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Video: Marcus gets impaled on a steel dildo

Master Alex impales his prisoner on a steel dildo, clamps his nipples with two nasty clips then face fucks him. Scroll down for a free video clip!

Marcus gets impaled on a steel dildo

Alex drags his slave into an adjacent room. His eyes widen when he sees a ladder-backed chair in the middle of the room, a wooden block with a steel spike topped with a steel ball sitting on top of it. “Get up there,” Alex tells the captive, guiding him to the seat. Marcus kneels, his ankles strapped to either side of the wood block. Alex pushes him backward and cuffs his wrists behind the ladder-back. Marcus can feel the cold, steel ball touching his anus. “It’s too big!” he says as his Master gradually pushes him down on the thing. The poor stud whimpers as he is penetrated, stuck like a bug on a pin. Alex is still not satisfied. He attaches two nasty clips to his captive’s nipples and rubs his lean, well-muscled body with oil. A minute later Alex is standing on two risers, straddling the chair, shoving his erect cock deep down his impaled slave’s throat.

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Title of this shoot: Marcus Rivers – Young Cock Torture – Chapter 5

Dream Boy Bondage

Ignac is tied up and gagged and gets his hole wrecked

Ignac and Karel are RAW and raunchy at Str8Hell. Check them out:

Ignac is tied up and gagged and gets his hole wrecked

Having only recently had his cherry busted, Ignac is gagged and tied in the chair as Karel feels his body and starts to beat his ass with a crop. Ignac moans as he feels it and then Karel’s fingers too as they rub over his hole. That sexy ass feels the crop again and begins to redden.

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tied up and fucked

Buttplug harness


D035N-6 D035N-12 D035N-15

Check out this buttplug harness, which is perfect for making sure that plug stays put – whether it’s metal, silicone or vinyl. Available with a locking or non-locking option. Metalbond prefers the locking version, because it means your prisoner is just going to have to suffer with that buttplug until you decide to take it out. Keep him locked in long enough and you might just get to watch his pants get dark with precum!

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Sebastian and the Ass Master

This is a vintage shoot from the men of Butt Machine Boys

9 15 Sebastian Keys Butt Machine Boys

Handsome boy next door Sebastian Keys wakes up in the Ass Master’s dungeon. Sebastian refuses the voice’s initial requests but eventually gives in to his sick little game. Sebastian inserts rubber and metal toys up his tight ass. The machines are dragged out and he straddles the Crystal Palace at full speed. The large dildo attachment is pumping his hole like a smoking piston. The loud banging Hammer machine relentlessly fucks his wet ass. It literally milks his cum load from his unwilling cock.

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fiucked up the ass at Butt Machine Boys

Video: Tied up and dominated by Silas

Check out what happens at MyDirtiestFantasy.com — and scroll down for a free video clip!

Silas is that kind of master

Silas is that kind of master that no matter what, he never has enough, and Pan is going to soon discover this. After all the abuse suffered, Pan is gagged and tied with ropes to a wooden platform with his legs up. Silas doesn’t doubt to whip his naked and exposed body as a soft preliminary to the real torment that’s yet to come. The pinwheel around his body, the fuck machine whilst he’s whipped and stepped on, his master isn’t merciful! And when he is bored of that, he ties his slave’s balls to his toes, leaving his cock exposed to make him cum with some different dildos. His moans don’t leave you indifferent when Pan reaches the orgasm with the Silas’ hand still on his wet cock.

Here is a free video preview:


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Title of this shoot: Lost Fate – Part 2 – Silas Rise, Pan Bash

tied up cocksuckers

Danny is tied naked in a standing spread eagle

At BreederFuckers, Danny is tied while stark naked. All he can do is pathetically shout “fuck off” in his hot Irish accent while Adrian suckles his precious straight dick. Danny can’t stop himself from growing aroused and his face goes bright red in humiliation at being so stimulated by another man. Dave binds his dick and balls, then weighs them down with a bowling ball so they are stretched to breaking point.

metalbond gay bondage

Every second of this suspension is absolute agony. Adrian breaks open his resistant hole, stretching that rubbery sphincter and making his arse cheeks bounce. Pegs are attached all up his torso and his dick is released so it can be stimulated again making him very erect. Dave expertly brings him off but at the moment he cums the pegs are torn off making Danny feel the most agonizing mixture of pleasure and pain ever. Watch how his sexy body trembles all over with the intensity of this shock!

male bondage

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