available from retromales.com — a collection of some of the hottest scenes starring the Daddy of all Daddies, vintage gay porn icon Richard Locke! Themes include fighting, fucking, romance and raunch as directed by Joe Gage, Arthur Bressan Jr., Steve Scott and others. This compilation contains selections from Heatstroke, Forbidden Letters, Kansas City Trucking Co., Gemini, Cruisin’ the Castro, El Paso Wrecking Corp., Magnum Griffin 14, The Sins of Johnny X, and L.A. Tool & Die. With solos, group sex, bar brawls, love, anonymous t-room action, and much more! The cast includes Richard Locke, Roy Garrett, Casey Donovan, Jack Wrangler, Steve Boyd, Clay Russell, Will Seagers (aka Matt Harper), Dave Daniels, Fred Halsted (non-sex cameo), and others uncredited

Vintage gay porn with Richard Locke


Richard Locke — the sexy, confident, (usually) bearded daddy, with a hip tattoo of a butterfly and a physique naturally toned from working outdoors — was one of the first to establish more mature men as potent sex symbols in gay porn. He reached iconic status from his outstanding appearances as the lead, Hank, in the Gage Brothers’ classic Working Man Trilogy (Kansas City Trucking Co., El Paso Wrecking Corp., and L.A. Tool & Die).

Richard served in the Army at the end of the ’50s, where he worked as a tank mechanic, then returned to California and eventually began starring in porn in his mid-30s under his real name. He worked with some of the finest auteur directors of classic gay porn (Joe Gage, Arthur Bressan Jr., Steve Scott, Wakefield Poole) and biggest stars (Jack Wrangler, Will Seagers, Roy Garrett, Casey Donovan).

Later in his career, Richard toured the country performing live jerk off shows for enthusiastic crowds (including at the Bijou Theater), published two books, authored a play, mountain climbed, and lived in a sparsely populated part of the desert outside Palm Springs, where he worked with some of his interests in rural and self-sustaining/do-it-yourself living by building a geodesic domed home with a working solar and wind power system.

In the ’80s and ’90s, he worked tirelessly to spread information about safer sex practices and health services during the AIDS crisis, writing and touring to educate, working with support groups, raising money, protesting, advocating condom usage for individuals as well as for porn studios (saying he was blackballed in the business as a result), sharing stories of others’ work and contributions, and even (reportedly) smuggling HIV medication into the United States to distribute to those in need through an underground clinic.

Richard was known as a being a charming combination of strong, caring, bright, unpretentious, and entirely genuine; a down-to-earth guy and a confident, unapologetic gay man qualities reflected in many of his movie roles. Director Joe Gage called him “the last of the true live-and-let-live hippies.”


L.A. Tool & Die (Joe Gage, 1979)

Richard Locke and uncredited (non-sex)

In this non-sexual but classic scene from the third installment of Joe Gage’s Working Man Trilogy, a homophobic man talks shit to Richard Locke in a bar bathroom, calling him a cocksucker, to which Locke grins and calmly responds, “You’d better believe it. The only thing I like better than sucking cock is kicking ass.” He tosses the man out of the bathroom and roughs him up. Locke takes off his shirt to reveal his hairy chest and tosses the man into a stack of boxes. The man, no match for Locke, runs away as Locke smirks.


Heatstroke (Joe Gage, 1982)

Richard Locke, Roy Garrett, Casey Donovan, and others

In the final sequence from Gage’s Heatstroke, Roy Garrett and Richard Locke menacingly taunt each other during a thunderstorm before a crowd of onlookers (including Casey Donovan and guys in cowboy hats). This confrontation leads to a physical fight, Garrett smashing a beer bottle over Locke’s head and Locke lifting and tackling Garrett. Eventually, Garrett pins Locke and kisses him, telling him that he’s going to make Locke suck the cock of every man in the room and then he’s going to fuck him in front of them… which he does.


