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Nordic hunk humiliated in a flower shop


At KinkMen, Ned takes Nordic hunk Blake Daniels to the streets on a busy Sunday afternoon. Blake is tied up with a “bondage for dollar” sign for the public amusement. Ned and Nick Moretti drag him into the nearby shop for some humiliation and rough play. Nick strips Blake naked and offers the stud’s body to the public. They beat him and violate his hole with a half dozen of roses. Blake is made to suck strangers’ cocks and receives loads of cum in his mouth and face.

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Bradley has a barbell tied to his balls

At Dream Boy Bondage, Bradley has been roped against the wall so long he has lost track of time. His cock and balls are tightly bound with hemp rope tied to a barbell on the floor behind him. The man torturing him, Jared, pushes the barbell back, painfully stretching his cock and balls and arching his ass off the wall. In this precarious, painful position, Bradley is flogged – even more brutally this time. Jared takes a break from the flogging just long enough to slap and grab Bradley’s ass as he moans in agony. Then Bradley feels a finger penetrate his virginal asshole. “Oh god!” he thinks, “I’m going to be fucked!”

Bradley has a barbell tied to his balls

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Title: BRADLEY: Master’s Pet – Chapter 4

Bradley has a barbell tied to his balls

Fetish bondage sex with Rick Van Sant and Angelo

The screams of twisted fetish superstar Rick Van Sant are muffled by a ball-gag as he struggles against the restraints that have him shackled to a wrought-iron cage. He’s been chained to stand spread eagle over a rim-seat with a huge menacing dildo secured to the lid so that when he sits back the entire thing goes straight up his ass. Angelo, a 6-foot-2 muscular dom, comes in and finds Rick enjoying the ride. He lifts the lid of the rim seat and fucks him with the dildo then knock down Rick onto his knees so he can feed him his 9-inch dick. The cock-hungry sub nearly gags on the mammoth tool but manages to give Angelo the juicy blowjob he demands. As soon as Rick stops for a breather, Angelo throws him on his back and plows his hole with his rock-hard cock. With his monster buried deep in Rick’s hole, Angelo reaches down to jack off the squirming bottom. Angelo pulls out and they both jack and blow their loads all over Rick’s abs.

Fetish bondage sex with Rick Van Sant and Angelo

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Site: Hot House

Fetish bondage sex with Rick Van Sant and Angelo

DJ is forced to use nasty butt fucking machines

This is a vintage video from the Butt Machine Boys channel:

Butt Machine Boys

DJ wakes up in a dark dungeon with a chain around his neck. He tries to leave, but the chain is locked to the brick wall. The Ass Master’s creepy voice appears in the darkness, and DJ freaks out. DJ quickly learns that he has to give up his ass for his freedom. The Ass Master commands DJ to put toys in his ass. DJ reluctantly complies.

Butt_Machine_Boys_02 Butt_Machine_Boys_03 Butt_Machine_Boys_04 Butt_Machine_Boys_05

Of course, it’s all about the machines. DJ starts out reclining on the electric gyno chair with the Monster machine plowing his ass. His hairy ass is now stretched out for the Double Dragon machine. The wicked Dragon has two dildoed shafts. One pounds his wet mouth, and the other pounds his hot ass. As the Dragon speeds up, DJ explodes and screams with pain and pleasure

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Seeing It Through – Part 03

This story originally appeared on LockedMEN — a site about male-on-male chastity.

By Cutieboy90

gay bondage stories Cutieboy90Six months…

Tyler tapped his chin ponderously.

“Is this it, then?” He asked after several tense minutes of silence. “In three months, all you’ve done is one half of the promenade deck?”

Stefan bit his lip.

“The contest is still another six months away, you have the time. I just wonder if you have the focus. Or if it’s being split and spent elsewhere…”

Stefan cleared his throat nervously. “Well… Yeah sort of. It’s just that. Uhmmm…”


“The uh, window frames… They…” Stefan broke a sweat. “Take a lot of time. And uh… I dunno, kinda spending a lot of time…” He trailed off, turning away from the desk to hide his blush.

Tyler happened to glance down and noticed the unmistakable outline of a buttplug at the seat of Stefan’s jeans. One of the big ones. He tried to conceal his smirk.

“You… Seem more relaxed today,” Tyler lightened his tone as he eyed his friend. “Perhaps it’s intentional?”

“Yes!” Stefan replied quickly. “Yes! Uh, very intentional. I planned for this step to take time, and I’ll still be ready for the contest. Yeah.”

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Seeing It Through – Part 02

By Cutieboy90

gay bondage stories Cutieboy90Three months…

Three. Whole. Months.

That’s how long Stefan’s poor cock had been locked away for. And he was really feeling it as he sat down at his workbench after a long day. He took a moment to look over his progress so far: the hull was complete, the lower decks had been installed, most of the rest of the subassemblies had been dryfit, sanded, and several pieces had even been primed for painting.

The next step was to begin the superdetail. Nine sheets of thin photoetched brass, containing fine representations of vent grills, ladders, benches, deck chairs, pulleys, ratlines, stairs, window frames, and even the steering wheel. Additionally, there was a kit containing the masts, bells, and a sheet to make the crow’s nest. And at last, a small plastic bag with the ship’s three propellers, each cast in solid brass. Stefan could feel their weight in his palm.

“Well, here we go…” Stefan muttered to himself. He prepared two small tubs, one with a weak vinegar solution, the other with dissolved baking soda and water. Another, larger tub with plain cold water rested on the floor. Several layers of paper towels were laid down as well.

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Check out the video: Doug is tied and double-dildoed


Doug is roped on his back – legs spread wide, asshole quivering – and fucked hard with a huge – and they mean huge – dildo. Then rope man J.J. flips him over and fucks that juicy ass again. But it gets even better: J.J. inserts a second dildo in Doug’s ass and literally double-fucks him.

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7 Days in Berlin – Part 02

By Takeo

Arrival in Berlin

Just as the train stops, I hear a noise. An envelope slips under the door. I hastily tear it off and find a key. I immediately try it and manage to open the padlock of the chain that links my wrists. I take the envelope back to look for the other keys, but nothing, the envelope is empty. I hear the controller going around the compartments. He knocks on the door and asks me to get off. I tell him I will be out in a minute. I have no choice than to accept the situation, there will be nothing more.

I put on my t-shirt and get down on the platform, leather cuffs padlocked on my wrists and chastity belt under my sports outfit, fortunately not too tight. I hide the leather pieces by putting my hands in my pockets. But finally at this hour at the Berlin train station, people are in a hurry to go to work and nobody pays attention to the little Swiss guy in sportswear. I walk down the platform thinking about the events of the day before and what is to come. I feel my cock start to harden, stopped immediately by the cage…

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