Wish Me Luck

Wish Me Luck

By DCKidnap

We had experimented with chastity before. Tim wasn’t my Sir, more like a close friend and part time Sir. When we played I was defiantly the boy. He knew about my strong interest in long term chastity, and had kept me locked for as long as a month in an access denied belt we split the expense on a year earlier.

One night we were out at dinner and he asked, “How would you like to take this interest of yours to a higher level?”

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I just added a bunch more links

Hey prisoners, I just added a bunch more links to various other interesting sites. You can find these in the long list of links to the right, under the title of “Other sites to check out.” I know this list is getting very long, but there is some really awesome stuff out there, so I encourage you to click on some of the links if you haven’t done so already.

If you happen to have your own bondage- or kink-related site and you want to link to me, please do! And if I am not linking back to you, please let me know so I can add a link to you.

Black Solitude II

Editorial note from Metalbond: Everyone has to make their own decisions in terms of what they consider safe play. In my opinion it is NEVER a good idea to leave someone gagged while alone. Having said that, I hope you enjoy the narrative below, which was sent from Master Jack over at Bondagezine.

Black Solitude II

By PFC Pflege

Part 1

I wrote an account of Black Solitude and how I was tested to my limits by the long hours of being hogtied, gagged, and hooded, totally alone in complete blackness for a couple of days.

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High-security lock box for handcuffs

lock box handcuffs

A friend of mine from Vancouver got locked up with a Hiatt-Thompson Blue Box at a bondage play weekend we attended. He was in these for six or seven hours. The thing that makes these so exciting — for me — is the high-security nature of being restrained in them. You see, handcuff keys are a dime a dozen. They are not like the keys for your house or for your car. Most cuff keys will open lots of different cuffs, even cuffs made by different manufacturers, and what fun is that? When I cuff somebody, I want to make sure he can’t get out. That’s where the box comes in. It locks over most standard cuffs, then it locks on with a padlock.

Lock box handcuffsblue boxThe manufacturer states the features and benefits:

– Handcuffs can be preloaded into box before being put on prisoner.

– Box and handcuffs can be applied to the subject from the interrogation position (no more dangerous face to face confrontations).

– The blue box’s patented double lock slots allow you to set the double locks after the prisoner is in the cuffs and the box is locked to the belly chain. (Some S&W models must be double locked first.)

– The box can be used with all professional chain style handcuffs and can be used with the Hiatts “Big Brutus” chain style as well!

– When used with the blue box, a standard set of handcuffs will limit the subject’s mobility, hide the keyholes, and provide greater safety for the transporting officer.

Corrections officers really use this item, especially when transporting high-escape-risk prisoners who might have smuggled a key.  To get this trusty device, do a search for “Hiatt-Thompson Model 7082 Blue Box Cover For Chain Handcuffs.”

Twelve Days of Christmas – Part 11

By Boyinacage

Part 11 – The Beach

The night was long. It’s difficult to sleep standing up at the best of times, although I thought that being as tired as I was it would be relatively easy. Not being able to move created some of the problem; the real problem though was the “dildo on a stick” concept. They say that sooner or later everybody has a day where they feel like a Muppet, today was more like that character from Avenue Q.

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The Spider Man

By Mister-X / Spartan


“Mike, the reason I wanted to see you is because we have a problem in one of the larger cities in the “Bible Belt.” A bar owner whose clientele comprises of mainly gay men has told us that 5 of his clientele have disappeared after leaving his bar. The local police don’t seem to care that the men have disappeared, and even seem to be glad of it. The bar owner suspects that they may have had something to do with it.

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