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Do you think he will be predator or prey?

predator behind bars

The prison officers know what they are going to receive before they actually clap eyes on new prisoners. They know the lad’s age, ethnicity and what he’s down for. You want to make sure that any tasty new piece of meat is checked over thoroughly before dishing it out to the sex-hungry prisoners on the wing. Now a young lad being sent down for the first time is going to have the older lags queuing up to take advantage of him. Apart from checking its orifices for contraband, the screws will also want to check its holes for other reasons!

forced to strip

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male forced to strip

Chronicles of a Slave Trader – Chapter 18

By PredicamentBondage

Joey is watching himself in the enormous wall-mounted mirror, 10 feet in front of him. It completely covers one wall of the room and reflects every curve and quiver of the stud’s superb musculature.

Our ‘sex-slave-in-training’ is standing on two concrete blocks, six inches by six inches, and twelve inches high, positioned three feet apart. He’s poised on the balls of his feet, nervous about the anal invader that has breached the outer defences to his anal cavity.

The intruder is a long tapered composite granite cone, about 18 inches high and 8 inches diameter at the base. Highly polished, very smooth, it’s truly a beautiful thing; one of my favourite toys. The cone is mounted on a 2 inch thick, solid steel rod, supported by heavy metal brackets fixed between the concrete blocks on which the slave stands.

The rod and cone rest on a pneumatic pump that can raise the cone through its full 18 inch length. For now, however, there is just an inch and a half inside the slave’s tight butt-hole, just enough to stop the victim raising himself off its assailant.

Keeping the slave upright, is a thick metal collar, welded to a horizontal steel pole, firmly mounted to the wall, three feet behind the captive’s neck. No other bondage is necessary, the prey is going nowhere.

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Check out Liam Santiago and Jay Rising in these vintage shoots from Men On Edge

Liam Santiago and Jay Rising are two male porn stars who have been tied up and edged at the Men On Edge bondage and edging site.



Liam Santiago — Muscled straight stud gets edged by two dudes for the first time:


Liam Santiago is a straight stud who’s never been with another dude before, so they start him off with a blindfold to calm his nerves as he’s bound in the chair. John Jammen teases Liam’s nipples as Van whips out the stud’s uncut cock. They get him rock hard before putting tit suckers on his nipples, while driving him crazy with the hitachi’s. Standing up, Liam is bound with his hands behind his back as Van shoves John’s head down on the stud’s cock until he’s just about to blow. Back in the bedroom, Liam is bound to the bed as the two pervs tease his cock and finger his hole. Liam is tied down onto the bed, blindfolded and gagged while his hard cock slides in and out of the fleshjack. After relentless edging, Liam finally blows his cum onto his stomach before he’s finished off with some post-orgasmic tickling.

34598_0 34598_2 34598_20Free video preview of Liam Santiago at Men On Edge available here.


Here’s another one from Men On Edge:

Jay Rising — Straight stud with a giant cock relentlessly edged against his will:


When Jay Rising least expects it, Sebastian pounces on him from behind and quickly ties him up. He calls up Van to come join in on the fun and the two tear away Jay’s clothes as he’s bound and blindfolded. The straight stud is a little feisty so the two pervs smack him around till he’s ready to submit. He settles down as the two get his cock nice and hard, teasing him with hitachi’s vibrating on his cockhead before going off to take their break. Tied up in the chair, Jay moans in his bondage as Van ad Sebastian enjoy a cup of tea. They torment the bound stud by taking a gulp of tea and spitting it back onto Jay’s hard cock. When Jay threatens to tell on the two pervs they take some blackmail photos of Jay sucking Sebastian’s cock for insurance. Jay then has a vibrator shoved up his ass as the two pervs continue to edge his cock with the fleshjack. The pervs shove a prostate massager up Jay’s butt as they milk a load of cum out of his cock and give him some post-orgasmic tickling.

34605_2 34605_6 34605_9

Free video preview of Jay Rising at Men On Edge available here.

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Video: Cole and Felix at Dream Boy Bondage

Cole and Felix at Dream Boy Bondage

“Oh God it’s too big!” Cole gasps as Felix Frost pulls out the steel butt-plug he used to break in Cole’s asshole and replaces it with a massive dildo with a fist-like ball on the end. Cole cries out in agony as the huge phallus pummels his asshole like a pile driver. He remains firmly attached to the horizontal X-cross by a series of elastic cords that dig into his flesh. After fucking his captive for an hour, Felix leaves the punishment dildo imbedded in Cole’s ass then whips him hard with his favorite flogger while continuing to fuck him. “Whose ass is this? Felix barks. “Yours, Sir,” Cole sputters, the dildo still shoved in as his ass and back are flogged, then misted with alcohol. Cole is then flipped over onto his back and pinned down by the same web of elastic, and his torso and balls are covered with biting clothespins.

Here is a free teaser video — which looks best in full screen mode:


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Title of this shoot: “Cole Miller – A Boy For Torture – Part 6”

severe testicle torture