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The Party – Part 02

By findingmyself1986

In the quiet and darkness of the cell you cannot do anything but focus on the itching of the jlube and the heaviness of the bondage. You struggle to try and find a spot of comfort, but every movement causes the jlube to bite further into the welts. Finally the sweat starts building into the heavy rubber. The sweat mixes with the jlube, and as the burning subsides you start to drift and think how this came to be.

For years you have longed to be an extended-service rubber gimp. When the doms presented you with this plan your dick jumped and started to leak. However it was made clear: agree now or never. When you agreed one of the doms cuffed your hands behind your back, another threw a bag of ice on your dick as you screamed and a third pulled out an intense chastity belt with three locks.

As the ice did its job the belt came together and then your soft dick was threaded through the cage and you heard the clicks of the locks. The fourth dom gathered all the keys, tapping your cage with his boot and told you you’re a lucky gimp. The fifth dom took your pants and put you in a pair of skimpy running shorts for the bus ride home. There was no way to fully hide the belt with the skimpiness of the shorts.

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Used sexually while tied up in bondage

Tomas Hozman is shackled and spread-eagled, with his sexy ass on show. Tom Vojak is working on him, playing with his cock and then fingering his hot hole. As he fingers the hole, Tom also squeezes Tomas’s balls and wanks that throbbing cock. Tomas feels that finger ramming into his tight ass and grimaces, but takes it well. Tom also spanks that sexy ass from time to time as he finger fucks it. Then he rams a butt plug into the hole and starts sucking on Tomas’s cock. Pulling the plug out, Tom gets back to fingering the hole as he sucks on Tomas’s cock. He has more in mind too, taking a dildo, on a pole, and stretching Tomas’s ass with it. His ass gets fucked nice and deep, and his cock stays rock hard all the while. When he has played for as long as he wants, Tom leaves Tomas to relax a while.

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