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Ride Along as a Prisoner – Part 4

Ride Along as a Prisoner Part 4 – City F Detention Center

By asiancuffs

15 Aug 2017

I sat on the prisoner bench with my hands cuffed and feet shackled to the steel bar. The only thing I can do is to watch though the bar windows of vehicles passing us. In about an hour, the wagon gets off the highway and starts entering F. The city traffic is not that bad as compared to G, and in 10 minutes on the busy road we reach a building with a pair of solid metal gates. I looked out of the window, there is a sign saying “City F Dentention Center.” The wagon is pointed directly at the gate, so that the CCTV can scan and check its license plate. In a minute, the gate opens automatically and the wagon enters the detention center. I heard some mechanical sound and saw the gate closed behind the wagon. The vehicle parked in a designated parking spot and the engine stopped.

Both officers get off from the driver’s compartment, and one went inside the building with some documents in his hand and also a set of transport restraints, the same kind that I am wearing now. The other office opened the rear door of the wagon to allow some fresh air before he stood near the wagon to have a smoke. There were a few persons walking by the wagon, some in uniform and some in plain clothes. Some of them say hello to the officer and have a chit chat. When they walked pass the rear door, most of them looked inside and saw me in handcuffs and shackled to the steel bar sitting there. A shackled prisoner is nothing new to them, so they just have a glance and walk past.

In about 15 minutes, I saw the officer who went inside the building come out of the door. Together with him is another uniformed officer holding one guy in his suit and shirt restrained in the same way like myself. I am not surprised that he is not in prison uniform as we both were just arrested persons and haven’t gone through court procedures, so we are wearing our own clothes. This guy, I call him jailmate, looks like he is not used to restraints, he didn’t know how to lift the connecting chain to reduce the dragging pressure of his ankles. He is walking in small steps in a very uncomfortable way. When he reaches the rear door of the wagon, I have eye contact with him and he immediately lowers his head. My officer friend then signs some papers, and together with the detention officer, they helped jailmate up onto the wagon. After he sat on the bench opposite me, another set of handcuffs were locked onto his shackle chains and the steel bar. The sliding gate was closed and back door was locked, both officers went back to the driver’s seat and we are ready to leave the detention center and head back to G.


To be continued …

Metal would like to thank the author, asiancuffs, for this true story!


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Taking down a prisoner with physical force

Prisoners who have committed crimes against the person are of particular interest to the officers. These men have no sense of shame about interfering with another person physically to get their own way. In a way it really is the only language they understand. They have abandoned any notion that you can get what you want any other way. Well two can play that game, and in truth they really have brought this on themselves.

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Prison bitch gets locked in chastity

Handsome young master Kirk returns to dominate and harass this feeble sub. First the snarling Master shackles the sub’s dick and balls so that he can’t get access to his own groin. This humiliates the worm, who is then ordered to strip off Master Kirk’s clothes and lick clean his armpits. He has to run his tongue all over Kirk’s body and slowly suck his impressive hardening dick. Then Kirk opens up his arse cheeks and demands that the sub deeply rim his filthy, sweaty hole before his feet are also thoroughly licked clean by the crushed sub.

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Raunchy sex behind bars

Alan Carly is in a cage, enjoying a cigarette. He is barechested as he smokes. Rosta Benecky appears outside the cage and beckons for Alan to kiss him. Their lips meet through the cage wires as Rosta’s hand opens Alan’s jeans and pulls out his stiffening cock. He drops to his knees and begins to suck on Alan’s rock hard cock as it pokes through the wire frame. Rosta then moves the frame and Alan comes out to join him. Rosta plays with Alan’s cock some more, slapping his balls too. They kiss and then Rosta turns Alan around and bends him over. His sexy ass is available and Rosta quickly spreads the cheeks and gets his tongue lapping at the hot hole. With the hole wet, Rosta then starts to finger it as he continues to rim. That hole is ready and Rosta’s massive dick slams into it, stretching it wide and fucking it deep. His big balls swing as his big dick keeps pounding Alan’s tight, hot, hole. Alan moans as his ass gets fucked so deep and hard. Rosta uses a hand to cover Alan’s mouth as the moaning gets louder. The big cock keeps slamming in and out of Alan’s ass really giving it to him good.

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Caesar gets strip searched in prison

Under the watchful gaze of the stern prison Governor, the guards strip search feisty inmate Caesar. This prisoner has a long silky foreskin that needs to be skinned back for a thorough contraband search! Plus they need to check behind his big dangling balls and up his tight arsehole. The power crazed men enjoy humiliating and sexually using this angry runt.

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A Week in Chains – Part 6

By asiancuffs

Part 6 – Free like a bird/a night in the detention cell

The sleep was good even though I was in seated hands above head shackle position. We were released early in the morning (again couldn’t tell the exact time, I guessed it was around 5:30 – 6:00). After our final washing at the stream, we returned to the foyer for our debriefing by the warden. He told us that we have done a good job and the standards of the walking paths were acceptable for beginners. There will be a wagon to pick us up shortly and we will meet at the roadside. Meanwhile we could pack our stuffs (do we have anything to pack?). They will take off our shackles that we have been wearing for days when we got back to the city. We were dismissed and some of us start heading to the roadside while the guards packed their stuffs.

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