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Bondage, abuse and humiliation

Mark didn’t think his punishment could get any worse. But now that his arse has been viciously tenderized, any slap to his sore bum cheeks is absolute agony! Aaron lashes his arse with a leather strap, making him thrash and howl like a madman. Mark’s pink straight arsehole is filled with a big fat dildo while Aaron tugs on his ginger willie. While the big bound strong man gets his arse continuously pounded, Dave administers shock to his nipples and teases his todger with a vibrator so Mark’s most sensitive parts are sensitized to an agonizing degree. Trembling all over, he loses all control of his bodily functions so his arse is leaking bum juice and his big bull balls can be fully drained. Aaron laps up his hetero spunk and feeds it back into his howling mouth.

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Used sexually while tied up in bondage

Tomas Hozman is shackled and spread-eagled, with his sexy ass on show. Tom Vojak is working on him, playing with his cock and then fingering his hot hole. As he fingers the hole, Tom also squeezes Tomas’s balls and wanks that throbbing cock. Tomas feels that finger ramming into his tight ass and grimaces, but takes it well. Tom also spanks that sexy ass from time to time as he finger fucks it. Then he rams a butt plug into the hole and starts sucking on Tomas’s cock. Pulling the plug out, Tom gets back to fingering the hole as he sucks on Tomas’s cock. He has more in mind too, taking a dildo, on a pole, and stretching Tomas’s ass with it. His ass gets fucked nice and deep, and his cock stays rock hard all the while. When he has played for as long as he wants, Tom leaves Tomas to relax a while.

Title of this shoot: Tomas Hozman ROUND 3 – Hot Ass

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Video: Straight frat jock Austin is brutally flogged, spanked and penetrated

Then he pumps out a massive load of cum. Here is a free preview video from the men of Dream Boy Bondage:


Shirtless muscle-stud Jared is not done torturing young Austin. He smacks the poor captive’s already lacerated back and ass with the split-head flogger. He even smacks the soles of Austin’s feet. “Now I’m going to fuck you within an inch of your life,” Jared tells the straight jock, showing him a long, rigid “punishment dildo” – one meant to inflict pain. Jared shoves the thing in hard and deep, making Austin – a butt-virgin just hours ago – yelp with agony. Then he wallops Austin’s ass some more, while fucking him, as the poor, naked prisoner squirms and screams. Finally, Jared flips Austin over onto his whipped back and orders him to jerk off. Austin doesn’t disappoint, pumping out a massive load of cum all over his lacerated stomach, thinking he’ll finally be let go. Poor, dumb frat jock. Jared’s got other ideas.

Dream Boy Bondage video

Title of this episode: Austin – Frat Boy Tease – Part 9

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gay bondage video

Bondage ass play

Petr Zuska is in the dungeon, shackled and gagged, straining to free himself. Naked too, his cock flops as he tries to release himself. Then Borek Sokol arrives, whip in hand, and gets to work on that hot, slim body, with Petr moaning all the while. Borek plays with the nipples as well, which gets Petr moaning even more. Then Borek works on Petr’s cock as well, using the whip intermittently as well. He releases Petr, bending him over and getting to work on his ass. A toy slips, easily, into Petr’s hot hole and fucks him nice and deep. Petr moans, as the rubber dick works in that hot ass then we get a close-up look at the well-used hole. On his back, legs up, Petr feels his hole being fingered by Borek before the dildo is shoved back inside it. That ass is stretched wide and fucked hard as Petr keeps up with the moaning. When he has had that ass fucked for a good long time Petr sits up and wanks his cock until he shoots his sticky cum for Borek.

Title of this shoot: Petr Zuska – Hot Ass

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Clean out your hole

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