The dangers of nitrous oxide

I just got back from the hospital, where I visited a local friend and play buddy who has been unresponsive for the past week and a half after a solo play accident involving nitrous oxide canisters — which are also commonly known as whipped cream chargers, “whippits,” “whippets” or “nangs.”

Everyone should be aware that using these canisters is dangerous. It can lead to serious physical harm, including brain damage or even death.

Please use caution.

A prison toilet

Hey fuckers, listen up. This is important. If you are going to keep a prisoner for any length of time, you are going to need a toilet. That’s right, you need a real, functioning toilet that he can piss and shit into. Get him locked with access to a toilet, and you can keep him prisoner for days, weeks — even months! — provided you feed and water him, of course.

prison toiletprison toilet

Anyone who has a toilet like this installed in a cell or a basement is obviously quite serious about keeping a man prisoner. This is hardcore. This makes me hard.

Today’s pictures are from the men at Serious Male Bondage, who know a thing or two about real confinement.

But the INSPIRATION behind today’s posting is from Zerotaf — one of the very few men in the country with an identical toilet (plus something even more serious that Metal has used many times over the years while locked on a hard concrete floor ) .

Keep checking back here to Metalbond for more on keeping a prisoner.

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Twelve Days of Christmas – Part 05 and 06

By boyinacage

Part 5 – Happy Christmas

Have you ever spent a good evening with heavy play, and exhausted fallen into bed with the other guy’s arms wrapped around you? Having done so have you ever not been able to sleep because he turned out to be the snorer from hell? Well in didn’t seem to happen to these two Berlin guys, they both were heavy snorers. Why should I care? Because the ruddy butt plug seemed to be set to noise activation and so, exhausted as I was, I whiled away the night awake with a butt plug vibrating in sympathy to TWO snorers.

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Mark Goes To Jail

I asked Morgan if I could post his very hot first-person story “Mark Goes To Jail” here on Metalbond, but he said no, and fuck me very much for even requesting such a thing. Instead he wants you wankers to buy his book, which contains the story and other tales of his adventures, on Amazon or get it on kindle.


Or … if you happen to have issue 40 of Checkmate (the “Prison Issue”) like I do, you can read it there.