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Long-term bondage sessions: Two switch players discuss their 10-day experience – Part 1

By @yohan555 and @xlrugbysocks

@yohan555 and @xlrugbysocks are both fans of prolonged bondage, and are happy to switch. This summer they set aside time to give each of them a 5-day session of continuous bondage, which was live tweeted on twitter. They were keen to give a debrief to metalbondnyc.

First 5-day period: @xlrugbysocks topped by @yohan555

@xlrugbysocks as captive:

We decided I would have my 5 day session as captive first, to give me the chance to get re-acquainted with @yohan555’s gear and play spaces, even if from the receiving end. We had done a successful 3 day session for each other last year, so we know each other well, our individual turn-ons and no-nos (layers of thick wool, and lots of soccer and seaboot socks being favs for me!) We neither like role-play, but @yohan555 had requested my theme for the session; I said I liked us just to be ourselves, for real, meaning I didn’t have a ‘story’ – and was a bit surprised on my release to find I was outed as an imprisoned and tortured medic!

The time flew by for me; I was a bit sleep-deprived before my arrival, so I slept a lot in the various padded cells and prison cells in the first few days. For me, long bondage sessions are always a mental struggle between letting go/throwing myself into fighting the restriction, and staying calm/keeping some reserves for the trials ahead; on my 4th day, I did reach total capitulation wearing a rubber suit and sj inside the heavy leather suspension bag.

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Gay prison porn: Abusing the captive behind bars

In this video from Bound Gods, Officer Connor Maguire beats and fucks Alexander Gustavo. Bent over the desk, Alexander is stripped naked for a full inspection before he is made to swallow Connor’s hard cock. The title of this video is “Officer Maguire beats and fucks a stud for littering.”


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A jail cell blowjob

full_01 full_06 full_08

At Iron Lockup, Sir visits the prisoner in his cell, giving us a rare close-up of Sir pissing. The inmate greets him with the customary blowjob. When Sir is getting ready to cum, he permits the captive to lick his balls until Sir blows his load in a long, enthusiastic shower.

Video at Iron Lockup

NOTE: Iron Lockup is no longer being updated with new content, but all their old videos are still available.


Third letter from an inmate

Update: I received yet another letter from my acquaintance, this one apparently written when he was actually INSIDE his jail cell! See below.



Well, here I am. I have decided that orange may actually be my color. I am out of the habit of wearing baggy clothes.

There is not much to say. What you notice is what you take for granted. There are no visible clocks, so the passing of time is a blur. There is a nearby clock tower for the county courthouse that chimes through the day, but the sounds are muffled. And while I can hear some of the time, you never know if your counting of the ‘bongs’ is right or not. I feel my senses are a bit dulled.

The starkest, boldest and most damning of going to the jail is the transformation. You lose your freedom of course, but what you wear, what you do and when you do it. The most striking though was the transformation of the world color. The courtroom is painted in warm hues of a mix of peach skin and gentle terra-cotta. It is well lit with thoughtful lighting and bright. The floor is carpeted and the furniture, while designed to be functional, is comfortable. I did talk back at the judge a bit, and that was not appreciated. I soon learned the message.

The coldness of it all occurs when you leave the courtroom. You leave the courtroom and enter the ‘public’ area of the Jail. The warm tones are left behind and you transition into a blend of law-enforcement shades of green and green-grey. The carpet becomes well-aged linoleum, being clean and well swept. The lighting moves to standard fluorescent lighting. Then finally you go through the heavy double steel door into the Jail itself, the floor is now bare concrete, the colors are all very dark, unyielding blue tinged custodial grey. What few lights bulbs that exist are hidden behind very hard plastic fixtures, and likely at most are 50-watt bulbs. The place is dim. The lighting is not strong enough to even see what you are reading.

There have been long periods of quiet tedium. And waiting. And waiting some more. Waiting for something, a something that seems never to come.

I will keep you posted.

The Bounty Hunter


In this video, Christian Wilde captures and fucks Sebastian Keys in bondage. It’s called ‘The Bounty Hunter

MetalbondNYC_dot_com_02_11413_p_09 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_03_11413_p_07 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_04_11413_p_04 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_05_11413_p_13 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_06_11413_p_15 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_07_11413_p_18

This is one from the Bound Gods vault. In this one, bounty hunter Christian Wilde caught small time drug trafficker Sebastian Keys in Mexico. He keeps Sebastian in a private run-down prison until he collects the bounty. Going for the bigger fish, Christian decides to interrogate his captive for the name of his boss for an even larger bounty. Sebastian endures a harsh body cavity search, CBT, TT, corporal and not to mention his ass gets violated by a night stick!


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Show us your ripe asshole, convict

The prison gym is the place for the hard men of the prison. They want to keep their muscles impressively large and intimidating, both inside and for when they get back onto civie street. The testosterone-filled weights room is where the prisoners have no choice but to brag and bluster about how tough they are. This muscled prisoner has made the mistake of saying his arse is untouchable within earshot of the officers. He knows that if they want to, any screw in the place could order him to display his arsehole and he’d have no choice. So in the prison gardens they demand a full strip and, owing to other inmate being present, he kicks off…

prison strip search

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