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The Caged Jock is Dicked Down

The Caged Jock is featured in an erotic film. He is caged in chastity while wearing a belt equipped with a 9-inch dildo. It doesn’t take much to convince him to show off that massive dildo (or to bend over and give it to himself). That’s a request that only an erotic muse like The Caged Jock can handle. The lights are low, and it looks like someone is about to get ‘Dicked Down.’

The Caged Jock is Dicked Down

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Site: frocktheworld.com

Title of this video: Dicked Down

The Caged Jock is Dicked Down

His arse is tight and puckered and about to be violated

James is stripped down with his legs spread in the air, and there’s nothing covering his tight virgin arsehole but a thin nearly transparent layer of white fabric. His hefty genitals are nicely bundled up in that pouch. He’s terrified as they hover around him, sliding hands under the fabric of those briefs and tearing them away so he’s fully exposed. That arse is so tight and puckered, and no matter how tightly he clenches his sphincter there’s no stopping them from sliding into him whenever they want.

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SFDom puts AzPupZoey in spreader pants

Here are more pictures from a video available at Serious Male Bondage featuring SFDom putting AzPupZoey in bondage involving Spreader Pants! The Spreader Pants have an optional butt plug rod (as depicted in the video) and special vibrator mounts. AZKinkyDom is also featured in this video. The restraints are from maxcita.com and bestfixsystems.de.

SFDom puts AzPupZoey in spreader pants

See the VIDEO at Serious Male Bondage

Title of this video: Spreader Pants In Vegas

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Wesley is roped to the red bondage chair, ass out

Here’s more from Roped Studs. See below for a free video clip in high-def.


Wesley Ryder is back with his long, lean body, curly hair, creamy skin, and juicy ass. Watching him squirm, arch, twist and turn is a beautiful sight. Not long after Rope Man J.J. arrives to play with that ass! J.J. fucks his captive senseless, while jerking that rock hard cock until it blows a load of cum onto the chair below. Wow. Wesley is a stud.

wesley07RS_3 wesley07RS_4


Here is a free video clip:


There are TEN videos of Wesley Ryder posted at Roped Studs


Strapped to the bench and fucked by a dildo machine

Blond twink Noah has cause to be a little nervous, but the fit and smooth young guy hides it well. After a little inspection the twink is put to use, bent over the bench with his long cock hanging and his smooth arse up for Sean to enjoy. He’s really not holding back. With the captive’s hole licked and fingered, his own big dick is soon fucking the twink’s mouth. Noah can’t seem to hide his glee when Sean starts up the fucking machine to pump a dildo in and out of his pucker!

Strapped to the bench and fucked by a dildo machine

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Title: Having Fun With A New Boy – Part 1

Sean starts up the fucking machine

Paolo’s sexy pink fuckhole is totally exposed

At BreederFuckers, Paolo is restrained in nothing but a jock strap — and he’s secured in the most terrifyingly vulnerable position a straight man can be! On his back with his legs spread apart, his sexy pink fuckhole is totally exposed! Beneath his gag he hyperventilates, because every second he is in a panic knowing they can plunge their cocks into his precious arsehole. They can make money whoring this prime hetero fucker out! But the resistaned bastard refuses to play along, so they need to break down his resistance. Dave takes out his cane and lashes the soles of Paolo’s feet, causing him the most excruciating pain. While he’s still thrashing about and fighting with every fibre of his being against his restraints, Dave also whips his arse cheeks till they are striped red. He strains to clamp that arsehole shut, but he can’t stop them from inserting a speculum in his anus to prise it open. They can see straight up this fucker’s hole now.

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See the VIDEO at BreederFuckers

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