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Do you think he will be predator or prey?

predator behind bars

The prison officers know what they are going to receive before they actually clap eyes on new prisoners. They know the lad’s age, ethnicity and what he’s down for. You want to make sure that any tasty new piece of meat is checked over thoroughly before dishing it out to the sex-hungry prisoners on the wing. Now a young lad being sent down for the first time is going to have the older lags queuing up to take advantage of him. Apart from checking its orifices for contraband, the screws will also want to check its holes for other reasons!

forced to strip

VIDEO at Strip Search Hell

male forced to strip

Chase: Sub Training Camp – Part 1

By Zac Loughty

This story is about adults, to be read by adults only.

The author would like to thank his Discipline Monitor for his ‘encouragement’ to get this story finished, and for proofreading this story.

“Boy, do you have a sec?”

It’s Sir. He sounds excited. I’m looking at porn before I join him in bed.

“Sure. What’s up, Sir?”

“I just received the most exciting news, boy!”

“What, Sir?” I hope we’re gonna host an orgy.

Sir enters our office and takes a seat on the sofa.

“Where to begin?” he ponders out loud.

Wow! Sir rarely becomes this animated.

“Do you know how you’re always saying that you wish you could become more obedient, boy?”

“Um… theoretically…” What? I wasn’t serious! I only say that so Sir will take pity on me and take this fucking cage off my dick so I can blow my load.

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New site: Bound Twinks

Tyler can’t believe his good fortune when he sees Chris in his favorite position: bent over the fuck bench, mouth taped, hands and feet bound, and his eyes wide with nerves. Tyler isn’t a sadist or brutal, but he does love seeing his captives in a state of suspense. Them not knowing what he’s likely to do next gives him a special thrill and satisfaction that can only come from being a bondage top. And Chris is lucky to get to be his puppet.

male bondage twink action


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Title of this shoot: Tyler Tanner & Chris Keaton, Encounter 1

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Sebastian Keys at Butt Machine Boys

Sebastian Keys endures extreme fucking machines at Butt Machine Boys

Sebastian Keys wakes up tied to a bed in a deep dungeon. Before he knows where he is or who put him there, a masked stranger eats his ass and dildo fucks him. Next the annihilator fucks his ass hard as the masked stranger works the controls. Even though he doesn’t know the man who’s taken him, Sebastian doesn’t want to leave and is given a reward fuck by his favorite machine and shoots his load all over it.

Model in this shoot: Sebastian Keys

Title: Sebastian Keys endures extreme fucking machines

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Video: Frat stud gets roped, tickled, caned and fucked

MetalbondNYC_tied_up_01 MetalbondNYC_tied_up_02

At Roped Studs, Muscular Jordan is roped on his back to a steel ladder dangling in mid-air, arms spread wide, legs spread even wider. “Oh fuck!” the frat stud screams. He knows why his legs are spread so wide: He is about to be fucked while bound and helpless. But first things first: Rope man J.J. wants to enjoy the beautiful, supple soles of Jordan’s feet. He alternates between tickling them and caning them, eliciting nervous laughter, then shriekes of pain. A little later, J.J. greases up that stretched asshole – and rams in a huge, black dildo. “Fuuucckkkk!” Jordan screams as his ass is drilled.


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