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A captive gets staked out in the yard

Jaiden takes his new prisoner to the yard for a little outdoor training. The obedient man follows orders, and he is soon naked and roped down on the cold ground, his bare ass exposed and his body being slapped by the flogger. The nearby fire doesn’t make it any warmer, but the threat of the giant dildo certainly heats things up a little. Will Jaiden fill his hairy hole with the gigantic toy?

A captive gets staked out in the yard

A captive gets staked out in the yard

A captive gets staked out in the yard


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Title: Jaiden Has A New Toy – Part 3

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A captive gets staked out in the yard

Swinging bondage dick

Master Tye really has his hands full with all his captives, but he’s determined to take plenty of time to use and torment hung and uncut Skylar. He comes back to the swinging prisoner to give him some more flogging and whips with the riding crop, his big dong swinging around while he’s roughly played with. Freed and made to crawl, the captive’s ass is exposed, his ringed cock and balls tugged and jerked, humiliated and slapped around by his handsome master!

Master Tye really has his hands full with all his captives


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Scene Title: Doubling Up – Part 6

Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber

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Check out Liam Santiago and Jay Rising in these vintage shoots from Men On Edge

Liam Santiago and Jay Rising are two male porn stars who have been tied up and edged at the Men On Edge bondage and edging site.



Liam Santiago — Muscled straight stud gets edged by two dudes for the first time:


Liam Santiago is a straight stud who’s never been with another dude before, so they start him off with a blindfold to calm his nerves as he’s bound in the chair. John Jammen teases Liam’s nipples as Van whips out the stud’s uncut cock. They get him rock hard before putting tit suckers on his nipples, while driving him crazy with the hitachi’s. Standing up, Liam is bound with his hands behind his back as Van shoves John’s head down on the stud’s cock until he’s just about to blow. Back in the bedroom, Liam is bound to the bed as the two pervs tease his cock and finger his hole. Liam is tied down onto the bed, blindfolded and gagged while his hard cock slides in and out of the fleshjack. After relentless edging, Liam finally blows his cum onto his stomach before he’s finished off with some post-orgasmic tickling.

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Here’s another one from Men On Edge:

Jay Rising — Straight stud with a giant cock relentlessly edged against his will:


When Jay Rising least expects it, Sebastian pounces on him from behind and quickly ties him up. He calls up Van to come join in on the fun and the two tear away Jay’s clothes as he’s bound and blindfolded. The straight stud is a little feisty so the two pervs smack him around till he’s ready to submit. He settles down as the two get his cock nice and hard, teasing him with hitachi’s vibrating on his cockhead before going off to take their break. Tied up in the chair, Jay moans in his bondage as Van ad Sebastian enjoy a cup of tea. They torment the bound stud by taking a gulp of tea and spitting it back onto Jay’s hard cock. When Jay threatens to tell on the two pervs they take some blackmail photos of Jay sucking Sebastian’s cock for insurance. Jay then has a vibrator shoved up his ass as the two pervs continue to edge his cock with the fleshjack. The pervs shove a prostate massager up Jay’s butt as they milk a load of cum out of his cock and give him some post-orgasmic tickling.

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Brian Bonds and Dale Savage explore each other’s holes

Dirty Daddy Dale Savage has the scruffy Brian Bonds in his sling, playing with his hole, but it’s not just Brian’s hole that’s getting a work over. Brian inserts a sounding rod into his piss hole, and Dale helps him work it. The rod stays in while Dale gets his first into Brian’s hole, bringing him to his limit. The two men trade positions, and Dale is in the sling with Brian’s fist in his hole pushing them both past the point of no return.

Brian Bonds and Dale Savage explore each other’s holes

Brian Bonds and Dale Savage explore each other’s holes


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Liam Skye worships Devin Franco

Brian Bonds and Dale Savage explore each other’s holes