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Pictures and video: Jay at Roped Studs

Roped Studs is a great site with high-quality video, really awesome bondage and some VERY hot models! Like Jay, shown here in pictures and a video clip.

This is some of what happens to Jay at Roped Studs:

jay06RS_3 jay06RS_4 jay06RS_6

Here is a free video preview of Jay at Roped Studs:


And here are a few more pictures of Jay at Roped Studs:

jay04RS_2 jay04RS_3 jay06RS_1 jay06RS_2

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Male bondage porn: Mercenary Eagle

Keep your eyes open for the sexy exploits of the Eagle. He’s a private eye stud who works the game just the way his big cock likes it. He’s used to turning every assignment into a chance for his own hot pleasure. It’s turned into a routine, and he’s used to getting his way. But look out! Big trouble is about to complicate his plans for seduction. This time will he have to take what he’s been dishing out? Is his hot body and hungry booty up to the task?

Gay Male bondage porn

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Title of this video: Mercenary Eagle

male bondage video

Island Master UK – Part 15

By Wakeysub

[I hope you are still enjoying the story – it’s odd when I write these as I have no way to know how they are being received. I always assume that my interests are fairly niche and therefore readers may not enjoy the direction the story is going in. This means that it’s great to get your feedback either here or on my Recon account as it lets me know that it’s actually getting read. If you have any suggestions for where the story should go let me know. I think it’s safe to say that this is turning into the holiday of a lifetime.]

He moved quickly up the steps and across the clearing to the main hall. We moved through the hall and stopped in front of a large panel. Master West placed a metal harness over my head and closed the straps below my arms. It fitted perfectly, hugging my body tightly and framing my nipples. He checked the positioning and fit. When he was happy, he directed me to lie on the ground face down. I knelt and lay on the cold tiled floor.

He took my left ankle and then pulled my left arm back, so my wrist and ankle were aligned. He pressed the two restraints together and they locked together. He repeated with my right wrist and ankle putting me into a tight hogtie. He picked up a large syringe from a box and inserted it into my asshole. He pushed the nozzle in deep and I moaned as I felt him filling my ass with thick viscous lube.

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Tied up and poppered up

Hot young muscleboy Jonathan looks so sexy tied to a table in nothing but his jock strap! This straight captive is accustomed to being praised and desired by all. He furiously struggles, but Adrian is hell bent on turning this hetero into a gay whore. With a bottle of party juice held up to his nostrils, Jonathan can’t stop himself inhaling the fumes to become loose and horny.

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A bodybuilder gets tied up and fucked up on poppers

In this video from BreederFuckers, a bodybuilder is stripped naked to start the humiliation. He is forced to snort poppers to loosen up his tight arsehole. No doubt boiling hot and with the room spinning, sweat streams down from his hairy pits. The tempting athlete is fondled to erection from two pairs of inquisitive hands. That big thick erection gets CBT from a load of chopsticks along his cock, sandwiching his stiffy from stem to tip. Then it’s the nasty ball squasher to turn his precious gonads into a squashed hamburger. Clothes pegs biting all over his cock brings him around from his popper-induced intox. Muscular legs are tied back behind his head so his anus can have the full stretching treatment it deserves.

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