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Pictures and video: Jay at Roped Studs

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This is a great site with high-quality video, really awesome bondage and some VERY hot models! Like Jay, shown here in pictures and a video clip. This is some of what happens to Jay at Roped Studs:


jay06RS_3 jay06RS_4 jay06RS_6

Here is a free video preview of Jay at Roped Studs:


And here are a few more pictures of Jay at Roped Studs:

jay04RS_2 jay04RS_3 jay06RS_1 jay06RS_2

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An athlete is tied up and gets his hole invaded

A masked man assaults a captive jogger’s tight, virgin asshole. He uses his finger first to lube and loosen it as the young man squirms and grunts, trying to cope with the invasion. Then the man uses a large dildo, slowly working it into his tight butt. The young athlete struggles and moans, his legs trembling, his toes wiggle, he whimpers pitifully through his gag as he tries to escape the invading rubber dick.

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See the VIDEO at Straight Men In Trouble

This of this update: Jogger in Trouble – Part 4

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A bound muscle guy gets his hole violated

Tied face down, helpless and unable to defend his manhood, a young man shudders as a masked captor spreads his muscular ass cheeks, exposing his tight, virgin hole and fucking him with his greased finger. He moans softly in discomfort and shame as the man fucks him roughly with a small dildo. But his moaning becomes loud and desperate as the man fucks him roughly with a large dildo, shoving it all the way in, over and over, totally emasculating the muscular stud.

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See the VIDEO at Straight Men In Trouble

This of this update: Nightmare Becomes Real – Part 3

Metalbond gay bondage

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Bound butt play

At Boynapped, Maxxie can take a lot of punishment with a good dom, but this is the first time he’s come up against Ashton. He’s been prepared, stripped and left hooded for the dom’s arrival, and with a brief introduction Ashton soon has his new plaything up on the bench. With some straps tightly secured and ropes to hold him in place, our chav top gets to work, fingering the captive’s slightly hairy hole, easing a toy inside, then moving to a bigger one. Maxxie’s cock hangs heavy, he’s clearly loving it, but can he take some fisting from the mean master?

With some straps tightly secured and ropes to hold him in place


See the VIDEO at Boynapped

Scene Title: Maxxie Rivers & Ashton Bradley

Scene Short Description: Owned By The Most Devious Of Doms – Part 1

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