Forbidden Letters (Arthur Bressan, Jr., 1976)

Richard Locke (solo)

We hear Locke’s voice-over as a man in prison writing to his lover on the outside, followed by a voice-over reply from his lover, over black-and-white imagery of Locke masturbating in a jail cell (actually filmed in Alcatraz), then color imagery of Locke at a drag ball and jacking off alone in the desert.


Kansas City Trucking Co. (Joe Gage, 1976)

Richard Locke, Steve Boyd, Jack Wrangler, and others

This moody, beautifully shot final sequence from the first film in the trilogy features Locke as a truck driver and Steve Boyd as the younger new (straight) guy on the job. They pull into a truck stop and a stylized fantasy orgy commences with Locke sucking an anonymous uncut cock sticking through the wire of the mattress of an upper bunk bed, a group of some anonymous and some visible men (including Jack Wrangler) jerking off, and more hot and wild sexual action, building up to Boyd rubbing his cock against Locke’s ass as barely-seen men on the upper bunk cum on both their faces.


Gemini (Steve Scott, 1977)

Richard Locke and Jack Wrangler

Jack Wrangler, wearing a leather jacket, kneels and worships Richard Locke’s cock in a dark alley as Locke smokes a cigarette. He pulls down Locke’s pants to reveal a bulging jockstrap and hungrily attacks its contents, also spending time eating Locke’s ass.


Cruisin’ the Castro (uncredited, 1981)

Richard Locke, Will Seagers (aka Matt Harper), and other

In Richard Locke and Will Seagers’ first on-screen appearance together, they find themselves in a muscular stranger’s apartment, where the three men entangle. Locke stuff’s both the men’s cocks in his mouth at once and Locke and the beefy guy take turns fucking Seagers.


El Paso Wrecking Corp. (Joe Gage, 1977)

Richard Locke, Clay Russell, Fred Halsted (non-sex cameo), and others

In a couple of quick selections from the second of the Working Man Trilogy, co-worker Fred Halsted (in a non-sexual cameo) waits in the car as Locke goes into a public bathroom. Inside, Locke services a couple of anonymous cocks through gloryholes and jerks off. Halsted comes inside and catches him in action and they both grin at each other. Later, Locke takes a walk and finds handsome, hairy Clay Russell on a beach. He plays with Russell’s nipples, blows him, and Russell fucks him.


Magnum Griffin 14 (uncredited, 1984)

Richard Locke and other

In a short 8mm loop called “Jail Cell,” Locke fools around with a clean-shaven man in a cell, at first kneeling and blowing the man, then kissing him and tossing him down on the floor, where he fucks him.


The Sins of Johnny X (Taylor Benson, 1975)

Richard Locke and Dave Daniels

Locke (in a rare appearance with no facial hair) sensitively dominates a somewhat shy Dave Daniels in Daniels’ bedroom. The two have a lot of chemistry and Daniels enthusiastically sucks Locke’s cock before Locke flips Daniels over and fucks him, throwing in some spanking. After they finish, they curl up together and Locke strokes Daniels’ face as they drift off to sleep.


L.A. Tool & Die (Joe Gage, 1979)

Richard Locke, Will Seagers (aka Matt Harper), and others

In a few of the scenes between Richard Locke (Hank) and Will Seagers (Wylie) in the final film of the trilogy, the two begin working together and grow closer, but have not yet physically connected. Seagers stumbles upon a bathroom circle jerk and notices that Locke is part of it. He tentatively joins in and the two touch each other, making intense eye contact as they masturbate and shooting their loads in unison. Later, they drive out to a piece of land in the desert that Locke bought and, at night, sit up and talk in Locke’s van over a bottle of wine. In the dim, red lighting, they admit their feelings for each other and have romantic, candle-lit sex, kissing, tenderly touching, taking turns sucking cock, eating ass, fucking each other, and masturbating together.

Vintage gay porn


VIDEO available here

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Title of this update: The Best of Richard Locke

Roy Garrett, Casey Donovan, Jack Wrangler, Steve Boyd, Clay Russell, Will Seagers (aka Matt Harper), Dave Daniels, Fred Halsted